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Windows 10 Critical Process Died No Safe Mode Fixed 2021

by James Parker
Windows 10 Critical Process Died no safe mode

Occasional Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) includes plagued us from over years of existence of Windows. BSoDs are STOP faults, which are sections of the Windows OS. These messages appear while a fatal system fault happens, along with the primary purpose being to advise the user regarding the spot’s cause to find out potential solutions. Typically, BSoDs occur because of faulty memory, bad drivers, overclocking, corrupted storage either even severely written application.

BSOD, which often occurs while Windows 10 opens again, is ‘CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED’ fault. The critical method died error shows that a program basis for the OS’s operation died because of error. In older editions of Window, the fault accompanied along with the fault code ‘0x000000EF’. This error code is one of the 500+ identified BSOD fault codes known as the ‘CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED’ fault.

Reasons Behind the”Critical_Process_Died” Issue

The essential process died when unauthorized access for information within hand by a necessary element made throughout boot up. When Windows detects this change, it now removes the modified process because of the Critical Method Died BSOD. Many causes are behind this fault; a count of them given as follows:

  • Antiquated software plus faulty drivers.
  • Corrupt as well as broken files.
  • Issues related to code such as memory house concluded, out-dated drivers, malware attacks, and more.
  • Hardware issues like RAM, CPU, hard drive, and more.
  • Operating system issues.

How to Solve Critical Process Died Windows 10

As a fact, Windows 10 Critical Process Died on boot is a usual issue talked regarding in various forums and papers, and we have found few useful solutions to solve it as below.

SOLUTION 1: Restart PC in Safe Mode

This error can commonly create your desktop either laptop unable unusable, plus you have to restart PC. You always face this error every time you again start the PC. In this situation, you can continue the PC in safe mode.

It is quite a fast way to move the PC Windows system, preventing you from facing this PC startup method’s fault.

  • Again start Windows 10.
  • Select Shift + F8 earlier Windows 10 begins loading to make it start the recovery mode, through where you might boot to Safe Mode of PC.
  • Then you are required to select Advanced Boot Options then set boot mode to Safe Mode to start your computer.
Restart PC in Safe Mode

You can also go to the Safe Mode from another way. Please utilize an installation disc either restart your PC many times to boot into WinRE. Then select Troubleshoot, then go to Advanced options and select Startup Settings. Click on Restart. You will see the following screenshot; tap on the corresponding key to enable Safe Mode on PC.

SOLUTION 2: Upgrade All Drivers

Following you restart the PC in Safe Mode, you must check if there are few errors within your device drivers. Generally, various blue screen errors such as 0x000000ef fault could cause due to hardware either drivers. Please go through the guidance provided below:

  • You can go into Device Manager by selecting Win + X.
  • Start verifying all drivers. In case you find a driver that displays a yellow exclamatory mark, it clears that the driver has an error.

In this situation, you need to uninstall plus reinstall this driver.

It is undoubtedly possible that hardware drivers are not compatible for a longer time with your Windows system following an upgrade. So, it is essential to upgrade all drivers from right-clicking a driver and choose Upgrade Driver Software. It is best for Critical Process Died Windows 10 solution.

SOLUTION 3: Utilize SFC /Scan now

In case this System File Checker finds that protected files are overwritten because of incorrect files, it would extract the appropriate system file by the system file backup (called dllcache) and replace the wrong file. This command is best for repairing system files. Also, you can follow the given steps below:

  • STEP 1: Type the command prompt within the Search box. Following right-click Command Prompt as well as then go running as administrator to start the command window.
  • STEP 2: Enter SFC /scannow and click Enter key. You are required to wait for some minutes till the system scan concludes.
Utilize SFC

While Verification reaches 100%, in case there are zero corrupted system files, you might get a note “Windows Resource Protection can’t find any integrity violations.”

In case there are few errors within system files, this equipment can search and repair it; a message such as “Windows Resource Protection got corrupt files and successfully restored them. Details contained within CBS. Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. Remember that logging is presently not supported within offline servicing scenarios” would be shown.

At last, you require to restart your computer in case this command prompt has restored any file.

