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How To Enable Screen Share On Discord Server? Easy Guide 2021

by James Parker
how to enable screen share on discord server

If you ask me to name a top full-featured text cum voice chat interface for the game-addicts, then I would recommend Discord. With it, you can develop your personal Discord Server for your players’ groups or for other social media quirks. The real fun of playing video games lies in its interactivity where you can easily talk to your other group members rather than playing all alone. Discord brings you that fun by giving you easy access to video chats with your friends and/or team players. Plus, you can share the screen with them, for maximum up to 9 team members, while gaming. Not just these, but Discord also allows you to talk to your friends/members while the screen-sharing discord is already active. This audio-enable feature greatly attracts the audience’s attention. 

Watching or sharing your desired gameplay with others is another privilege you have during the screen sharing mode on Discord. So, all in all, Discord screen-share is an exceptionally useful feature that can give a tough competition to the contenders in the video call or meeting apps market.

The screen-sharing feature is readily available on Discord. So, you won’t require any third-party application to enable this feature. 

But then you may ask: How to enable screen-sharing on Discord Server? Well, this article contains the answers to all your queries. Explore deeper to find out how. Also, I have mentioned the issues that users usually encounter on Discord and their respective solutions. 

​What is Discord Screen Share?

how to enable screen share on discord server

The Discord screen share feature is a privilege that allows the gamers on their Discord chat server to communicate with other group members of up to 10 individuals (atmost). Not only screen sharing, Discord allows the users to interact with others via video and voice call, and text.

Making the video call while the screen sharing feature is ON is an incredible built-in attribute of Discord. 

Do you know what’s even better? 

Discord Screen Share doesn’t require you to install any additional third-party software.

Sounds cool, right? 

So, let’s see how to enable this feature.

How to Enable Discord Screen Share?

You might be one of those who were wondering don’t know how to enable screen sharing on Discord. Rather you are only limited to using voice chat for interacting with others members in the game.  

Maximum 10 people can be included in screen sharing including you. 

To activate the screen-sharing feature, check if the audio and video hardware are accurately geared on Discord.

Video/Camera Settings

Video/Camera Settings

Modifying the video/camera settings from the Discord settings page is the best way to visit Discord Screen Share.

Now you might ask: How to enable it?

Follow these instructions: 

  • Click on gear icon to access the Discord Settings page located to the right side of username 
  • Next, go to “App Settings” and choose “Voice & Video” located on the left panel 
  • Go to “Video Settings” and choose the video camera option
  • By the right, find the “Test Video” option and try it once to ensure that all things are working smoothly

Add Friends

Add Friends

Naturally, to make a video call, you will have to add members to your friend list to make the call on Discord. After you add friends, now you can easily make the video call.

Now you may ask: How to add friends to call them on Discord?

Follow these instructions: 

  • Go to the “Homepage”. For that, click on Discord icon present on the top left pane of the screen
  • Next, hit Friends to access the “Friend list”
  • From there, search for the username of any of your friends or, move over those usernames which display you the Video calling option  
  • Now you can directly text your friends by tapping on the names of the friends whom you want to communicate with 
  • You will find the Video Calling icon just at the top of DM (Direct Message) window 

Video Calling and Screen Sharing (on PC)

Video Calling and Screen Sharing (on PC)

Discord features several interesting attributes that allow you to organize things the way you desire once you have started the call.

But how?

Follow these instructions: 

Expand Drop-down Arrow

Expand the screen by tapping on the “Expand Down” arrow. 

Begin the video call and click on the arrow located on the left pane to expand the video calling screen to full-screen on Discord.

Switching from Video Calling mode To Screen Sharing Mode

After enabling the video calling facility, you will see two icons present below the call screen.

These icons are there to help to switch from video call to screen sharing.   

Well, I hope that by now you know what a video calling icon looks like. But, can you find the screen share icon?  

The icon located on the left which shows a monitor screen with a centrally located arrow is the screen-sharing icon.

