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Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location 12 Error Fixed | 2021

by James Parker
failed to detect location 12

Hundreds of games come and go every day and not every game that comes out stays in the market for long. It is because of this we are able to identify those few games that have made a global impact from the time it came out. One such game that made a tremendous impact even before it got released is the infamous “ Pokemon go.” this was the first of its kind that used VR for gaming and game am all round real world experience for every mobile gamers.

Though this game was a huge success it got a lot of bad blows along the way. One such blow that made millions uninstall this application is the “error 12: failed to detect location”. For a GPS based gaming application this was a huge setback and the company was not able to do much about it. But this does not stop the game from being one of the most downloaded applications in the world and is still in play after so many disappointments. 

So what is this error 12: failed to detect location and why does it happen?

Error 12: failed to detect location is that error code that pops us on the game screen when it is not able to identify the location on the phone’s GPS. since Pokemon Go is a game that relies completely on your surroundings GPS is a must have. Because of this you may not be able to enjoy the game like the way you want to. All though there are a lot of reasons why you get this error code here are some of the common factors that might cause this error. 

  • When “ find my device” is enabled on your smartphone.
  • When you have mock location enabled on your device
  • When you do not receive proper GPS connection to your device. 

These errors can be caused by the bugs in your software, or corrupted cache files, and there is also the possibility of bad network coverage. Since all these are minor issues you can rectify them on your own and enjoy the game just the way you want to.

Here are some of the ways which you can use to avoid Error: Failed to Detect Location 12

Solution 1: Log out and log in to the Pokémon GO application

log in to the Pokémon GO

Sometimes the error code may have occurred because you have used a VPN for another application. So when you log in to something that works primarily on GPS without that VPN enabled the system may get confused. This also means you will not be able to move about manually when you use a VPN. So it’s such conditions it’s best to log out of the account you are using for the Pokemon Go application and Login gains from the same account. This will rectify any confusion that the system may have had before allowing you to enjoy your game without any issues. 

Solution 2:  Reset the Pokémon GO Application’s Data 

This is a simple that you can follow with any application when it crashes and it is also one of the primary things that you will have to do when you encounter this error. 

Step 1: open setting and navigate to the applications tab.

Step 2: once you are in the application menu search for the Pokemon Go application and open it. 

Step 3: Once you are inside the applications data page you will have the option to clear the data of that application.( This will wipe out all the data that the device has in regards with the application and lets you use it as if it was just installed.) 

Reset the Pokémon GO Application’s Data

Step 4: Now that all the data has been cleared you may open the Pokemon Go app from your device and sign-in to use the application without any bugs or corrupted files. 

Solution 3: Enable “ Location Services”

For a game like POkemon Go it is essential; that you give the application permission to access your location even if you have the GPS turned on in your device. Do this or to check if it’s enabled follow the steps below.

Step 1: go to the settings and navigate to the password and security tab.

Step 2: once you are in the password and security tab look for location access.

Enable “ Location Services”

Step 3: If it is enabled, simply disable and enable it again.  If not you can simply enable it and you are good to go. 

Solutio 4: Reboot your Device

This is a classic remedi to any tech based issue and to our surprise it works almost every sing;e time. All you have to do is close the Pokemon Go application and switch off your device. Once your device is completely off, turn it back on and switch on the GPS before you open the POkemon GO application. This should help you avoid that error most of the time. 

Solution 5: Check Mock Location 

Mock location is a feature available on the android platform that developers can use to test out various things on their device. If for any reason you may have left the Mock Location Enabled on your device then you will experience Error 12: Failed to detect location pop up on your game as you open it. This is because the device GPS suggests that you are in one location and the Mock Location intervenes and makes it seem like you are somewhere else. Because of this, the Pokemon Go application gets confused and this error occurs. If that is the chase this is how you resolve it. 

Step 1: open settings and navigate to the “About” tab.

Step 2: click on the “Build Number” multiple times until “you are a developer now” pops up on your screen.

Step 3: navigate back to the main menu of settings and open the developer tab.

Step 4: inside the develop tab search for Mock location option.

Step 5: Once you open it, it will list out all the applications that have access to the GPS. deselect Pokemon go from that list and you are good to go. But for better results you may want to restart your device once you do this. 

Solution 6: Do not use Spoofers 

This is for all the people that have been using the Pokemon Go application right from their homes and not physically moving about like this game was intended to be. Since there were a lot of users who wanted to play the game right from their beds there emerged a lot of GPS spoofer applications that made it possible. Through these spoofers you may mover avoid in the game world while facing a GPS signal to the application. The game developers soon got onto this and made a lot of changes to their program. So if you are one of those players who still use the Spoofer it is no surprise that you get this error code pop up on as you log in to the game. Turn off those spoofers or uninstall it if possible and this error should not appear for you anymore. 

Solution 7: Disable “Find my Device”.

Even with so much caution if you wish to use the Pokemon Go application using a spoofer then you might have to turn off the “Find my device”option on your device. To do that follow the steps below.

Step 1: open settings and go to the “security” tab.

Step 2: click on the “device administrator” to find the “find my device” option.

Disable “Find my Device”

Step 3: disable the “find my device” option and you are now able to use spoofers application for playing Pokémon Go.


1. Does fake GPS work with Pokémon GO 2021?

 If you are using an android device then the answer is yes. There are a lot of spoofer applications available on the internet that do not even require you to root your device. So it’s highly possible to use fake GPS in Pokémon go 2021. 

2. Can fake GPS be detected?

Yes, the application can detect fake GPs usage if you jump between different time zones within minutes. So to avoid that use the same fake location or somewhere near that to avoid being caught by the pokemon go application. 

3. How to hatch a Pokémon egg without walking?

If you are using an GPS spoofer then you are good to go. These fake GGPs applications enable you to walk through the city with virtual toggles that you get builtin with those applications. So you can use them to move and hatch your pokemon eggs right from your couch. 

If not all at least one of these should help you stop the error 12: Pokemon GO failed to detect location from popping up as you are enjoying the Pokémon go game. Besides this error occurs mostly when you have a fake GPS application installed on your mobile device.

And it is rightfully so, this game was intended to be played outside so as to completely enjoy the gaming experience. But if this game is not available in your country then you have no choice but to use spoofers and fake your location in such cases make sure to follow the above mentioned steps and enjoy the Pokémon go game. 

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