SOLUTION 4 – Use Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter

Featured with Microsoft windows 10 is a mixed damage control resource to help you find your system concerns. As the device is known, the Microsoft windows error shooter can help check your COMPUTER for particular evident complications and typical companies and sections. At that spot, it’ll seek to repair all for you instantly if it finds any issue.

To use this Troubleshooter, right-tap on the Microsoft Windows Start Menu part and click the Settings Menu within Microsoft windows Setup, tap on Update and Safety, then selects Troubleshoot.

A checklist of recommended repair remedies will instantly specify within the positively “Recommended troubleshooting” segment. Many repair checks detail within “Get up and running” and “Find and solve other issues” parts. Select a few of these possibilities to begin the error shooter.

Microsoft Window Troubleshooter

You can additionally desire to handle the Hardware as well as Devices Troubleshooter to verify for hardware issues. Microsoft windows have hidden this coming through the perspective meant for the bulk of Microsoft Windows 10 clients. You can efficiently handle it straight by pressing the Windows + R tab to display the Operate dialogue screen, by entering msdt.exe -i.d. DeviceDiagnostic, following that select OK to use the device.

As you are within the Diagnostics Troubleshooting Wizard button, select Next to begin checking your computer system for hardware issues. In case Microsoft windows find any, it’ll offer these for you, and you will be required to have to assure that you desire Microsoft Windows to mend these instantly, needs to the resource identify any issues.

SOLUTION 5 – Clean and boot the PC

A clean boot starts Microsoft’s windows by using a marginal group of drivers as well as startup courses. This critical method died windows ten boot loop creates it best for error solving.

Correct here is only how to well-controlled shoes in Microsoft Windows 10 PC:

  • Enter System Configuration within the search box, then click on the Enter option.
  • Select the Services tab, then pick the Hide all option in the Microsoft services box and then click on Disable.
  • Reset the Startup option, then select Open Task Manager.
  • Then select the Startup tab in Duty Supervisor, then click on all items and select Disable.
  • Close the Task Manager.
  • In the Startup option of System configure dialog part > click on OK > again start your PC.

SOLUTION 6 – Uninstall the Advance Software

You must have installed a few software along with viruses in your System. As the virus attack leads to this fault, thus please uninstall the newly installed application.

SOLUTION 7: Restore to the Last Point

Restore to the Last Point

In case the error has shown just recently, you can utilize the developed System restore point for restoring into its earlier status. Thus, you can perform this within Windows Recovery Environment and then select System Restore in the Advanced Options display.


1. How do I stay in safe mode?

As the Windows:

  • At First, you needed to push Windows Logo key +I for opening the settings.
  • SELECT “start button.”
  • Click on settings.
  • Now select Update and Security and go to the part of Recovery. 
  • In the alternative of Advanced Startup, select the Restart Now option.
  • When your PC restarts for selecting an Option screen, choose the Troubleshoot and follow the Advanced Choices.
  • Now go to the Startup Settings, then select Restart. 
  • Following your PC restart, a pile of options will display. Now should choose four either F4 to start your computer system into the Safe Mode. In case you desire to utilize the Internet, choose five or F5 meant for Safe Mode and Networking.

2. Why does my computer display the critical process finished?

While a critical part of Windows finds an unauthorized change for its data, it promptly steps in, getting Critical Process Died mistake to happen. In many cases, the offender is a buggy pilot. Thus your computer displays this.

3. Does the critical method die a virus?

While Windows 10 pause code critical method died happens, it clears the necessary process to play the System ended instantly for some cause. Just put, this blue screen fault appears due to the corrupted either missing system files, virus attack, bad device drivers, compatibility troubles, bad sectors, and more.


The given-described solutions must solve 99% of the ‘CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED’ fault in Windows 10. Rebooting for Safe Mode as well as Clean booting is an important step for troubleshooting your System. You can do a system restore either utilize the SFC tool to fix corrupted files to restore your System. The same methods might also solve many various Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) faults in Windows 10. Thus following any of the solutions as stated above will resolve the problem. These are very easy ways to opt for and one can choose according to their comfort zone.

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