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Uplay Won’t Launch Game Easy Fix 2021

by James Parker
uplay won't launch


Ubisoft Connect (formerly known as Uplay) is an exclusive software that distributes video games developed by Ubisoft. Uplay serves as a library manager of the user’s already downloaded video games alongside other  downloadable ones. It facilitates the player to launch his/her desired games, install the updates, and download any game that has been purchased earlier.

The objective of Ubisoft Connect is to provide the best of its kind gaming environment to the Ubisoft gamers and allow them to connect with one another, irrespective of what device is used. That means you can play the game via a mobile application, on your Windows computer, or directly through the gaming consoles. The gamers can buy Ubisoft games via its shopfront and organize the downloads and respective updates of the games.

However, there is a little issue that users sometimes face with Uplay while trying to play  on Windows 10 PC. While launching Uplay, the internet connectivity issue appears and the game portal does not open. This Uplay game launch error has been primarily noticed on Windows OS mainly due to  the missing DLL files, poor internet connection, and other services incompatibilities running in background. The error scenario of Ubisoft Connect shows up regularly after each  Windows update, and it persists until another update is issued by Ubisoft. Surprisingly, the Ubisoft officials had nothing to comment on, plus the support personnel were non-cooperative in the line. 

There might be many of you, who prefer playing the games developed by Ubisoft. So, I have extensively covered all the top solutions to eliminate the Uplay game launch error from your PC. 

Why UPlay Does Not Launch?

Why UPlay Does Not Launch?

The Uplay game launch error mostly relates to the corrupted cache content, third-party apps enabled antivirus software on the PC, and many others. Howeverhere re I have enlisted the primary reasons behind the occurrence of Uplay launch error: 

  1. DLL(Dynamic Link Library) Files Are Missing: The Dynamic Link Library files are mini libraries that are utilized while the game is on play. So, missing out these DLL files (that are necessary to launch games on Uplay) from your PC might trigger the launch error.
  1. Third-party Applications: Every software app comes with a service related to that app which functions in the background. However, these services may sometimes conflict with Uplay, stopping it from starting a game.
  1. Security Software: Antivirus software is a security program that blocks the internet access of certain installed apps or during their launching because of the faulty positives. That is why, Uplay keeps failing to launch a game if an antivirus app is kept enabled on your PC.
  1. Corrupted Cache Data: The local cache of Uplay is stored on your PC. Here, it stores all the settings and configurations which are fetched as and when the PC launches. However, if these cache data are corrupted, then Uplay will fail to launch the game.
  1. Launching Game Via Uplay: As you click to play a game on Uplay, it automatically launches the game executable. But, some users reported that they met several situations where this process of game launching did not work.
  1. Compatibility Mode Is Not Set For Uplay On Windows OS: Certain Windows updates cause trouble and crash the already installed software apps, especially if the compatibility mode is not enabled for that app. This may be the reason for Uplay which is stopping the game launch. 
  1. Obsolete Graphics Driver Programs: Uplay uses graphics driver programs  for launching and running the game. However, if any of these programs is corrupted or obsolete, then it will affect the Uplay requirements and the game will not start.
  1. Outdated Installation Files Of Uplay: If the Uplay installation program files are outdated or erroneous, then the app will fail to launch whatsoever.

So, these are some of the grave reasons behind Uplay game launching issue. Now we will head to its solutions. 

Top 14 Fixes To Solve Uplay Not Launching Issue

Before starting with the solutions, restart your computer once. Sometimes a mere piece of advice can be truly significant. If this does not help, then begin with the solutions below. 

Note: Be sure to log in as an admin and keep all the Uplay credentials at hand. 

Solution 1: Change The Date On Your PC To An Early Date

Change The Date On Your PC To An Early Date

This solution might seem absurd to some people but it has been tried and found to be  effective to most users.

  • Simply go to the “Date and time setting” option on the right side of the taskbar and hit RMB(Right Mouse Button)
  • Choose “Date and time setting” and turn off the auto-setting of time and date 
  • Hit on “Change” and set a date which is not the current one, (for instance, set a date of one week before)
  • Now save this change. After that, relaunch the Uplay to see if the error persists 

If it did not work right, move to the next method. Do this until you get the perfect fix for your Uplay.

Solution 2: Wait For Some While 

Sometimes it is a temporary issue with Ubisoft servers. So, you cannot do anything about it other than simply waiting. Generally, it takes 2 days (maximum) to normalize the Uplay launch error.

Solution 3: Run Uplay As Admin

Many Uplay gamers found it helpful to launch Uplay in place of the administrator. For that, hover over the shortcut file of Uplay on  the home screen of your PC. Then click the right mouse button and again click on “Run as administrator”.

Solution 4: Turn Off Antivirus And File Server

uplay won't launch

 The Firewall or Antivirus software on your PC  constantly checks on the status of the app (in the background) and internet traffic while you are into some other tasks. Once all the details are successfully analyzed, the security program will either allow the apps to run or block their access as per the rules and standards.

