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15 Best Project Free TV Alternatives in 2021

by James Parker
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Watching a movie or catching up on your favorite TV show is a must-do now, thanks to all the high-speed internet we get these days. Because of the same, more and more people have started to access websites and applications that provide this digital content for free. We all want to watch the content, and two, why pay for it when you can get it for free. One such website that provided this movie streaming and web series streaming service is Project Free TV. Recently this site has been facing many problems, and all it shows now is a goodbye message to its users. 

Project Free TV was a boon to countless users, and it has served its purpose well. Although there are many other websites with the same name, not all of them are authentic. So here is a list of the best Project free TV alternatives that you might want to take a look at before you jump into one of those fake websites. 

How to use Project Free TV? 

But if you are looking to use the Project free TV and get its feel, here is how you do it. Since the original site is currently down, you cannot access it through that. Try looking for the Project Free TV on Google and click on the website link that ends with a different ending than the usual one like .so, .co, .ct, and much more. Usually, these are an alternative from the original site, and you get to watch the series or movies from a royalty-free server from the Project Free Tv. 

Best Alternatives of Project Free TV

1. The watch series

project free tv

This website lets you watch all the movies and series that you want to without any issues. It is one of those that are extremely user-friendly, and that is updated regularly. Though this website concentrates mostly on series, it also has a wide collection of movies you can enjoy. You can also sign in to this website and keep track of your watchlist no matter where you are on this planet. 

2. Popcorn Movies 

Popcorn Movies

Popcorn movies are one of the classics that has been in the business for quite some time now. It is one of those websites that keep updating its content and keeps its users engaged. They also provide you with high-quality content, and you can stream them whenever you want to. Be it a classic of the late ’90s or the movie or series that just got launched; they have it all. Because of this, it is one of the fan favorites, and rightfully so. If you are new to this website, do not be afraid as it’s extremely user-friendly and will not disappoint you at any point in time. 

3. Movieflixter 


Movieflixter is one of those websites that is made for its users and nothing else. It gives you a lot to choose from with its wide array of movies and TV shows. Combine that with its user-friendly interface you have yourself a winner. The home page also has this trending tab that shops all the most viewed series and shows in recent times, along with the rating for each show. It also has a search tab, so you do not have to scroll through a million pages before finding what you are looking for. 

4. Series Free TV


As the name suggests, a website whose core concentration is to get its users the most recent to the oldest series available. This is more of a replica of the Project Free Tv, so people who have been looking for project Free TV alternatives will surely appreciate this. It also has a wide collection of movies for you to indulge in, and the interface is quite simple, even for first-time users. Because of all this, it has grown to be one of the best alternatives available right now. 

5. Watch series


Not to be confused with the previous one, these are two completely different websites with completely different interfaces but with the same final goal. To provide valuable content to its users at all times. It has a wide collection of movies and series to offer to its users and can easily rival all the other websites on this list. 

6. Daily motion 


If there is one series or movie that you cannot find on other websites, chances are you can find it in daily motion. This website has such a simple interface and also a wide range of video quality to offer. Be it 144p or Full HD; they have it all for their users. You also do not get any ads once you start streaming, which is a win for all the users. This website’s only setback is that it sometimes does not allow for the video to be played on full screen, which is a bummer. 

7. 123Movies


123HULU is one website that has been in the market for three years straight without any setbacks or issues whatsoever. They offer a wide library of digital content for you to choose from, and the fact that they are completely free is a great deal. They also have very few ads when compared to some of its competitors, so you can enjoy your screen time with fewer ads that you are ready for. Besides, they have movies and series from the 90’s to the recent ones making it one of the must-try websites for movie and TV shows streaming. 

8. Couch Tuner 


If early 90’s cartoons, documentaries, animes are your thing, then this is the one for you. Along with a huge library of movies and series, it also offers you much other digital content that you might enjoy and explore as you browse through this website. Also, this website does not ask you to log in or sign up for anything, so you do not have to worry about data theft at any point in time. This website’s only drawback is that it does send you to various other websites for some movies or series. Other than that, you are good to go with the Couch Tuner. 

9. Kiss Asian 

Kiss Asian

Kiss Asian is the one if you are into Asian drama. This website has a wide range of Asian TV shows that you may not find in any other website that is normally famous for Western content. From the early dramas to the recent ones that are still on TV, you get it all on this website, so all your searching stops as soon as you get into this website. This website also has a lot of western content, but the content library is not too big for the western segment, so you may get a little disappointed with that. 

10. Stream 2watch 

Stream 2watch

This is for people who sit a lot in front of their television and do not want to skip their daily shows. This website allows you to stream any Tv live so you can watch your favorite channel or TV show even if you do not have a TV. This site not only does TV shows but sports and other events as well. So if you are one of those crazy sports fans and do not want to miss the live action, this is a great option for you. 

11. Solar movies


If straight-up Hollywood and western movies and series are your thing, then this is the sight for you. It has all the latest movies and series that you might want to see and it’s completely free. The interface is also quite simple, with a trending and search tab on the home page, making it as simple as possible for its users. You also get to save your viewing and continue it whenever you want to, which is a bonus. Overall, this is one of those websites that you might not want o miss if you are an active movie or series streamer. 

12. Fmovies


This is a website for all. Be it a blockbuster movie or series or a show that didn’t even get a second season; you can find it all in here. This also means that this has a huge library for you to choose from. FMovies is not just about movies. It has a lot of series and documentaries as well. Since the interface is quite simple, you don’t have to search for long to find what you are looking for. All these factors make it one of the best alternatives for Project Free TV. 

13. GoStream 


This Vietnam-based website is one of the fan favorites, with over 100 million users worldwide. It sure is popular. It’s easy navigation, and the abundance of content is the major reason to why this has such a huge market even though this segment has so much competition. This website keeps track of all the shows and movies that you watch, so it’s easy for you to rewatch it whenever you want and for the site to recommend your stuff. This also means you will have to sign in to use this website. 

14. Yesmovies 

Yes Movies

If you are a paid OTT user, then this is something that you will be delighted with. The interface on this website is similar to those OTT websites, and you can also enjoy all their content free of cost. Though the name suggests it has more movies, it has a great collection of series as well. This is a great site to binge-watch all your favorite TV series. 

15. Movie time

This website is for people who get annoyed with ads easily. Their website does show ads while you use them, but they also have an application that you can download. With this application, you get full access to their content, and you can download them as well. 


1. Where can I watch free movies?

There are a lot of websites that you can opt for to watch free movies. The above are some of the sites that do not get you in any trouble for those that do not pop up too many ads.

2. What is the best site for free TV shows?

There are many new and old sites that you can use to watch Tv shows for free. Sites like the popcorn flix, the watch series, and the series Free TV. 

3. Where can I watch 90s Tv shows online?

Websites like the couchtuner, Fmovies, and popcornflix are great for catching up on the 90’s shows. 


All these are trusted and one of the most used websites you can find in the market. So you should not have an issue finding the project Free TV alternative that you are looking for. 

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