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How to Make Background Transparent in Paint?

by James Parker
how to make background transparent in paint

A few tools have been in use since the discovery of computers. One such tool used to edit, resize and modify images is paint. This application offered by Microsoft has a relatively simple user face when compared with the other image editing tools. This is one reason why even today people use Paint to edit images. With the advanced versions of Windows being released, Microsoft has also come up with an advanced version of Paint called, Paint 3D. This application is included in the Windows 10 package. The advantage of this tool is that it lets you design and create 3D models with ease. 

Paint Vs Paint 3D

Both Paint as well as Paint 3D are made for the same purpose. However, Paint 3D has a few advanced options when compared with Paint. Primarily, as the name states, Paint 3D has tools that can give a 3-Dimensional look to your pictures. Along with this, there are also other options wherein you can add stickers and change the background of your image. Just like any other photo editor, with Paint 3D, you can now add effects to your images. However, Paint 3D takes a longer time to load and start, which is slightly disadvantageous. 

How to make the background transparent in Paint?

One can work to make the background transparent on Paint. However, when saved, the transparent background turns white. Here is the hack that you can follow to create images with a transparent background on Paint. 

  1. Open Paint in the system you are using. You can find it easily using the Search option in the Windows Menu. 

2. Open Paint and Paste the image that you wish to modify. You can also add images by clicking on File, and selecting Open and then clicking on the image that you wish to change. 

3. From the Select menu, click on the “Transparent Selection” option. 

how to make background transparent in paint

4. Click on the free-form selection option from the select menu 

5. Now, on the image that you have pasted, select the foreground image i.e., cut out the region of the image where you wish to have a transparent background. To do this, left-click and using the mouse trace the outline on the image. 

6. The region outside the selected area will turn to a transparent background.

7. A rectangular box covering the region traced appears. Right-click on the rectangle. From the drop-down menu, select the “Cut” option, to cut out the selected region on the image. 

how to make background transparent in paint

8. Open up a new image on paint and paste the cut region. You can do this by using the Short cut, “Control+V” or by Right-clicking and selecting “Paste” from the drop-down menu. 

9. The picture when pasted has a transparent background. You can use the left click button to move the pasted image across the screen and position it in the location of your choice. 

how to make background transparent in paint

The only disadvantage with this tool is that you cannot save the cut out the image with a transparent background as such. You will have to place it on an image to save the transparent background image. 

How to make the background transparent in Paint 3D?

As mentioned above Paint 3D is an advanced version of the Paint offered by Microsoft. One additional feature of Paint 3D is that it lets you save images with a transparent background. Here are the steps that you need to follow to give a transparent background to your image.

  1. Open paint 3D on your system. The application comes inbuilt with Windows 10. 

2. From the menu click on “Open” and select browse files. By following these steps you can import the image of your choice on paint 3D. 

how to make background transparent in paint

3. From the selection bar on the top of the page, select the canvas option. This opens up a sidebar. 

4. You will find an option,” Transparent canvas” on this sidebar. Active the same by sliding the button next to the “Transparent canvas” option.

how to make background transparent in paint

5. On the same sidebar, look for the select option. Use this option to select the region of the image that you wish to delete. 

6. Use the shortcut “Control+X” to remove the region from the image. Once you cut out the region, the turns empty which can be filled with any other background. 

how to make background transparent in paint

7. From the menu bar, select the “Save as” option and click on 2D PNG from the options provided. 

8. In the dialog box that opens, provide a file name and save the image. 

9. Click on Menu, and select New. Browse for and select a new background for the image that you edited previously. 

how to make background transparent in paint

10. Click on Menu and select the insert option. Browse for the image that you saved in the 2D PNG format. 

11. Once you do this, the image that you edited for transparent background appears on top of the new image. 

how to make background transparent in paint

12. Now you can drag and resize or reposition the transparent image anywhere on the screen to perfect the image. 


1. How do I make a PNG transparent?

You can turn the background in your image in PNG format transparent using various tools. The most commonly used tools are Adobe Photoshop, Canva and Snappa. Open your image on Adobe Photoshop and add a layer. Using the lasso tool select the region that you wish to turn transparent and click on delete. This leaves your image without a background. 

2. How do I reduce the transparency of an image in paint?

Paint is a tool meant for editing images. However, it is possible to cut out a part of an image, leaving white space on the original image. And the cut-out portion also cannot be saved on MS Paint. There are very few cases where you can change the opacity in Paint. 

3. Can we make a transparent background in Paint?

Yes, it is possible to make the background of an image transparent on Paint. However, we cannot save the image with a transparent background as such. The image modified has to be pasted on a new image to enable the save option. 


Paint and Paint 3D are important tools used for editing images. These tools are available in built-in most systems with the Windows operating system. The easy to use interface makes it a preferred tool for editing images when compared to the others. You can do simple changes like cropping, rotating and reducing sizes of images. You can also make changes like adding effects, modifying background, including texts and so on. The possibilities are endless with these tools. Start adding new colors and life to your normal looking photos with Paint and Paint 3D. 

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