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20 Best Sandboxie Alternatives in 2021

by James Parker
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20 Best Sanboxie Alternatives

1. Microsoft Application Virtualization

Microsoft Application VirtualizationMicrosoft Application Virtualization is a software called Microsoft App-V. It’s the Microsoft virtualization framework that allows users to test new software in Windows 10 without actually installing it on their device. Microsoft Application Virtualization simplifies the deployment of computer experts across a fleet of devices by facilitating the access of any registered PC client to virtualized software. 

Microsoft Device Virtualization’s functioning area can be divided into virtualization, management, and restoration. Microsoft Device Virtualization not only provides users with the virtualization framework but also centralizes the applications built in a central location.

2. Cuckoo Sandbox

sandboxie alternativeCuckoo Sandbox is what you want to evaluate suspected websites and suspected data. Sandbox is a program that is available open-source to automate suspicious file analysis. To do this, it uses custom modules, which track the actions of malicious processes in an isolated setting. It can also conduct advanced memory analysis on the infected virtual network.

It runs on all OS, such as Linux, Android, Mac, and Windows. It monitors all the corrupt files that could cause harm. One of the pioneers in the sandbox malware framework. Open the source so that everyone can change and update it. Availability of assistance from a variety of users. With a small team and high consumption, changes appear to be sluggish. The developers have solved pull requests too slowly.

3. Spoon

spoonA spoon is a software and application testing program without ever installing it on a computer. Compared to standard sandboxes and technology-based programs the way the work is performed is quite different. Spoon also offers the solution for the testing without even adding any new program and software into the device.

The platform is available for Spoon Browser and sandbox, Spoon Selenium, and Spoon SQL. Sandbox is available in three versions. Spoon Browser Sandbox offers the solution for checking in online all versions of leading web browsers. Spoon Selenium Sandbox is Spoon’s online framework for unrestricted automated testing functionality.

4. Mbox

MBoxMbox is based on sandbox technology and is mostly used to customize or carry on suspicious device activities. And if you need to configure or aid with problem-solving and want your device to restore all new adjustments to the earliest point. Then Mbox will definitely provide you with great support.

It runs the sandbox system, which is a falsified system environment, much like the system’s real environment. Instead of actual ones, all changes will be made on it. Mbox is a tool for the security of laptops and PC against any additional changes.

5. Shadow Defender

shadow defenderShadow Defender is an advanced PC security application that allows Windows users to secure the real environment and avoid unauthorized changes. It is like the system’s actual operating environment, a type of development of a false or virtual environment and you can easily download it from reddit community.

This virtual environment now allows users to avoid malicious attacks or unnecessary modifications on their PC or laptop. It will run the shadow-mode framework which is like a real system environment in a fake environment. All improvements will be made to it instead of occurring on the real one. Shadow Protector is a commercial product designed to shield the laptop and PC from any unnecessary changes.

6. VMware ThinApp

vmware thinappWith VMware ThinApp, you can speed up device migration and deployment. This is a visualization approach for an agent-less app. It’s a perfect way to organize documents, whitepapers, and other relevant papers in Sandboxie. This application requires an indication and installation of technical documents. You get into other languages, such as French and German. Easy interface to expect that new packages will be generated. Seamless are new features and improvements. Support from Windows Vista to Windows NT in resources. This list is one of the prime choices. Often, customer service is stronger.

7. Apache Mesos

Apache MesosYou can also configure it as one pool of your resources toward the information center. Apache Mesos can be a good choice for storage abstraction, memory, CPU, and other resources far removed from computers. It also allows you to quickly run and construct a defect-proof and smooth delivery system. Excellent service is given to customers. Capable of accessing your desktop apps whenever you want. Without a local installation, you are going to use programs. Unlike updated regularly, it is difficult to use and manage. Not too many customization options.

8. Enigma Virtual Box

Enigma Virtual-BoxEnigma Virtual Box is an advanced device security system based on the virtualization and sandboxing system which is similar to shade sandbox. Upon installation, no antivirus or system security software is needed for the user. Thanks to the capacity of Enigma Virtual Box to protect your device from unintended changes of any sort, they are either online or offline.

The way Enigma Virtual Box functions is totally different from most virtualization and sandboxing programs. It makes it possible to merge configuration files and registry files into one executable file, without any loss of functionality and without deleting a virtualized file on hard disc drives.

9. StorageOS

StorageOSStorageOS allows you, without concern for slow discs and thus fear of missing data, to deploy the database loads inside containers and use the local storage of nodes. It is not difficult to access the GUI of upgrading the new permissions. The best thing is that it is almost as appropriate for business and residential use. Due to the NATS server embedding, it is easy to deploy. Great mesh networks among nodes by combining the built-in and automatic discovery servers. Clean implementation and submit payloads quickly. Few trustworthy authentications. Further work is required in context integration.

