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Windows Update Stuck At 27 Error [FIXED] 2021

by James Parker
windows update stuck at 27

For the most part, Windows updates happen slightly in the background, only installing after a prompt or when you shut down your PC or laptop. But it would be best if you remembered that there are occasions when the system update needs a helping hand. To be precise, updates are one of modern life’s inevitabilities. 

They ensure that our device functions smoothly and also eliminates the occurrence of software bugs. However, that doesn’t make it any less frustrating when you need to install one. Quite annoyingly, it can be even more stressful when your operating system update freezes midway. We usually want to avoid it because, at times, the Windows update stuck at 27. 

And if your Windows update is stuck at 27, you aren’t alone. This setback has been a widespread issue for the OS since Microsoft decided to part ways with their quality assurance team and relied on the users for feedback. 

The Reason behind Windows Update Stuck at 27 

Well, before delving deeper into the probable fixes of repairing your PC or laptop, it is essential to be aware of the reasons which are responsible for this type of problem. Well, note that the reasons vary from person to person and device to device. It is worthwhile to note here that this type of issue happens mostly when there is a software conflict. 

Also, a predetermined issue may be responsible, which comes to light only when the Windows update starts installing. Also, mistakes from Microsoft’s end are responsible for the occurrence of this error. However, note that such instances are relatively low, but they do happen. Also, you just cannot be sure that this problem is present only in Windows 10 computers and laptops. 

In fact, the Windows update stuck at 27 is a common issue faced by users of Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows Vista. It is important to note here that some Windows updates can take several minutes or more to configure or install. That’s why you should want to ensure that the updates are genuinely stuck before moving on. 

Normally, you should take action if the Windows update is stuck at 27 if nothing happens on screen for one hour or more. The first thing to do here is not to panic. Also, refrain from switching off the machine as it can further aggravate issues.   

How To Actually Know If the Windows Update is stuck at 27?

Windows Update Stuck At 27

A common issue which many users encounter is that the Windows update gets stuck at 27. The occurrence of this issue may be extremely frustrating. Also, at first glance, it is common for users to feel helpless. 

However, there are a few ways to know that whether or not the update process is stuck. First, you have to make sure that the update process is really stuck. Another great solution is to check the device’s CPU and RAM for any activities. So here are some steps you should follow to find out whether or not the update process is stuck at 27. 

1. Check if the Process is Really Stuck

In some cases, the update process inside Windows would be slower when compared to other instances. For this reason, drawing the conclusion that the procedure might be stuck will vary on the basis of your patience, CPU speed and internet speed. To ensure that you are not interfering with the update process, it is suggested that you wait two to three hours before reacting. If the bar doesn’t advance even after two to three hours, then you can assume that the update process has stopped entirely. 

2. Assess if the CPU and the RAM of your Device are being used 

Here are some steps with which you can assess whether the CPU and RAM of your device are still being used. In the first step, you have to open the task manager. When the task manager opens, press the more details section inside the window. 

windows update stuck

When the window of more details opens, select the performance tab and check the CPU activity, memory disk, and internet connection. In case you see many activities, it usually implies that the update process is not stuck. On the other hand, if you see little to no action, it usually means that the update process could be attached, and you have to restart your PC. 

The Top Methods to solve the Issue associated with Windows Update Stuck 

Method 1- Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter 

One of the safest ways to resolve Windows update stuck at 27 is to run the Windows update troubleshooter. Note that this process will automatically scan for and identify issues within your system, taking a few minutes to complete. To execute this method, you have to first go to Start and then Settings. From the settings tab, go to the update and security section. 

windows update stuck at 27

From there, select troubleshoot and then additional troubleshooters. From the different troubleshooters’ section, select Windows update and then run the troubleshooter. Hopefully, the troubleshooter would be able to clear up the issues causing the Windows update to get stuck. 

Note that this process is applicable when your device is able to restart. In case you are still stuck in the update process, navigate to the second method. 

Method 2- Restart your Device 

Well, restarting your device is another excellent solution to get rid of this issue effectively. Even when the update process is stuck, press the reset button or the power on and off switch. Note that your device would restart without showing any signs of lags. What’s more, the update will finish smoothly. 

At times, restarting is the best option when your Windows device is stuck at 27 during the update process. It is important to note here that based on the Windows and BIOS configuration mode, you may need to press and hold the power button for an extended time than expected before the device shuts down. 

Another essential tip to follow here is if your device has Windows 10 or 8, and after the restart, the login screen appears, tried to hover the mouse near the power icon. When you place the pointer near the power option, you can select the update and restart the opportunity to complete the update. 

Method 3- Select the Safe Mode to Start Windows 

Well, you can select the safe mode to start your Windows device. Note that this is a special diagnostic mode of Windows that would allow the proper loading of the required drivers and services compulsory for Windows. 

Safe Mode to Start Windows

However, if the update process of the Windows installation process finishes successfully and you have selected to continue with the safe mode, there is no need to worry. A simple restart would allow you to enter Windows without any issues. 

Method 4- Use System Restore 

If your device still isn’t responding when installing updates, you should opt to run a system restore. This would take back your device to an earlier point in time. But you should carry on with this step only if you don’t want to lose the current settings. To access this feature, the type system restores in the search bar. 

Use System Restore

You have to create a restore point that would take you to system protection in the system properties window. From system restore, you can pick an appropriate moment to take back your device. And once you have returned to the earlier restore point, try to install the updates from the beginning.  

Method 5- Check if the RAM is working or not 

This problem can also occur if there is a fault with the computer memory. If you are using a PC, there are higher chances that the RAM slot present on the motherboard is facing some issues. Opening the cabinet and cleaning the space may help solve the problem. 

Method 6- Opt for a BIOS Update 

Due to outdated BIOS, your computer may show that the Windows update is stuck at 27. Always be mindful of the fact that a BIOS update can fix the issue if one or more updates are overlapping. Hopefully, BIOS update would help solve the problems related to the update process stuck at 27. 

Method 7- Delete the Files in Software Distribution 

If the update troubleshooter doesn’t resolve the update problem, it is high time that you interact with your computer’s system settings. Remember that this shouldn’t cause any damage your device as this method would delete only the temporary Windows update files. 

At first, you have to stop the Windows update service. Type CMD in the search box and open the command prompt. Select run as administrator and type these two commands- net stop wuauserv and net stop bits. This would stop the Windows update service. To delete files, you have to go to “C:\Windows\Software Distribution\” folder.      

Method 8- Start your Device’s Automatic Repair Process 

While a system restore is a more direct way of undoing the alterations, in case of a Windows update, you need a more comprehensive repair process. In the case of Windows 10 and Windows 8, you should opt for a startup repair. 

In case it fails to do the trick, you have to reset the PC, which is a non-destructive process. The same principle applies if your device has Windows 7 and Vista. In the case of XP, you should try the repair install process. 

Method 9- Install Windows from the Scratch 

 Install Windows from the Scratch

Well, starting Windows from the scratch will completely erase the hard drive. However, it is one of the best methods to solve the update issue. Obviously, you don’t want to do this, and hence it is advisable to opt for this method only when there are obvious issues. 


1. What happens if I turn off the computer while updating windows?

This would corrupt your Windows OS, which can be a costly fix. 

2. Can you force windows ten update?

You can force a Windows 10 update by letting your device search for upgrades. 

3. What is a hard reboot?

In the hard reboot, the power to the system is turned off and again, causing an initial boot of the device. 

Key Takeaways 

Let’s hope that the above methods would help you to negotiate the issues related to the Windows update stuck at 27. Installing your Windows is the last resort you have, and hence you should try that method only if you have to. 

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