Google AdSense is Implementing a User Consent Policy

Do you use Google AdSense on your web site? Of course you do. Everyone does. We do. Well, Google has a new policy in place that requires web sites that get visitors from any country in the European Union to implement a user consent form.

That’s right. Google needs consent to use the data of citizens of the EU. Well, anyone in the EU. So guess what? That responsibility passes on to you, the simple web site owner that’s just looking to earn a couple dollars for his very hard work.

You might be asking if this policy corresponds to the mobile version of your site. It sure as hell does.

At this point, we must ask ourselves why Google is doing this. Surely, they could implement it themselves through the ads. They could simply show generic ads to anyone in the EU that doesn’t use their data.

Personally, I think Google wants to see us start pulling our web sites from the EU. Remember when Google shut down Google News in Spain due to a law that Spain passed? Everyone’s traffic was down and they came back. This feels like a similar situation.

Source: Google AdSense

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