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Alternative Sites like Rabbit in 2021 (100% Working)

by James Parker
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Spending time with family and friends can help you relax and rejuvenate. But it is not always possible for you to call all your loved ones together for a movie night. Thanks to technological innovations. With software like Rabbit, you can watch your favorite movies together with your family and friends at the comfort of your homes. You can stay in any corner of the world and still watch the same movie or show at the same time. But the acquisition of Rabbit by Kast turned out to be a bolt from the blue for all the movie fanatics. By the end of May, there was no sign of the application, which worried a lot of people around the globe. Here are 17 best sites like Rabbit TV, to help you enjoy your movie nights again on your desktop, mobile or TV. 

17 top alternatives to Rabb.it

1. Invited

sites like rabbitThis is the first best alternative to Rabb.it, that can accommodate up to 50 people in a single chat room. Invited allows the user to watch movies together by acting as a virtual browser. The users can stream movies, anime or chows from any website. All your team has to do is join the chat room to start enjoying the best quality audio and video to enjoy your quality time. The application is free to use. However, by subscribing and paying a minimal amount, you can enjoy certain extra features. For example, when there are just a few chat rooms left, you get the privilege to create your chat room without waiting. 

2. Kosmi

kosmiThe next application on our list is Kosmi. Kosmi allows you to create a chat room with ease, without any tedious signing up steps. And anyone on the internet can join your chat room with just a link. Kosmi allows users to chat and enjoy video calls. It also lets you share your browser tabs. Kosmi is an all-in-one app, that helps bring your loved ones closer. There are options in Kosmi that also lets you play video games. Though Kosmi has several advantages, it still acts as an open chat room. This hinders the privacy of the users. Else, this is one of the most loved apps. 

3. Watch2gether

watch2getherJust as the name says, Watch2gther lets you watch your favorite shows with people who are miles away from you. You can create a chat room without any sign-up procedures and you can use the URL to invite people to join your showtime. But one major disadvantage of Watch2gether is that it does not allow streaming from third party accounts. This restricts the contents that you will be able to watch on this platform. However, you can stream from Facebook, YouTube and Amazon. You can also create a virtual DJ night by playing songs from the Sound cloud using this application. 

4. Metastream

metastreamMetastream has almost all the properties of Rabb.it. It lets you watch movies on all popular platforms like Amazon, Netflix and YouTube. It offers high-quality audio-video screening with multiple users at once. It also offers on-screen chatting facility. However, there are a few drawbacks of using Metastream. You cannot stream already downloaded content using meta stream. And there is no webcam or audio support. This makes Metastream less preferred among users. Metastream also offers an easy and quick user-management. 

5. TogetherTube 

togethertubeThis is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit TV with several new facilities. Using TogetherTube you can stream your favorite movies and shows anywhere and anytime. You could either create a closed chat room, that allows only specific users to join. Or you can interact with strangers and watch movies together with them. One best part about TogetherTube is that you can create a playlist and users can add all their favorites to the list. The users then vote to the movie or show of their choice. The video with maximum votes gets played next. This makes TogetherTube a more fun and interactive platform for all users. 

6. Rave 

raveRave is one popular application that is gaining love from around the world. It has almost all the facilities that Rabbit TV offered, that makes it one of the most preferred applications for watching movies online. Rave allows you to watch movies from your drive or even from applications like Vimeo. You can watch movies or stream songs and sing along to enjoy your weekends. The best part about Rave is that the application is supported universally on all devices. From smartphones to laptops to tablets to iPads. You can watch twitch your loved ones anytime and anywhere with this user-friendly app. 

7. Netflix Party (Tele Party)

netflix partyNetflix party unlike Rabbit is not an application. It is simply an extension on Google Chrome. To watch movies together using Netflix Party all the users have to download this extension. Following which you can stream TV shows and movies on Netflix and watch it with your team. You can watch and enjoy real-time chatting just like simulchat with your friends and family on Netflix party. However, you can only watch the content that is available on Netflix. This extension doesn’t let you watch movies from any other platforms or previously downloaded content. You need to own a Netflix account to continue streaming and watching using Netflix Party. 

8. ShareTube

sharetubeShareTube is the sync virtual browser and watch application that is extensively meant for YouTube. You can watch the contents on YouTube with your team on this platform. ShareTube lets you create a chat room in just a few steps. You can send an invitation and let your team in. Though this app does not contain most of the features like Rabbit, it still serves as a worthy platform to sync and watch content. You can use this app to stream and watch content without any interruption. The restriction of content only to YouTube is a major disadvantage of this platform.

