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Windows 10 is Here! Here’s Some Tips for After you Upgrade

Windows 10 was released today. You might be waiting for the automatic update. You might want to manually install it now, which I did. Either way, there are some good tips for after you install Windows 10.

1. Check for Updates

Go to Settings -> Update and Security -> Windows Update

Build 10240 is the latest Windows 10 build and that’s what you’re running; however, Windows 10 Build 10240 came out a couple weeks ago. There are still some updates to install and you want them.

If you choose not to check for updates, no worries. They will eventually all be installed automatically. The same goes for new updates in the Store.

2. Set Up OneDrive as a Network Drive

This is more for if you’re coming from Windows 8.1 and you’re used to OneDrive working a certain way. With Windows 10, you actually have to choose which folders to sync, so there’s a decent way to get around that until Microsoft announces their “alternative” to the deprecated placeholders.

Here is how to add OneDrive as a network drive:

As I say in the video, this doesn’t work very fast and it doesn’t work for all files. Keep in mind that the Photos app and the Groove Music app pulls from your OneDrive so there’s no need to sync those. Any modern version of Office does the same. For anything that’s left, I sync my commonly used files (large Access databases) and I use the network drive for the rest.

3. Familiarize Yourself

Windows 10 has a lot of new stuff. A lot. There’s a new browser that replaces Internet Explorer called Edge. It allows you to draw on web pages and have a reading list.

There’s a new Photos app, a new Groove Music app, a new Movies & TV app, a new Mail app, a new Calendar app, new Office apps available from the Store for free, and so much more. Check them all out. Explore.

4. Set Up Mail and Calendar

Something I realized when using Windows 10 so far today is that if you’re upgrading from Windows 8.1, your Mail and Calendar apps don’t just work like you would think they would. You have to go in, make sure your account passwords are right, and click started. It takes all of a minute.

5. Phone Companion

Windows 10 is designed to work great with your phone, whether you’re using a Windows Phone or even an Android or iOS phone. Phone Companion will direct you to download apps such as OneDrive, OneNote, Skype, Office, Cortana (coming soon), and Groove Music (coming soon).

6. Cortana

Oh, did I mention Cortana? That’s right. It’s another thing you want to set up here. Click on the search bar in the taskbar and Cortana will begin setting up. You will have to give her a name to call you.

You can also set up “Hey, Cortana”, which allows you to open Cortana by saying “Hey, Cortana”, rather than clicking the search box or opening the app.

7. Virtual RAM

This isn’t necessarily a Windows 10 tip, but it’s a general Windows tip that I tell everyone to do.

First, you need to get into the Control Panel which is still there is you right click on the Start button. Go to your System settings and then click Advanced System Settings. Click the Settings button under Performance. Go to the Advanced tab and under Virtual Memory, click Change. Uncheck automatically manage paging file size. Change the initial size and the maximum size to what’s listed as recommended.

8. More Exploring

There is really so much here that’s new and fun. I made a video trying to walk through all of it and it came out to a half hour, so yes, there is quite a bit; however, despite being new, it’s not hard to learn. Enjoy your Windows 10!

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