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How to get VLC on Roku in 2021 (Easy Guide)

by James Parker

Probably everyone who owned Windows or PC right from the start will have come across and also used the ever-famous VLC media player. VLC media player stands for VideoLAN Client. What made us like the VLC media player? Its ad-free design, made us all familiar with the functions from the beginning, able to access all kinds of video and audio files online and offline, allowing files of any format like MP3, MP4, MPEG and many more, blocking spyware/ malware, not allowing to track the activities, available on all platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone, or the nostalgia stuck in us? I guess every single advantage VLC has provided us made us fall for it and never let us look back into some other whichever was new.

Roku is an online streaming device that will help us stream all the movies, download games that the Roku application store would have. So basically, it was first invented in early 2008 in collaboration with Netflix. Now Roku platform has Amazon Prime, Netflix, YouTube, Sling TV, Hulu, and many more online streaming platforms in them for their customers to access it. This was considered to be an alternative for the high-cost set of boxes. Roku is a low-cost device that will help us watch movies and series from their subscribed channels.

Now it’s our question whether shall we access this super friendly and easily accessible VLC media player in the cost-effective Roku. Let us clear our doubts in the forthcoming passage as to how to install VLC in Roku, what are the other ways to access VLC in Roku, what might be the alternatives for VLC. Get ready to clear the doubts in you.

Can we Install VLC on Roku?

Unfortunately, no. The process of installing VLC in a Roku device is still a dream. VLC cannot be installed on Roku. Because the Roku application store does not hold the original version of VLC in them. Basically, downloading applications on Roku is super easy if it is present in their application store. Roku by default does not allow any kind of side-loaded application in them. Not necessary to lose hope because there are other ways to access VLC on Roku and also there are alternatives for VLC.

Isn’t There Other Way around?

Yes, there is. Which is screen mirroring and casting based on the device we connect. Let us try to understand what is all about screen mirroring or casting means. It is all about sharing the files of any format from one device to another. It can be done from your mobile to television, mobile to PC, or vice versa. Screen mirroring requires you to keep the mirroring device active all of the time because when the mirroring device goes off this, in turn, will affect the movie you watch on your Television.

Let us now see the steps on how to screen share or cast in your mobile and the PC

Casting VLC on Mobile Phone to Roku

vlc on roku

Step 1: Install the VLC media player on your smartphone

Step 2: Connect the Roku to the Television HDMI’s port

Step 3: Connect your mobile and Roku to the same WiFi network

Step 4: Select the settings section available on your android mobile device

Step 5: You have the “Connection and Sharing” option in the settings   

Step 6: Find the casting option and try to enable it. Once casting is enabled you will see your Roku device name. Select and connect to your Roku device

Step 7: Once connected, the contents of your mobile phone can be seen on your television

Step 8: Now open your VLC media player and select any file, start enjoying your time

Screen Mirroring VLC on Windows to Roku

vlc on roku

Step 1: Install the VLC media player in your Android Tv

Step 2: Connect the Roku to the Television HDMI’s port

Step 3: Connect your television and Roku to the same Wifi network

Step 4: Turn on screen mirroring on your Roku device

Step 5: Select the notification icon on the bottom right corner

Step 6: Now select the connect option 

Step 7: Search for the available devices and connect to your Roku device

Step 8: Now the PC screen is mirrored in your Television. You can start enjoying your movie

This method of screen mirroring is an easy task on the MAC device. You may have to download the Air server from the website to try this screen mirroring. 

In case your windows do not allow the screen mirroring by any technical issues, you can try downloading Bootstraps, or parallels to achieve it.

Alternatives For Screen Mirroring or Casting

Follow the below mentioned steps to avoid screen mirroring and casting that will require you to stay attentive not only on the movie but also on the secondary device.

Step 1: Turn on your PC or mobile phone that has the VLC downloaded

Step 2: Connect your Roku and also the PC or mobile phone to the same Wifi network

Step 3: Now open the VLC media player

Step 4: You will find an option Playback on the top dialogue box

Step 5: In the Playback option, click on the drop-down and find the option “renderer”

Step 6: Now choose your Roku device and start enjoying your movie

Alternatives For VLC

Why do we have to find an alternative for VLC? Because it is obvious that there is no way out to have the official VLC application on Roku but all we can do is to screen mirror or cast them. But many would prefer using only one device instead of using a secondary device. Using a secondary device will let us do extra work other than watching the movie like to wake the screen from sleep. The other reason we suggest the alternatives because when there is screen mirroring or casting you will experience a bit of lag. We have alternatives for VLC on Roku. Those are Plex, Firestick, Smart television, Emby, and Mymeda by Playon. Further, we shall see the advantages of the alternatives.  


vlc on roku

Plex is a free and premium option. This is a non-cast application that is officially present on the Roku application store. This is far better than VLC. You don’t always have to monitor your secondary device. You can watch any movies as you do in the VLC media player. This allows you to store the data in your cloud storage.


vlc on roku

A better alternative in case you are not okay with monitoring both of your devices. Firestick has many applications built-in them such as amazon prime, Youtube, Netflix, and many more. This is available to be purchased on amazon and has many generations released as per their update. There would be no streaming issues that will be faced as other alternatives discussed. 

Smart Television

vlc on roku

This is also a better option to use your Roku. Smart televisions allow you to access the internet and this can be as easy we use our mobile phone. Most of the recent smart televisions do not have the VLC app in them. 

Web Video Cast

vlc on roku

This application is available on your Apple store and also in the Google play store. This will allow you to cast the screen of your phone on your television. You don’t have to dwell on VLC for Roku in this method. Web Video Cast is another option that will help you cast your data on Android and IOS. Simply download the Web Video Cast and start casting them.


vlc on roku

Emby is a better option and goes well with Roku. They are free to be downloaded from their official website and support Windows, IOS, and Linux. It has a better advantage that will allow you to access multiple devices without any interference. It is the best option for holding all your media in one place.

MyMeda by Playon

vlc on roku

My media is a good option for playing all the personal content. You can access your slideshow, music, and home videos. With a premium version of this application, you can watch any media on your Roku device.


1. Is there a VLC app for Roku?

There is no official application of VLC for Roku. You may have to find alternatives for this.

2. Can I stream VLC on my TV?

Yes, you can. If it is a smart television you can download the VLC application and start accessing it. 

3. How do I play MKV files on Roku?

Firstly, MKV files have multiple audio and video files that are not supported. Roku device, on the other hand, can allow only a limited number of codecs to be accessed. Based on the limitation of the Roku device certain MKV files can be accessed.

4. Which Roku models have USB ports?

The Roku Streambar and Roku Smart soundbar models have USB ports. But Roku does allow you to connect to more than one USB using your USB ports. 


So, the bottom line is that we cannot directly access the original version of the VLC media player on Roku, but there are other ways to do it. You can try screen mirroring, or casting it in your television using your mobile phone and windows. 

If screen mirroring or casting is not your cup of tea simply you can try using Plex, which is available on Roku for watching movies. If not plex you can go ahead with the firestick. Firestick would help you load as many apps that you would like to use. Firestick would not have a limitation like Roku. From games, movies, to songs Firestick will also be your left hand. 

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