This icon will let you swap between the Screen Share and Video Mode, anytime during the ongoing call. While doing the swapping, you can select which particular app window or monitor screen you want to share.

Don’t Hit Leave Call Button

If you tap on this button, you will end up dropping the call. So, avoid pressing this button even by mistake until you have finished your talk.

Toggle Settings

There is an icon which appears like a microphone and located next to the “Leave Call” option. That icon is the “Toggle settings”  with which you can mute or unmute the microphone.

Toggle Full-screen

Use this Discord feature if you want to maximize the video call screen to full-screen. Conversely, to exit full-screen, hit the ESC button from keyboard

Video Marqueeing 

To focus on a particular user during an ongoing group video call, click on that user’s avatar to drag his/her video into focus while putting the others aside to the right in a  marquee.

Accordingly, you can shift the focus to another user by tapping on that particular person’s avatar from the marquee.

Sound Sharing While Screen Sharing

Here is the surprise:  

You can enable on-screen sounds while the screen sharing mode is already ON!

This feature allows you to give others the permission to hear any chimes or pings on your device. Simply, toggle the SOUND option while you are in “Application Window”.

But the kicker is that: 

Screen-sharing mode is currently not available on the mobile interfaces.

Also, there are certain issues like black screen display and audio not working error that appear after you do the screen share.   

Common Screen Sharing Errors and Their Solutions

Though Discord features a number of useful features that makes it an ideal choice for the online video game players, it has certain setbacks. Let’s discuss the same and find out their easy fixes: 

Issue With Discord Screen Share Audio

Discord Screen Share Audio

Here is the fix to this: 

While game streaming and enabling the screen-sharing feature on the chatbot server, users often face the discord audio-not-working issue.

  • The problem of this error can be easily resolved if you find that the Sound button is not turned ON which is triggering the issue. 
  • Sometimes, it is the Audio drivers that need upgrading to resolve the issue

The second Discord issue is the Black Screen while screen-sharing on Discord. 

Relax…you need to worry for I got your back in this too! 

Black Screen Issue While Screen-Sharing 

Black Screen Issue While Screen-Sharing 

Here is the fix to this:

You may experience a “Black Screen” bug while trying to screen share on Discord. But, nothing to worry about if any such thing occurs. 

The fix takes only a few steps, here are they: 

  • Firstly, reboot your computer 
  • Access Discord and again enable the screen sharing feature 
  • Find GPU. Sometimes the black screen appears if GPU(Graphics Processing Unit) is automatically turned off
  • Upgrade GPU to its most recent edition

That’s it! If you still find the black screen appearing again, try to reinstall Discord and enable the screen-share again. 


1. Can Discord bots share screens?

Yes, Discord bots can easily share screens. Each server can share the screen with up to 10 members.

2. Why can’t I Screen Share Netflix on Discord?

  • Maybe cached data folders needs to be cleaned on Discord app
  • Maybe you need to switch ON/OFF the settings of hardware acceleration 
  • Maybe Netflix is protected by DRM (Digital Rights Management) due to which you can’t Screen Share Netflix on Discord always. This security feature is to stop illegal sharing among friends

3. What is a Discord self bot?

A selfbot is generally a chat server within your personal account. It utilizes your token(an encoded piece of text) to update messages and it solely reacts to you only.

This token is the key aspect that all Discord apps will require to connect to the account where that app should serve. This is the reason that both user account and bot account come with tokens.

4. Can I Screen Share on Discord mobile?

Luckily, yes! You can do screen sharing on the Discord mobile app, too. If you are mostly on a move or simply use your phone, follow the below instructions:

  • Enter the Discord mobile application and access the server you are using. Then, make/join a video call by tapping
  • Next, hit the screen share option appearing on that screen below. You will require to give confirmation that whether you want to screen share or not  


Hope that this post really helped you in enabling your Discord Screen Share and resolving the issues of black screen and audio issues while screen sharing. Will be back with more interesting “how to” posts. Stay tuned!

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