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How To Fix “Preparing To Configure Windows Stuck” 2021

by James Parker
preparing to configure windows stuck

Does the “Preparing to configure windows, do not turn off your computer” pop-up bothering you? Well, you are not the only one annoyed by this dialogue box, stopping you from using your Laptop or PC. When a 15 seconds ad or a second of buffering when you live stream is irritating, the windows stuck to work and taking longer than forever is much more annoying and is understandable. 

It is for those who have faced this issue many times and are looking for a proper solution. The ones who say “This is the first time, my PC is behaving like this”, read the article further to understand the reason for this issue and steps to solve this issue.  

Reason for the cause of the Problem

It is common for windows to look for updates and start updating the PC. The issue occurs in this stage. When the system updates the underlying issue, or the possible conflicts will come to light. This is the reason windows hangs, stops, or freezes after the update.

Let us dive deep into the reasons causing this trouble:

Microsoft’s part: This is rare for one to point as the reason. There might be an issue on Microsoft’s part of providing the update, which might end up causing the Windows configuration issue. 

Missing Files: There are high chances that the update downloaded might be missing a few files leading to this issue. There are high chances that files will get corrupted due to a power drop, or the set up might have skipped a few files during installation. When the files are skipped or corrupted, the installation will not be successful though it seems to be. This is the main reason your windows are struck when the update happens.

Disk Errors: When the disk resources are not arranged properly or when corrupted log files are present in the disk, the installation of your windows update will be affected. Moreover, when the disk resources lack files or are corrupted, the Windows update installation will be highly affected. This, in turn, will pop the annoying error dialogue box on your screen.

Caches or cookies: Basically, the glitch present in your system will lead to an error message during the installation. Cookies and caches can be easily erased, bringing up the first pre-solution to the issue. Try to clear the caches and cookies before installing them to avoid further trouble. 

Here are a few error dialogues you get to see when there is an installation error in your PC. Take a look at it.

  • “Preparing to configure Windows. Do not turn off your computer.”
  • “Configuring Windows updates. 1% complete. Do not turn off your computer.”
  • “Please do not power off or unplug your computer. Installing update 1 of 3…”
  • “Working on updates. 1% complete. Do not turn off your computer.”
  • “Keep your computer on until this is done. Installing update of 1 of 3…”
  • “Getting Windows ready. Don’t turn off your computer.”

Fixes to the issue


preparing to configure windows stuck

The universal saver from the freezing regardless of the current issue discussed is CLTR+DEL+ALT. Press these keys simultaneously so that you will be redirected to a page like a picture shown below. You can go ahead and shut down the system and restart your system again. Meanwhile, the windows update installation will be done successfully. Even after logging in, you see the same issue go ahead and find the other fixes to solve the issue. 

Fix 2: Restart the computer

Now that you have tried fix 1, and you get no chance to shut down your system, this fix will help you restart your system. Use the power button or the reset button to turn off your computer. Give it a minute or two and then restart your computer. In case you are unable to restart your computer using the reset and the power button, you may try to remove the battery from your computer and place it again. This way of restarting your computer is called hard-reboot.

Fix 3: Restart with safe mode.

This particular fix may not be available on all computers. Kindly check whether a Start window with the safe mode is available on your computer to try this particular fix. Rebooting with safe mode uses minimal drivers and files. After rebooting in safe mode if the windows do not pop up the error dialogue, your issue is fixed. You can simply log on to your computer after rebooting with safe mode.

Here are your steps to reboot your computer in safe mode.

  • Press the Windows logo icon + R
  • The run command dialogue box will appear.
  • Type MSConfig in the search box as shown in the picture below
preparing to configure windows stuck
  • A system configuration dialogue box, post clicking “ok” in the run command
  • Select the boot option present second left on the top
  • Go ahead and check the Safe boot option.
boot to safe mode
  • Select apply for the rebooting with safe mode to begin.

Fix 4: System restore

This fix is where the windows update with the missing files, or corrupted files will be eliminated and to change the update settings on your system to stop this issue from occurring again.

  • Restarting your computer is explained in a fix 2 and 3. When restarting the computer, press the F11 key repeatedly
  • This will open up a dialogue box called recovery options.
  • Select the “Troubleshoot” option and then select the “Advanced” settings
  • Find the “System Restore” option and select the drives you wish to restore
preparing to configure windows stuck

Restoring the drivers will help you recover later and don’t worry, restore will be done in a matter of time. Now that the files are restored make sure to change the Windows update settings from automatic to manual. This will avoid your windows from updating automatically. You can restore the files you have restored earlier to work on your system normally.

Fix 5: Updating the Basic Input/Output System

The Basic Input/Output System is what you refer to as BIOS. An outdated version of BIOS is never a route cause to the problem you are facing now, but updating the BIOS will end up as a solution because windows update will involve the usage of the motherboard and its hardware. When the BIOS is updated, the issue will be solved in no time.

Fix 6: Check the memory

Ultimately easiest step you can perform is checking the memory of your computer. When your computer’s memory is loaded, they are high chances your computers begin to hang every now and then regardless of the windows update installation issue. Clearing the unwanted memory will also be a fix.

Fix 7: Installing windows

This fix has to be your final option when all the other solutions did not fix the issue. Installing windows from scratch will be a better option in getting rid of this issue sooner. Installing windows here means cleaning the hard drive completely and installing windows from the beginning. You may have to install the windows in the same drive that you erased earlier. This fix might not feel like a better option, but installing from the beginning will help your system get rid of all the corrupted files.

Windows update is what caused the freezing of your computer, but updating from the start will not end up as an error. When you install all the files of their updated version, your system will work fine.


1. Why my computer is stuck configuring the windows update?

The computer’s reason to freeze on the configuration of windows update should be because of the missing files from the update files, or the corrupted files didn’t let the update finish successfully.

2. How do I fix Windows 7 stuck on 35?

When you see that “Configuration Windows update 35% completed do not turn off the computer” occurs, try to turn it off and restart the computer. Make sure to eject the external devices before turning off the computer.

3. How do I Cancel a windows update in progress?

You can select the “Stop” option present on the Windows update menu. You can also select the stop option present next to the windows update on the top left corner. Make sure to change the windows update settings option to prevent this from occurring again.

4. Why is my computer stuck on the loading screen?

This occurs when the windows start updating automatically. You can try the reboot with the safe mode option to get rid of the loading screen. Starting your system with this safe mode will make your computer work normally.


Being this issue is a common one; many windows have sorted the same in no time with the solutions discussed above. You may try any of the fixes mentioned above and get rid of this issue. After fixing the issue, make sure to change the Windows update settings on your computer, so that you don’t have to spend your precious time again fixing the same issue. 

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