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How to Enable and Use iTunes Dark Mode in 2021? EXPLAINED

by James Parker
itunes dark mode

I’m sure you know about the iTunes dark mode if you are an Iphone or iTunes user and are updated frequently with information and information. Has iTunes a dark mode? yes, that’s the answer! Most of the light of your device will become grey in macOS Mojave’s Dark Mode or high seirra mode.

Features such as the dock, the trashcan, menu bar, and system panel are included. Apps like iTunes, Safari, App Store, News, etc. will be included in some macOS Mojave apps.

So iTunes Dark Mode does not put much pressure on the eyes when iTunes for windows 10 is used late in the night. For those that play songs with iTunes for long stretches and late in the night, it’ll be really useful.

The dark mode in iTunes is a popular Windows 10 feature. So today, this post is written to present our readers on Mac and Windows about iTunes dark mode. And we’ll also be telling you some supplementary details. Keep linked to this post and read it.

itunes dark modeWhy To Use iTunes Dark Mode

You can get insomnia and a tight feeling of eye problems if you use Apple iTunes on your computer each night or if you are addicted to Apple iTunes, particularly when the luminosity of the monitor is high. A lot of VJs, DJs, and Music Producers use iTunes on their windows pc or Mac all night to play music and continuously watch the show on the phone.

We can all find a way to treat our eyes for a long time, morning or night, while we work on iTunes. As you will see, the menu bar will be darkened by your new iTunes settings. This function can also easily benefit from the light of the phone. Today, only this feature will be mentioned.

How to use iTunes Dark Mode on Windows

MacOS Mojave has an appeal to many people in the dark mode. So, Windows 10 fans or users want to enjoy this feature on their PC or laptop, but there are those who can’t help with Windows 10 in dark mode. To do so, you must obey the following instructions:

  • You must first of all look in your PC’s search bar for the “Settings.”

iTunes dark mode

  • Now you have to click on the personalization option when you get the setting window.

iTunes dark mode

  • You must select the color choice on your left-hand side in the next step.
  • Then you just have to scroll down and click on Dark Mode when the color option is opened on your computer.
  • And by clicking on Dark, this function is activated on your PC automatically.

iTunes dark mode

  • When you open the iTunes app, you’ll definitely see the effect of dark mode after you’ve completed all these steps. And it just looks awesome.

How to Use iTunes Dark Mode on Mac

Finally, Dark Mode was introduced to macOS Mojave by Apple Inc. This feature will cut many of the screen elements from the normal white blinding into a calming dark tone across all Mac features and apps. So, iTunes dark mode can be configured on Mac:

  • You must first of all press the Apple logo on the left upper corner.
  • You must then pick the preferences of the system. You must then click on the General.
  • Now when the General tab opens, you’ll have to select Dark Mode on the appearance option.

iTunes dark mode

  • Finally, you’re done, and you’ll see it opens in Dark mode now when you open your device’s iTunes app. So, you can save it from blue light now and you can enjoy it.

There is a 3rd option in Dark Mode-Auto if your Mac runs the newest macOS-Catalina. During daytime and at night time you can use the dark mode accordingly. You can also set the dark mode to activate only during the night if you want to. To do that go to the settings menu select system preference then go to desktop screen saver option. Now select the dynamic system setting. This will toggle the setting between day and night depending on the clock on your device.

iTunes Dark Mode didn’t work? How to fix it?

Situations occur where iTunes dark mode is not working or reset to normal mode. Some users mention a problem with iTunes, and if you are one, you need to repair iTunes with a third party software that is dedicated to fixing such issues. software like the iMyFone TunesFix software is safe to use and does not cause any bug or problem to your mac or PC. It will ensure that all iTunes issues and problems triggering the dark mode of iTunes are permanently resolved. Moreover, if iTunes stops working after the dark mode is allowed, use TunesFix to correct this.


1. Does iTunes have a dark mode in Windows 10?

Yes, You can activate the dark mode by changing the default app mode in windows settings.

2.  Is dark mode better for eyes?

Yes it is because it reduces the eye strain in low light conditions which is in case of dark mode.

3. Does Dark mode save battery?

Yes it does save battery. The dark mode reduces the display power and hence battery does not drain fast.


This article introduced what is iTunes dark mode and how dark on both Windows 10 and macOS can be used. The dark mode of iTunes is a great pleasure for people who like dark colors. This feature is also recommended by many professionals to prevent your eyes from experiencing damage over time. At the end of the day it all boils down to user preference. If you are not into this dark look in general, then you will have a hard time adjusting to this feature in iTunes. 

If there are any problems with iTunes running, now we ask for TunesFix to be downloaded and enabled to make sure iTunes runs in dark mode. It will detect iTunes problems and rectify them without any issues. They also take care of any issue related to your iTunes application and not just the dark mode switch query. With that said, using any bright display in the dark is not advisable, so try to have some atmosphere light even if it’s in the night.  

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