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Microsoft Word Won’t Open Fixed 2021

by James Parker
microsoft word won't open

The explanation for the Microsoft mistake is that you’re dealing with huge files on a machine with inferior parameters. The set of documents you’re working on has errors and issues. It’s not necessary which edition of Microsoft Word you possess; it can occur very frequently that this Word GPU doesn’t open. What the heck would you do to repair it? In this post, I’m going to explain why Microsoft’s Word doesn’t open up. The Term is too much tech for daily life. Typically, the PC is used to browse the Internet, read e-mails, compose, Edit, and access Word documents. However, if Word does not open up, what options do we even have? Bide your time, and then let’s realize why Word doesn’t launch more on your Desktop. Before beginning an overview of potential problems, bear in mind that any office kit system can have a question, ensuring that this reference can apply to specific other programs.

Reasons as to why won’t Microsoft word open 

microsoft word won't open

Word isn’t going to start, but users can’t find out why? In reality, it could be very challenging to identify a trigger if the software does not show an error code. It is simpler to review and fix the most simple mistakes if necessary. That includes the following:

  • Word add-ins: add-ins are plugins that provide additional functional features for the word processor software. If Word doesn’t get started after you download the add-in, that’s most probably the cause.
  • Windows Upgrades and Upgrades: Had you recently changed your OS to Windows 10? Therefore the issues that happened during the change or update could cause why Word doesn’t open.
  • Damaged Installs and Folders: If you have newly downloaded Microsoft 365 and Word doesn’t open, its implementation can damage.

If you have not made any intentional improvements and the issue seems to be baseless, try to make the following approaches in that order. You will eventually remove the triggers and fix them in this way. The directions refer to Windows 10, including Microsoft Word variants 2013 & 2016, except as otherwise stated.

Solutions to Fix this Error

Solution 1—Open Task Manager

If you’ve attempted to enter Microsoft Office Word (e.g.) through your Windows 10 device or Desktop and you haven’t done anything about it, try launching the Task Manager.

Push Ctrl+Shift+Esc or right-tap the Taskbar and pick the Task Manager, then have a look at either the accessed apps or the Information tab where you can locate it as WINWORD.EXE.

If you’ve seen the operation there, this implies that Windows 10 assumes the software is open and doesn’t do anything regarding it. Within that case, try creating a new file and right-tap it, and pick Edit.

In certain instances, this approach has proven effective and can support you in a tight situation.

Solution 2 – Go to the origin

While the Microsoft Office shortcut keys don’t do something when you attempt to activate them, there may be a communication problem between the shortcuts themselves and the actual program it should launch.

Based on what edition of Office you have mounted, you can find that in one of the following locations:

  • C: Program FilesMicrosoft Office14
  • C: Program Files (x86)Microsoft Office14

Try to open the tool you want from there; if it functions, you blame the shortcut. Build a new bypass for the Office items that you use and uninstall those that are defective.

When your Office shortcut doesn’t fit on Windows 10, start by looking at this helpful guide to quickly address the problem.

Solution 3 – Test in Safe Mode when Word doesn’t start

Suppose Word doesn’t open, test if Word safe mode is the issue. If the software is running correctly in that mode, it’s indeed possible due to non-installed add-ins.


Every program in Microsoft 365 does have its specific safe mode. However, this should not mistake with Windows application framework safe mode.


Click the [Windows] + [R] keys to enable the Run dialogue simultaneously.


Enter the code “Winword/Safe” and verify by tapping “OK” Word safe mode would then start for 2016, 2013, and 2010 variants.

ms word won't open

You can access Word as usual now. If Word could no longer access, active add-ins omit as the source of the failure. In this scenario, skip the steps below and forget to answer number 2. If you really can access the program in a safe mode despite any problems, then extensions are likely the root of the issue. It would then be necessary instead disable or delete them.


Throughout the Word document you have opened, tap the menu element “File” and afterward press “Options.” Your Word choices are now going to open. Tap the “Add-Ins” tab from the left mouse press. Then pick the “COM Add-In” alternative from the “Manage” drop-down list and click the “Go” button to end.

  • Microsoft Word won’t open: disable add-ins.
  • If Microsoft Word doesn’t open, try disabling all add-ins.
  • Reassign to deactivate those add-ins via the left mouse and validate with “OK.”

Solution 4 – Recover It

How would you say that? Are you upset that you haven’t noticed any open Word systems and don’t understand what to do? You’ve got another option. Please try to restore Term. Yeah, I agree; now that I know you, you don’t know how to do it. You must know that I’m here to support you since then. Follow the accompanying guide to restoring Word:

Only go to the settings menu and delete the software file.

Now, in the program list, search for your edition of the Office kit, pick it, and then press “Change” at the edge. Now you’ll see that a simple screen would open to display how to recover your Office. For fast recovery, the period will be much shorter, but the restoration will be wrong, while with online recovery, the duration will be much longer. Still, at 90percent, the issue will resolve. The recommendation is to try a quick reboot if it doesn’t fix the problem and try an online reboot.

If you have selected the recovery option and tapped on the “Restore” button, a new screen will appear where you will need to confirm your choice for the nth time. At this stage, the Office restoration will begin to solve the 90 percent issue that Word doesn’t open.


If Word doesn’t open and the issue arises in a safe setting, the next move is to search your chosen default printer. When Microsoft Word cannot access this printer, the program will not start. Try a specific standard printer to address the dilemma.


Open Windows configurations by tapping the [Windows] + [I] key simultaneously. Then select the “Devices” tab and click the “Printers & Scanners” choice.

ms word won't open

Disable the “Allows Windows to control my default printer” function by eliminating the plus sign via. The left mouse click. Then pick the printer that you want to configure as your current default printer. To access the printer settings, press the “Manage” key. Now, select “Default” for using your new printer as the standard printer in the coming years.

For previous Windows models, the printer configurations can be found under “Control Panel” > “Hardware and Sound” > “View Tools and Printer. Afterward, right-tap  the printer you wish to utilize and select the feature “Setup as default printer.”


Now, try to restart the software again. If you can’t access Word, you could try upgrading your printer driver.


To upgrade your printer software, use the “Device Manager” search box in your taskbar area and pick the required search term. The System Manager is now going to open. Extend the “Print queues” choice by pressing the left mouse key on it. After which, right-click your custom printer to access the context settings and tap the “Update Driver” function.

ms word won't open

A separate window will open. Pick “Simply detect for updated printer driver” and hold until the phase finish. Finally, check the Word will start just after the driver has changed. If you can’t even open Word yet, run workaround 3.

Conduct Disk Repair Permissions

Access the Utility section in the Applications folder, access the Disk Utility directory. From its volume list, pick the boot disc, and press the SOS panel. Click the Fix Disk Backgrounds button, and wait until the process finishes.


1. Why isn’t the MS office updated?

Make sure that your PC link to the Web. If the Update feature is lacking or you seem unable to upgrade, try Microsoft Notification to download your Office Updates on Computers. See Office Notifications to download the update automatically. Find and choose your edition of Microsoft Office onto your screen.

2. Why can’t I open the MS-word?

You can do this by accessing Control Panel->Programs & Features-> Find Microsoft Office and then pick Adjust from the menu bar. Pick Repair in the window which appears, and obey the wizard. When that doesn’t solve your issues, you can disable Microsoft Office and download it again.

3. Is there an MS term for 2020?

The alternate number 1 for Microsoft Office, Office Software 2020, is highly consistent with all your current Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files.


Thus we know you’re enjoying the five hidden ways of solving the Microsoft Word issue that Windows 10 and MacBook didn’t start. So don’t hesitate to post a Twitter post with your mate.

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