10. Zemana AntiLogger

Zemana AntiloggerZemana AntiLogger has more than 10 years of industry experience, making it a consideration to take into account. It’s user-friendly, powerful, and effective. The IntelliGuard Cloud Platform is unique and highly successful for the rapid detection of unknown threats. The business also makes a guarantee for money back. Protection of all loggers efficiently and effectively. Cloud technology IntelliGuard to identify unknown threats easily. Simple to use and an exceptional GUI. Compatibility deficiency for some antivirus applications. The test version is also only used for approximately two weeks.

11. Evalaze

EvalazeEvalaze is an application that provides users with the absence of a virtualized application. In the false world, rather than allowing it to install real operating systems in the real environment, it seems suspicious. The software is primarily intended for developers who have several applications to deal with. The risk of possessing dangerous and malicious elements may be hazardous for your computer.

Instead of direct installation, Evalaze will create a system virtual wizard for you that will allow you to try installing your virtual account. Virtualization capabilities and the features of Evalaze include allowing several similar applications to run on the same system in parallel.

12. Software Virtualization Solution

Are you searching for an application to build a fake world or simulated environment against the real environment? Are you looking for it? For you called the Virtualization Approach, the best choice is here. It is free of charge and allows users to easily play with the new apps, tools, and even for games without polluting the machine too. After the software is enabled it will definitely be challenging for you and you will know that it is not the one you were searching for. Now the entire configuration or either file in the registry has to be deleted.

13. Deep Freeze

Deep FreezeDeep Freeze or Faronics Deep Freeze is a Microsoft Windows and Mac operating system software program. The program permits administrators, by restoring a computer to a default state, to secure the core OS and configuration file on a workstation or server; any time the computer is restarted. It is also known as a device reset. Deep Freeze is a great option for a number of PC issues, and it can prevent the malware, ransomware, and other unintended user changes associated with them.

This extensive program is ideally suited for various computer problems such as malicious software operation, misconfiguration of the accidental device, and a lot of others. Most of the program works by removing workstation damage and downtimes by almost indestructible device configurations.

14. GeSWall

GeswallGeSWall helps you to choose between dangerous and suggested. It’s about making sure you’re stable and protected in the web world. Once you surf the internet, it doesn’t keep your machine secure. It also protects online sharing, chatting, and nearly every part of your life online. Online sharing protects chatting, web searching, and more. Very precise monitoring of the virus system. This is stable and safe for you thanks to the web environment. More suitable than industrial for non-public use. There are no advanced integrations on the deal.

15. rkt

rktThe truth is that the safe and lightweight container framework made by CoreOS is an excellent alternative to Sandboxie. This is supported by an open container standard called the app container. It provides portability through a range of different container systems, such as JetPack, Kurma, and so on, making it simple to use. A lightweight style that is useful for app packaging. A portable image format that provides scalability. Plug-in features provide you with more options from a range of sources.

16. Enigma Protector

Enigma-protectorEnigma Protector is developed by Enigma Virtual Box developers and is more sophisticated and stable than the Enigma Virtual Box. It is a software licensing, software security, and software virtualization framework focused on sandboxing and virtualization technologies.

The software is said to be a highly sophisticated and competent file licensing and security system. Enigma Protector is designed primarily for the comprehensive security of executable files. The three main areas of Enigma Protector’s operation are file security, licensing, and virtual boxes.

First, it is important to address the Enigma Protector virtual box system as its virtualization system refers to it. The virtual box system is based on virtualization technologies, which allow users to combine all applications in an efficient module.

17. BitBox

bitboxBitBox is a Windows and Linux free virtual environment developer. It is used to navigate safely and quickly. Nearly everybody today uses the Internet to perform a variety of tasks such as sending and receiving messages, exchanging docs, and more. However, the world of the Internet doesn’t safeguard other threats that intercept information and receive Internet threats or malfunctions.

Here is a solution that lets you offer a stable browsing virtual world. This tool helps you to prevent malware and data leaks from protecting your system. Whatever browser you use, this is why it is also known as “Browser in the Box” at the shadow of BitBox.

18. Cameyo

cameyoCameyo is a program to test the latest application or software without downloading it. The software is a multi-use framework, which is available on operating systems in Windows and Linux. The key benefits of using this program are checking without the installation of any software on the device. In this way, you can easily discover software functionality, protect the device through investments, and many others in the fake and virtual world.

19. Comodo Time Machine

Comodo-Time-MachineComodo Time Machine is a rollback system that uses sandboxing features. The Comodo framework is widely known as the Chromium Web browser provider. Comodo Time Machine has a way for its users to maintain and protect their systems. It is based on the solution to create a restore point instead of building the virtualization environment. To encourage the users to first install a new program to be reviewed. In the event that it isn’t used, the users can quickly rewind the previous potions using the Comodo Time Machine.

20. iCore Virtual Account

icore virtual assistantA virtualized sandbox software based on the iCore Virtual Account that was previously known as iCore Computer3-in-1. The app is a relatively new sandboxing program, but its state-of-the-art security technology is doing well.

an iCore Virtual Account is a software that significantly reduces or changes system configuration threats associated with the installation of the new plan. iCore Virtual Account’s operating style is somewhat similar to that of other sandboxie alternatives. When you first build an isolated environment, you will immediately be able to run a program securely and safely.

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