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Best Hero Forge Alternatives in 2021

by James Parker
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When it comes to innovation in printing technology, 3D printing tops the list. And Hero Forge is the best aid for a creator to model and design miniatures. Hero forge is filled with several options for designing miniatures. Users can select the gender, alter costumes and even make intricate changes in the facial expression of the miniatures using Hero Forge. The tool lets you customise every inch of your model from head to toe. This tool is used widely among people mainly because of the ease with which the user can incorporate changes. But if you are still looking out for additional options to customise your 3D miniatures, then here are a few options that you can check out to create your 3D models. 

10 Best Alternatives

1. Eldritch Foundry 

Eldritch Foundry

Just like Hero Forge, Eldritch Foundry also lets you design miniatures at a low cost. With this software, you can customise almost anything in your miniature design. From pose to attire to facial expression, you can modify anything using Eldritch Foundry. This is one of the best alternatives to Hero Forge available in the market today. You can also share your creative ideas on different social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The software is absolutely user friendly, and almost anyone can work with ease on this application.

2. Creature Caster

hero forge alternative

Just like the name says, the tool lets you cast miniatures of your choice. The tool is known worldwide and is used by several thousand people. Each miniature that you design using the tool is crafted with perfection. You can even design even minute details on this application with ease. When it comes to designing resin models, creature caster is a tool worth relying upon. Design the supernatural character of your dreams today with Creature Caster. Use the wide range of choices to mix and match and put in your innovation to bring all your ideas to model. 

3. Hero Mini Maker

Hero Mini Maker

Every part of the miniature is important to make it unique and perfect. And the Hero Mini Maker is one such tool that lets you modify every body part in your design. You can choose from the wide range of poses available for the hands, legs and even different body shapes. You can mix and match from the options available to bring the character of your choice into a miniature. Apart from this, y you can also add outfits and add ons to your character. From helmets to masks to cloaks to dresses, you can change anything and everything on Hero Mini Maker. The tool also has predesigned miniatures to make your work easy. Indeed, Hero Mini Maker is a boon to all craftsmen and miniature designers. 

4. Desktop Hero

hero forge alternative

This is one of the most affordable tools that let you create miniatures of your dream design. This is one of the cheapest alternative available for Hero Forge. This tool has the same amount of choices as Hero Forge but at a lower cost. This makes it a more preferred tool when compared to Hero Forge. Customise every part of your miniature using the options available on Desktop Hero. You can choose the gender, change the pose and even make changes in the facial expression and customise the hair or add helmets to your model. The tool also lets you share your innovations and designs with the share on Social media option. This lets the other designers know your work. Alternatively, you can also visualise the ideas of other users to get inspired and create a better 3D miniature model.

5. PCGen 


Most people who work with miniature designing, look for an open-use software. This means that the software is available free for the public. If you are looking out for a free alternative to Hero Forge, then PCGen is where you should try. The software has several customisation options for your miniature designing. The customisation library is so vast that you can make millions of miniature toys using the software. The best part is that despite being an open-use software you wouldn’t face any ads or bugging when at work. Enjoy uninterrupted designing with the multitude of choices available in PCGen to start crafting your miniature toys today. 

6. Thingiverse 


Just like Hero Forge, Thingiverse is also easy to use miniature crafting software. Although the number of choices available in Thingiverse is less, you can still use it to design your miniature ideas. From poses to action figures to animals, you can craft almost anything on Thingiverse. It also lets you add dresses and armours that makes designing more interesting. 

7. Anvl.co

hero forge alternative

If you find Hero Forge unattractive then you an always switch to an equivalent, yet cost-effective option called Anvl.co. With Anvl.co, the options are endless. You can design your miniature hero, find a suitable attire, provide him with armour and weapons and manipulate every part of your miniature doll. The tool is designed in such a way that any random user can make use of this tool to craft their ideas. The tool also has a library in reserve that can make designing still simpler. With just a click and by making a few alterations in the existing library, you can bring your ideas to a 3D miniature in just minutes. For those who are looking for an equivalent alternative to Hero Forge, this tool tops the list in the highly recommended options.

8. Cults


Cults is known for its vast library of choices. With over 65,000 existing models, Cults is the best option for 3D miniature designers and printers. The entire tool is easy to use and anyone can master the art of creating miniature in just a few clicks using Cults. Cults is a warehouse of all the famous characters that you have read and watched. The options are endless, with this tool by your side. Start crafting a character of your choice and bring all your imaginary models into 3D prints with this perfect 3D miniature designing tool.

9. MyMiniFactory

hero forge alternative

My Mini Factory is a repository of 3D miniature models. With this tool, you can craft better models than what you can do using Hero Forge. With the endless customisation options available, you can bring in your dream model to 3D prints. You can even make a new miniature model and design it in multiple poses. The software is easy to use in terms of interface. Explore the options available to craft a customised 3D miniature tool on My Mini Factory. 

10. Gambody


This tool has a collection of a wide range of mythical characters from all the stories and games. You can use this tool to create models o your choice with ease. The collection is so vast that you would struggle to pick the creature of your choice. The price range also varies depending on the nature of the character you design. The more add ones you put to your design, the more would be the cost. This makes it easier for the designers because they only have to pay for the designs they add. This is one another reason why Gambody is preferred over the other designing software’s to make 3D miniatures.


3D miniature tools are a new trend. With tools like Hero Forge, you can create new 3D miniature models for yourself. This lets you explore the field of 3D miniature designing and printing. When it comes to designing, most of the above-mentioned tools work on par with Hero Forge. A few tools have better options than Hero Forge, while a few others give models at a lower cost. These are a few reasons why people prefer alternatives to Hero Forge. Choosing a tool which already has an existing library makes designing easier. However, if you are looking for a unique or exclusive design, then it is always better to create a new model from scratch. Choose a tool that would be easy in terms of interface. Picking tools with a comfortable interface makes designing more interesting and easy. 

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