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Skype Translator Now Speaks French and German

By Rich W Woods

Skype Translator keeps getting better and better. Microsoft’s new Skype service launched speaking English and Spanish, then added Mandarin and Italian, and now French and German.

If you’ve never tried Skype Translator, give it a shot. It is now available to the public. The only catch is that you have to know someone that speaks another language that wants to Skype with you.

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Microsoft to Kill Skype Metro App?

By Rich W Woods

Ok, this is a bit of an odd turn of events. On July 7, Microsoft is going to kill the Windows 8 Skype app. Now bear with me here.

Windows 8 has two of everything. Two Internet Explorers. Two Skypes. Even two calculators. There was a full screen metro environment and a desktop environment.

With Windows 10, they’re looking to end this confusion; however, Microsoft is looking to kill desktop apps in favor of their new universal apps that will run across desktops, phones, Xboxes, and HoloLenses.

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Skype for Web Beta Now Available to the Public

By Rich W Woods

Remember Skype for Web? It seems like such a small thing in these days of Skype Translator and Skype Wi-Fi being rebranded to Microsoft Wi-Fi. Skype for Web is going to be the web app that finally opens up Skype to Chromebooks or, well, any OS that doesn’t have a native Skype app.

Previously, Skype for Web was invitation only. Now, it’s available to anyone in the U.S. or the U.K. If you’re not in one of those two countries, go sit in your corner and wait.

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Microsoft to Rebrand Skype Wi-Fi as Microsoft Wi-Fi

By Rich W Woods

I was just thinking this morning that it has been too long since Microsoft rebranded something, whether it’s SkyDrive to OneDrive, Bing apps to MSN apps, Windows Azure to Microsoft Azure, and so on, it’s always something to laugh at. If you’re wondering why, just imagine if Apple did it. Imagine is one week Apple rebranded iCloud as Apple Cloud, the next week they rebranded the Mac to the Granny Smith, and the next they rebranded Apple Cloud back to iCloud.

This time, it’s Microsoft rebranding Skype Wi-Fi as Microsoft Wi-Fi. Of course, it’s a good name. Microsoft will also be rolling out Skype Wi-Fi for Business to Office 365 for Business.

Here’s what we know.

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Skype Translator Now Available to the Public

By Rich W Woods

It’s been a year since we heard about Microsoft’s miraculous new Skype service and almost six months since select invitees have been able to test it. It now supports four languages: English, Spanish, Italian, and Mandarin.

The Skype service in question is Skype Translator, and today, it is now available for the masses to use, still in preview form, of course. After all, it still only supports four languages.

Because of the Internet and social networks, distance is no longer a barrier. With Skype Translator, language will no longer be a barrier either. Skype Translator translates the things you say in real time. Voice works in only four languages right now, but they will add more; however, instant messaging works in 50 languages.

You can download Skype Translator for Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 right now for free.

Source: Skype

Microsoft Loses Another Court Case to Sky, this time over Skype

By Rich W Woods

Get ready for OneVoice. Microsoft has lost yet another trademarking case in the EU against the same company that forced them to rebrand SkyDrive, Sky Broadcasting. The case has determined that Skype is just a little too much like Sky Broadcasting.

The Verge is reporting that Microsoft still has no plans to rebrand the service, although Microsoft may pay licensing fees to Sky Broadcasting.

Honestly, at what point does Microsoft ask Sky Broadcasting what they call it when they’re looking out the Windows in their Office. Needless to say, Skype has been a long running brand for Microsoft and it’s one of the few that haven’t been tarnished in some way, like Bing or Internet Explorer or even Windows.

Microsoft Makes Skype Calls Free to Nepal

By Rich W Woods

Earlier, we heard that Microsoft is planning to donate a million dollars in money and technology to the devastating earthquake in Nepal. Now, Microsoft is making Skype calls to any landline or mobile phone in Nepal absolutely free.

The body count in Nepal stands at 4,000 and appears to still be climbing. I should also note that T-Mobile and Sprint have made all texting and calling to Nepal free for their customers. Verizon probably will not do the same thing because they are a terrible, horrid company filled with terrible, horrid people.

Also, Google has turned on their Person Finder Tool and Facebook has turned on their Safety Check feature, which gives users a notification to check in on Facebook so their friends and family know that they’re ok.

Microsoft Work and Play Bundle is Now Available in Stores, with One Change…

By Rich W Woods

A few weeks ago, we reported that Microsoft was making a return with the Work and Play Bundle. At the time, the amazing deal was online only. Now, you can get the deal in Microsoft Stores, but with one change, that might be a plus or a minus, depending on how you look at it.

The original Work and Play Bundle came with a year of Office 365 Home, which is worth $99 and comes with unlimited OneDrive storage. Also, it comes with a year of Xbox Live Gold, a $59 value. There’s a year of Skype Unlimited World and Skype Wi-Fi, which connects you to millions of Wi-Fi hotspots around the world and allows you to make unlimited international Skype calls. Finally, a year of Xbox Music, an all you can eat music streaming service which is worth $99 per year.

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Skype Translator Now Supports Mandarin and Italian!

By Rich W Woods

Skype Translator is one of those miracle technologies. It allows one person to be talking to another that speaks another language, and hear that person in your native language. This is why I’m a Microsoft fanboy, in a nutshell. Well, stuff like this.

Yasmin Khan, who is in charge of Skype marketing, said in a blog post that Italian was added to the list of languages (previously it was English and Spanish) because of the amount of people that tried to sign up for the preview that spoke Italian (It asked).

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