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How to Use Discord on PS4 | Guide 2021

by James Parker
Discord on PS4

Discard, a name that seems like something that you would not want to use is something that is the most sought after in the gaming industry now. Especially if you are a PS4 console user. Discord is a communication application that helps gamers chat, text, make video calls and even share your screen with other players. You can do all this with a particular gamer or a group of people who you want to share your gaming experience with. This is a great boon if you are playing competitive games with your gamer friend’s and want their advice. You play along or just want to play as if you all are in the same room. Because of such convenience, it has become one of the most used third-party applications in the gaming industry. 

The sad part is that Discord on ps4 and Xbox is not available. Even though there are thousands of requests from gamers worldwide, it is still in development, and the company is expected to send out an official application soon. But in the means is it not possible to use such a great application on your PS4, and the answer is yes you can. Though it is not as easy as downloading and installing it like in a PC or the Xbox it is still feasible. Here is how you do it. 

How to get Discord for PS4? 

Getting Discord to connect to your PS4 is quite the job, and you need some precise instructions to do it. Luckily you have found the right place. To get Discord on your PS4, you will need a few things other than your PS4 and your PC. Why need a PC you ask? Well, since PS4 does not have a discord application on its own, you will have to connect the PC version to your PS4 and make them go hand in hand. To do that, here are all the things that you will need.

Requirements to set up Discord on PS4

  1. Mixamp
  2. A headset with an optical cable and USB support
  3. 3.5 mm Male to Male cable
  4. 3.5 mm AUX splitter
  5. 3.5 mm to 3.5 mm volume cable 

How to connect and use Discord on PS4?

Before you connect your PS4 to your PC Discord application, there are few manual hardware connections. First off, turn on your PS4 and connect one end of the optical cable to the PC and the other end to the MIxamp. Once this is done your headset now becomes a USB device to sonnet it using the USB port. 

Note: make sure that the Mixamp is set to console mode. 

With that out of the way now you are ready to pair your PS4 to the PC’s discord application through software settings and here is how it’s done. 

Step 1: Open settings in your PS4 and select the “Sound and Screen” option.

Step 2: Inside the sound and screen option, select the audio output option.

Step 3: Open the digital output port tab and choose the “optical” option. Under Optical choose Dolby as your output.

Step 4: Now open the “audio format” option and choose the Dolby option.

Step 5: Open the settings menu of the discord application on your PC.

Step 6: Once you are in the Settings menu, navigate to the “voice and video” option to open it.

Step 7: under the voice and video tag select the “input device option”. Under which choose the headset that you are using.

Step 8: leave that output as “default.” 

Once you are through with all these eight steps, check to see if you are able to access Discord as you play on your PS4. under certain conditions you may experience an error where you may not be able to hear anything other music other than the chat option. This is a common problem, and there is a real simple solution to it. If this happens to you when you set up Discord for your PS4 using your PC you just have to make some tweaks to step 8, and you are good to go. Here is how it’s done.

Fix, if it still does not work

In such a case where you are not able to hear the music in your game because of this set up all you need is 3.5 mm to 3.5mm cable. Connect one end of the cable to the speaker output of your pc and the other to the Mixamp. Then go to the output option in the Discord application and change it to the speaker. This will resolve the probable, and you will be able to enjoy the game to its fullest. 

How to join the PlayStation party chat on pc? 

Discord on PS4

PlayStation chat party is a PlayStation application similar to the discord application. But this works only with the PlayStation platform. You can voice chat, text, and even share your screen with other players or your teammates within the PlayStation community. With over 110 million users and most of them using PlayStation chat party that is quite a huge number. So to use this feature in your PC is simple and will help you with your gameplay. If you are learning or teaching someone how to use various games or just love to have a good chat with your friends or teammates while playing your favorite game, this is highly recommended. Here is how you can connect your PlayStation party chat to your PC.

Step 1: Download and install the PlayStation remote play application onto your PC.

Step 2: use your PlayStation credentials and log in to your PlayStation account.

Step 3: have your PlayStation switched on.

Step 4: connect the PlayStation chat part application from your PlayStation to your PC.

Step 5: run the PlayStation remote play application. (This should help you connect your PlayStation chat party application to your PC, which you can use now.)

Though PlayStation chat parties are quite easy to use and do not require much to do like the discord application, it has one mak=jor drawback. Since it’s an application that is specific to PlayStation, you can share your experience with players who have a PlayStation and use this service. On the other hand, Discord being a common platform you can play and share your gaming experience cross-platform and enjoy it. Discord allows you to communicate and share your screen with players who use PC as well as an Xbox. Meaning the hurdle you had with just the PlayStation barrier is no more. 

How to Show Your PS4 Activity on Discord? 

Discord on PS4

Since the PlayStation 4 does not have its own discord application, it is not so easy to show your ps4 activities. To do that you will need a third party Discord application called the PlayStation Discord. Using this, you can sign in to your PlayStation network account and connect that to the ps4 using your PC. To do that, download and install the PlayStation discord application on your PC and sign in with your PlayStation accounts. Once you log in connect that application using the above method and sync your PC with the PlayStation. Now play your favorite game on the Ps all while having this open in your Pc. This will help Show all your PlayStation 4 activities on Discord as you would do with the Pc and Xbox version.


1. Can console players use Discord and is it safe?

Yes, console players can use Discord. You Xbox has a discord application by default which you can simply download and sign in to use. But when it comes to Playstations, you will have to download a third-party Playstation Discord application and connect it to your PlayStation to use it. But the basic answer is yes; console players can use Discord and it is totally safe to use discord on PS4.

2. How to show my PlayStation activity on Discord?

Playstation does not have a discord server of its own. So you will have to download a third-party application and run it along with the PlayStation. You also have to connect your PlayStation with Your PC along with a headset that supports USB and a Mixamp device. Once all this is done, you can show all your PlayStation activities on Discord.

3. Does PS4 have Discord?

No PlayStation does not have a discord of its own. But thanks to the thousands of requests sent by gamers worldwide to the discord company you may soon have one. Until then, you can use a third-party application that does all the function of the discord application but requires such a manual setup in hardware and software. 


As tech evolved, it became easier for players to enjoy the comfort of their homes. This gave birth to a new generation of professionals that we now know as gamers. But it did leave a huge loss with actual human communication, which is a great loss for an entire generation. Thanks to applicants like the Discord, we are slowly regaining the communication that we lost all while staying at the comfort of our homes. Apart from that, this set to get the Discord on PS4 may seem a bit too much, but all that is worth it. And if rumours are right, you might get a PlayStation version of Discord starting from the PS5. so all the more reason to get involved and have one of the greatest gaming experiences along with your friends. 

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