This web site, For the Love of Tech, is for you. Whether you are the guy that has a couple questions about which phone or tablet to buy or you are the guy that knows everything about everything. This is for anyone that loves technology.

This web site is for Apple fan boys, the Android faithful, Surface fanatics, and Lumia lovers; however, if your love for one platform means that you have to hate another, this probably isn’t the place for you.

There are two different types of tech reviews. There are those that focus on benchmarks and specs, generally judging how the device will perform by numbers. Then there are those that focus on the lifestyle aspect of it. That focus is about what it is like to live with the device and how the consumer’s life will change because of that.

We believe that there is room for a little of both. In our reviews, we show specs, in case your into that sort of thing, but we don’t go into benchmarking. We show you the specs, tell you what they mean, and then go into the every day use of the device. Take camera comparisons, for example. While other web sites might give you three or four samples to compare to others, we give you 20-50 different samples, all taken on subjects of different colors and different lighting conditions.

Other web sites have more ads than content. We have attempted to use less ads and use a donation model; however, this method was not sustainable. The donation method is still in place, so if more people start to donate, we will remove the ads.

Other than being flooded with ads, you’ll also notice that other web sites are biased. This is because the tech press is corrupt. They all get their free review units, they get flown out to some other state or country for an event, and they have to give the device a good review because if they don’t, they won’t get invited to the next event. That doesn’t happen at For the Love of Tech. We will never take money for a good review or be strong-armed into giving something a good review.

Because we will always be true to you, our readers and producers, we do rely on you for support. Without your donations, we really could not carry on. Whether it is $5 or $1,000 or $10,000, every bit is appreciated.

This web site is for you and produced by you. Because of that, with the exception of the For the Love of Tech logo and anything that contains the For the Love of Tech logo, feel free to download and reuse any content that you find on this web site however you see fit. Consider it to be open source.

If reviews, camera comparisons, and free pictures isn’t enough for you, how about some free tech support? If you are having any kind of problem - from deciding what device to purchase next to figuring out why your laptop won’t boot up - drop me a line.

So go ahead. Tweet me @rwoods716, post on our Facebook page at “For the Love of Tech”, find us on Google+ or YouTube, use the Contact Us page, or just follow this page and don’t miss the latest product reviews, comparisons, and tech news and punditry that we can deliver to you!


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Rich Woods

Being a computer programmer wasn't enough to fulfill his love of technology. In 2013, Rich founded For the Love of Tech and has been writing about his love of tech ever since.

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