Antivirus programs like BitDefender, etc. are known to block Uplay. However, in many cases, total removal of such security software from the computer helped in settling the “Ubisoft service is now unavailable” error.

But, I will suggest you to simply disable the antivirus on your PC and try relaunching Uplay.

Solution 5: Modify DNS Settings

If the above method did not help to resolve the “Ubisoft service is now unavailable. Try again later or go offline” error message, modify the DNS(Domain Name System) servers settings from Google to public ones. 

  • Hit the Windows + R key combination and enter “ncpa.cpl” in the command dialog. Then hit Enter
  • A listicle of network links will be opened to you. You have to hover the cursor over the current internet service, then right-click on it to choose “Properties”
  • Locate IPv4 from the opened list of components and double-click on that IP address 
  • Below you will get an option saying “Use the following DNS server addresses”. Select it and set the required values of the DNS server address
Modify DNS Settings

Solution 6: Check Hosts File Contents 

  • Locate the hosts file and open its content with a text editor (say doc, word, or notepad)
Check Hosts File Contents 
  • Within this host file, you have to pick the lines having the term “Ubisoft” or “ubi” and remove those words (or make those lines ineffective by putting a hash (#) at the start of those lines) 
  • Finally save the modifications you just made and reboot your computer.  

Now check if you can launch Uplay successfully, or if you are still getting the Ubisoft service error.  

Solution 7: Clean The Cache Data Of Uplay 

As I discussed earlier under the reasons for Uplay launch error, there is a local cache for Uplay located on your PC and it stores all the  temporary configurations and preferences. While launching Uplay, these temporary configurations are taken from the local cache and loaded in the client app. However, there have been many instances where the cache data was found corrupted that interrupted in the Uplay launch. So, in this method, I will show how to clear Uplay cache data. 

  • Open File Explorer by hitting the Windows + E key combination. Then to the location as directed below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Ubisoft\Ubisoft Game Launcher\cache

  • As you get to the said location, remove all the cache data from cache folder. Before that, you can copy paste the cache content to some other location (if you think you will need those data afterwards)
  • Reboot your PC and relaunch Uplay

Now check whether the Uplay launching issue is settled or not.

Solution 8: Launch Uplay Via Shortcut (while launching Ubisoft games)

Here is one more workaround to try if your Uplay game is failing to launch every time. But, launching the game via Uplay’s shortcut file. There might be numerous instances where due to some uninstalled dependencies, Uplay  fails to launch when you hit Play. In case you miss out the installation of any dependency software, then you will be notified about that and the download will get started. 

If you performed this method successfully on your PC, then next time try relaunching the game on Uplay to see whether the Uplay shortcut trick worked or not. 

Solution 9: Clean Boot Your PC 

uplay won't lauch

It is possible that there might be some Faulty apps or services that are triggering an error every time you try to launch Uplay. This issue has been frequently reported by many Uplay users previously. So, I will show how to disable all such applications or services (other than  PC’s system services) and then  relaunch the client software. After that, you can re-enable those services/apps one after the other and check if the problem is fixed.

  • Open the Run dialog by hitting the Windows + R key combination. Then enter “msconfig” in the command box and hit Enter
  • Now go to the Services window located at the top-side on the screen. Then find the line saying “Hide all Microsoft services”. As you click on it, all the services related to Microsoft will be deactivated leaving the 3rd party  services behind.
  • Now hit the button of “Disable all” which is located on the left side near the bottom of the window. This will disable the third-party services
  • Finally, save the modifications by clicking Apply.
  • Now go to the Startup window and hit the “Open Task Manager” option. You will be redirected to the task manager where all the applications/services which run when your computer starts will be listed.
  • Choose all the services one after another and hit the “Disable” bottom located at the right window panel.
  • Finally, restart the PC and notice whether the system successfully goes to “sleep mode” or not. If yes, then that means the system had some external program that was triggering the Uplay launch error. 

So, go through all the installed programs on your PC and search for that application which was creating the issue.

Solution 10: Install The Universal C Runtime File

install the Universal C Runtime File

Firstly, you have to install all the missing DLL files which Uplay will require for launching the game successfully. Usually, when you install the client software, it automatically installs all the required dependencies files on your PC. But, sometimes some of the dependencies are missed out, maybe because those files are already there on the system or any error has occurred while installing Uplay. One of the most common external files which is required is Universal C Runtime is one of the primary external dependencies needed by Uplay during its launch. Now I will show how to install this external file.

  • Visit the official website of Microsoft and select any method (from below) from the two given alternatives for installing the update.
  • Once you install Universal C Runtime, reboot your PC and relaunch the Uplay

Now see if Uplay is launching successfully. Just be sure to install Universal C Runtime from main admin user.

Solution 11: Turn Off VPN And Proxy 

uplay won't launch

Just be sure to disable the proxy server in the client software (Uplay) settings. Plus, turn off the VPN, if you are using any on your PC.  If you try to launch a Uplay game with the VPN enabled, then also Uplay will fail to launch. So, it is important to turn off both proxy and VPN.