9. Parsec

parsecParsec is an application that is meant for ardent gamers. However, you can also stream movies on Parsec. Parsec lets you watch movies in real-time without any hitch. You can even chat while streaming movies. Since this app was not designed exclusively for movies, not all users can control the streaming. Also, you cannot use audio or webcam facilities that makes it less interactive. You can create a chat room with ease on Parsec and enjoy movie streaming without any limits. Stream together on real-time using Parsec and enjoy over-night movie streaming with Parsec. 

10. Mycircle.tv

mycircle tvThe next on our list of alternatives to rabbit TV is Mycircle.tv. This application also lets you stream movies from all popular platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. You can share the screen or you can simply paste the URL to start streaming your favorite TV shows and movies. Mycircle.tv is one of the most interactive websites, that lets you chat while streaming and also to share emojis. Watch movies and share your comments in real-time using this application. It is easy to install, share and use. With all these features, mycircle.tv is one of the best alternatives to Rabbit Tv for watching movies as a team. 

11. Synaptop

With Synaptop, you can do more than just watching movies. You can stream songs or even play movie and share any content on the internet using this multi-faceted application. But there are a few steps that you need to perform before you start enjoying the perks of this application. At first, you need to create a login I’d. After creating the login I’d you can add a list of apps that you wish to stream using this application. You don’t have to download any content as this application is completely web-based. Synaptop can also be sued to host meetings on official work. 

12. Airtime 

airtimeSeveral innovations have made human life easy. And smartphones top the list. Airtime is the Rabbit for smartphones. It works well with both android and iPhone. Airtime is one of the best applications to stream movies and listen to songs together as a team. You can simply download the app and start streaming from anywhere on your mobile phones. Airtime also let you interact with other users with the chat option. One major disadvantage of Airtime is the restriction it poses on the websites from which contents could be streamed. You can watch movies and Tv shows that are available on YouTube. You can also stream songs and listen to them from Spotify. 

13. TogetherTV

together tvTogetherTV works almost similar to that of Rabbit. You can watch and stream unlimited movies and sync them with your loved ones on this application. TogetherTV lets you share content from popular platforms like Hulu, Vimeo and Netflix. You don’t have to sign up to enjoy these privileges. You can simply open the app to begin streaming. TogetherTV lets you watch content that is already downloaded on your desktop. Or you can watch random videos from any website. The best part about this platform is that TogetherTV lets you enjoy audio chatting while streaming the contents. 

14. Syncplay

syncplaySyncplay also works similar to Rabbit. You can download and use Syncplay for your desktop or laptop. However, a mobile version of this application is not available that restricts its usage. You have to install Syncplay on your device and the users whom you wish to share the screen must also download the application. The program you wish to share must be present in all the system for synchronised sharing. Syncplay is supported on Linux, Windows and Mac. Syncplay supports streaming of all video formats. It is among the best choice to stream movies and videos. 

15. Kast

kastIf you are looking out for an exact replacement for Rabbit, then it is Kast that you need. Kast is the firm that took Rabbit. And hence it contains almost all the options that Rabbit has. You can stream movies, listen to songs, chat over audio or even use the webcam to interact with your team. It allows realtime conversation in the chat room while streaming contents. Right now, this application is supported just on Windows and Mac. People expect to see a smartphone version of this application. Kast offers a very vast chat room which can accommodate up to 100 people at once. Not just this, you can also play games and have fun interactions on Kast. 

16. Explorii

Explorii is an application that was designed initially for interaction among individuals to learn about the culture and the people in a particular region. However, today it has expanded more than that. Explorii now has a chat room option in which you can stream videos and watch movies all day and night. This application is designed extensively for mobile phones, which you can use to send text messages, make free phone calls or even make group video calls. There is no restriction on the region or locality from which this app can be accessed. Explore with your loved one from any corner of the world using Explorii.

17. TwoSeven

twosevenThe last one on this list is TwoSeven, that has almost all the options that Rabbit TV offers. You can create a chat room, stream movies, and turn on the webcam to share your live reactions with everyone in your team. However, it does not support audio commentary. You can watch movies for hours together without any delay. TwoSeven lets you stream from platforms like Amazon, Netflix, Vimeo and Hulu. This application tries to work on par with Rabbit TV. You can also use a chrome extension of TwoSeven to stream contents from any website. 


1. What can I use instead of Rabbit?

You can check out the given alternatives which are absolutely free and working.

2. Is Netflix party safe?

Yes, It is 100% safe. It is an legal app so there will no harm in using Netflix Party.

3. Is Synaptop safe?

Synaptop is not a scam website. It is a legit website and the reviews of the users are positive too. So, you can use this website without worrying anymore.


Spending time with your family is the best way to relax. You can enjoy your weekends watching movies with your loved ones on any of these applications. A few applications have advantages over the others, like liver commentary, video chatting and more number of participants. You can choose the application based on the contents that you are going to stream and also based on the number of participants. Stay close even when you are miles apart and enjoy some quality friends and family time using sites like rabbit.

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