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Best TinyPic Alternatives in 2021

by James Parker
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In the fast-moving world, saving every single memory in your phone’s space made one want to find multiple sites to share, post, and save them without having to put much effort. One such application is TinyPic, which served the best when it comes to sharing photos, and videos. It was made free for their users. Unfortunately, this was shut down in September 2019, making all its users look for some other sites that provide same features as in TinyPic.

The following will be 16 alternatives for TinyPic

1. Dropbox

tinypic alternative

If cloud storage is your priority then Dropbox will be a better alternative for TinyPic. This cloud storage option in Dropbox will let you store images, videos, documents, files, as per your need. When it comes to sharing you can either share them as a single image, or a folder containing all the images. It has a special feature in them that will let you make your files to be available either online or offline. Another great advantage of using Dropbox is that you can access it from any device after logging in to your respective email address.

2. Imgur

tinypic alternative

Don’t stress on how to pronounce this, it can be pronounced as Imager. Imgur was a side project as a gift to Reddit. Because of its user-friendly features, Imgur became popular after a few months of its launch. Coming to its features which makes the best alternative for Tinypic will be you don’t have to compress your image to share it with others. There is another best feature in which makes Imgur stand out from TinyPic: It allows its users to upload pictures for free on their website. Imgur has multiple graphics and funny animated pictures inbuilt that can be shared with your friends easily. 

3. Flickr


If you need a site that you can use for free then Flickr will be a good alternative for Tinypic. Flickr is owned by SmugMug, had troubles like censorship, and copywrites. Regardless of the issues, Flickr was put through it hit popularity soon after its launch. I would say the configuration of your privacy is the very best feature in Flickr. It has another best feature in them that is Flickr will let you upload photographs from emails, websites, and internal storage of your phone.

4. Google Photos

tinypic alternative

The name itself mentions the advantages we can enjoy using this application. You can store as many pictures, videos, and documents as you would like. This storage can be accessed by you anywhere using any number of devices provided you give the proper login credentials. This backup feature in them is automatic and saves us from the extra job of manually uploading the files for backup. You can also try Google drive in case you are not fond of using Google Photos. This alternative for Tinypic serves best with its super user-friendly features. They have made a mark like no other.

5. ImageShack

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Much like Pinterest. You can upload as many as high-resolution pictures you want. ImageShack has a wonderful feature in them to upload 10GB of files per month for their non-premium members for free. They also provide you a 30-day free trial to use their premium features before you invest in them. ImageShack will be the best option for Business purposes. ImageShack’s privacy configuration will be an added advantage in their feature. This lets you share your images with the people you wish to share with. Their premium features make it the best alternative for TinyPic. 

6. 500PX

tinypic alternative

This would serve as the best alternative in case you are looking for a platform that helps you showcase your talent. 500PX will help you showcase your talents in their platform and also to earn money. When you subscribe to a premium account 500Px will help you build a professional portfolio to showcase your talent. Unfortunately, sharing your images directly or using a link is not available in 500PX. 500PX is the best alternative for TinyPic to showcase your talent by building your portfolio. 

7. PhotoBucket


This alternative is completely free and lets you upload 250 images with 2.5 GB of storage. This alternative is considered the safest site to store the images because of the SSL certificate they hold. The features in them are quite self explanatory. Click the upload button and you are done.

8. PostImage

tinypic alternative

The simplest alternative for TinyPic is PostImage. They provide you access all your life and also to resize the images based on the dimensions you would like to. There is an option for you to set the expiry of the images as every month, week, or year. Uploading pictures as many as you want is an added advantage in this alternative. 

9. Free Image Hosting

This is also like Imgur but does not provide any links to share your images. You will be provided with an HTML code to share your images. This alternative has many ads popping, but that doesn’t mean you will have to opt for a premium account with them. The excellent feature is that you can use them without creating an account. The images uploaded will be stored as anonymous when there is no account present. Animated GIFs can be uploaded limited to size because the larger the size the file will look distorted. 

10. Imgbox


Couldn’t there be any better alternative for TinyPic other than Imgbox. Imgbox allows you to share and upload images online. This alternative is trusted by millions and it is made free for use last 7 years. Imgbox has limitations only when it comes to the format of the images you upload. They allow images of format JPG, PNG, and GIF. There is an added advantage as they provide zero expiry dates for your images and also no limitation to the bandwidth. You will be provided with a link where you can drag them to upload your images. When you download images especially multiple ones will be saved under the same name and extensions. 

11. 23 HQ


The best alternative for TinyPic is 23 HQ. You will just have to register using your name, email address, and password. 23 HQ allows you to upload a maximum of 1000 pictures in a month with no extra cost. In case you need to upload more than 1000 pictures, or videos you will need to subscribe to the premium account. They are unlimited when it comes to sharing and holding all the photos in a safe place. Since it was designed by artists the feature we would encounter in their site will be of the latest technology.

12. PicturePush


The best alternative to settle on when you run out of all other alternatives fail you is the PicturePush. PicturePush will let you share images as you would like, change the configuration of your privacy as well. Editing, resizing the picture is quite an easy task in this alternative. Sharing and storing in this alternative is simple because it’s unlimited. There is no need for you to check the images by paging them. When sharing your image quality will not be compromised. They cost nothing for you to use this alternative.

13. PhotoFunia


PhotoFunia is a better alternative in case you prefer online editing. You can create animated pictures and there is also an option made available for you to enhance the clarity. In case you have no pictures to create animated pictures, there are multiple other options available for you to create one. This alternative is compatible to share the images directly to all other social media applications. You can also share your images from internal storage to your friends available online.

14. TinyIMG


TinyIMG is a different kind of alternative for TinyPic. This alternative was designed to be compatible with e-commerce websites. Shopify is one such e-commerce website compatible with TinyIMG. With this alternative, you can search for the images on the e-commerce website and download them. The downloaded images will be compressed for your access and upload to your store with just one click. When during the upload of images in your store the optimization based on your requirement can be done. 

15. UltraIMG


UltraIMG is quite an advanced alternative for TinyPic. You can store your images here forever but in the formats that they allow. GIFs, JPEG, BMP, and PNG are the formats allowed to store and work on this alternate. You can also access it in an alternative without having to create an account. But if you register with this alternate you will have the access to the entire additional feature like resizing, shortening the URLs, and many more. When it comes to sharing your images you can select the mode like HTML, URL, Codes, or direct way of sharing. By just moving your cursor over the thumbnail image you can see the details of the image like name, size, and dimensions. By knowing the name you can use it in the extensions of your web browsers. You can upload pictures of any number but it each 10MB in size.

16. Unsee


Unsee will be the most secured alternative of TinyPic. Speaking of the security from Unsee: it will watermark the IP address of people who view your site and the options of resharing are not available.  Each picture you upload will own its QR code. This QR code will have its unique ID, timestamp mentioning the upload time, and also have a feature to mention who has uploaded it. The details of the person uploading the picture will be present in the form of an encrypted ID. Unsee also has a convincing feature in them, this alternative allows you to select the expiry time of the picture when you upload the picture. So cool isn’t it?


1. What is the best image hosting site?

The above-mentioned 16 sites will serve best for image hosting.

2. How do you create a URL for an image?

The above-mentioned sites will help you create URLs will less effort. Manually you can also search for the photograph in Google, right-click on the image, and select copy image URL.

3. Is Flickr dead?

They have gone down because of many crises. Hoping for a better update soon.


There are 16 alternatives mentioned above for TinyPic. Every single alternative discussed has its unique features making us start using it. 

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