Solution 12: Do Clean Reinstallation Of Uplay

Do Clean Reinstallation Of Uplay

Attempt to reinstall Uplay from scratch. If the application had any missing DLL files or corrupted files previously, those will be successfully sorted with a reinstallation. 

Note: This procedure will also delete all the previous installation files of your Uplay games. However, before reinstallation, you can back up those game files elsewhere.

  • Hit the Windows + R key combination and enter “appwiz.cpl” in the command box and hit Enter
  • As you are inside the application manager, find Uplay and click RMB on it and choose “Uninstall”

Note: You can uninstall the Uplay game via Blizzard’s app as well.

  • Reboot your PC and go to the official website of Uplay to download the uninstalled game 
  • Next, install the most recent version of the game from that client website 

This method will surely remove the “Ubisoft service is now unavailable” issue from your PC.

Solution 13: Update The Graphics Driver Programs

Update The Graphics Driver Programs

If the graphics driver programs are outdated or not installed to their current versions or the programs are corrupted, then Uplay launching error appears. Graphics driver programs are the primary components of driving any game engine, be it Uplay, Unity, etc. So, if these drivers do not work properly, then Uplay will launch (but will run very slow) or it won’t, whatsoever. 

So, I will show how to install the Display Driver Uninstaller (DDU) and remove current graphics drivers via safe mode. Then the latest versions of those graphics drivers will be installed to check if this settles the Uplay launch error.

  • Once you install the DDU, start your PC in “safe mode”
  • After you launch the Display Driver Uninstaller, choose the “Clean and restart” option. Doing this will remove the current graphics drivers and your PC will restart.
  • Now that your PC has rebooted in safe mode after the drivers uninstallation, open the Run dialog by pressing the Windows + R key and enter “devmgmt.msc” in the dialog box to open device manager
  • Next, click RMB on any available blank space and choose “Scan for hardware changes”. Doing this will install the  default graphics drivers 

Note: These default drivers are mostly not that good. Either you can do the drivers installation via the Windows update or can manually install those drivers by visiting the official website of the graphics’ manufacturer.

  • Find those graphics driver programs and click RMB on those. Again, hit the Update Driver option
  • Once you install the drivers, reboot the PC and see if the problem is fixed

Solution 14: Run Uplay In Compatibility Mode

Uplay In Compatibility Mode

Considering the current OS, Uplay has been developed, however, the app has backward compatibility to support other OS as well.  So, if Uplay is troubling to launch on your Windows PC, try launching the game on Uplay in compatibility mode. This trick has been found useful by many Uplay players. This solution has also confirmed that the poor updates of Windows OS often triggers the Uplay launch failure issue.

The compatibility mode settings of Windows 8 and 7 are workable as Windows 10 has the backward compatibility support for its earlier versions. 

So, in this fix, I will show how to set an older Windows OS version as compatibility settings to launch the Uplay. 

Note: You can easily retrieve these modifications later.

  • Go to Uplay’s installation directory on your PC
  • Click RMB on Uplay and Choose “Properties”
  • Inside Properties, choose Compatibility and tick the box saying “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and choose any other OS version,  preferably Windows 7 or 8.
  • Hit Apply to save the modifications and exit. 
  • Reboot the PC and check whether the Uplay launch error is finally gone or not  


1. Why won’t my Ubisoft connection open?

Maybe the Uplay program on your PC is configured to always start offline whenever you open Uplay. Or, the proxy settings must be improperly configured on your Windows 10 PC  which might be interrupting the unisoft connection. 

Locating and unchecking the option: “Always start Uplay in Offline Mode” under Uplay “Settings” can fix this problem. Or, you can reconfigure the settings by clicking on the “Change proxy settings” option that is just below the previous option.

2. How do I fix the Uplay installation error?

Here is what to do:

  • Uninstall the Uplay program and reinstall it
  • Deactivate the antivirus software while  executing a Uplay title
  • Right-click on Uplay and hit the “Run as administrator” option
  • Next, restart the router after one minute
  • Turn off any VPN or proxy
  • Finally, press the “Log in” button persistently to overcome the momentary communication error (if any occurred during the process)

3. Why can’t I connect to the honor servers?

  • Corrupted DNA settings might have interrupted the internet connection
  • Developers’ fault of failing to give update on any server issue 
  • Ports are improperly forwarded or used by some other application that is hindering the game to connect with its servers
  • Perhaps your masked connection(VPN) is detected and flagged as suspicious by the server 
  • UPnP is disabled 


If you have tried out all the 14 solutions mentioned above but still could not subside Uplay launch error, then I have two suggestions for you. First is to contact your internet service provider and make sure that it is not the issue on the provider’s side which is failing to launch the game every time. Also, confirm that the Ubisoft Connect (Uplay) server is not blocked. My second suggestion is to directly contact the Ubisoft customer support portal. However, this Uplay game launching issue occurs often and in maximum cases, patience is the key. After some hours of waiting, the servers restore the normal operation and you are good to launch your game. However, if it still does not show any progress, then what I suggested now and further above might help resolve the Uplay game launch error on your Windows PC.

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