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10 Best Fun Yugioh Decks in 2021

by James Parker
Fun Yugioh Decks

10 Most Fun Yugioh Decks of All Time

1. Zoodiac 

fun yugioh decks“Zoodíaco” is a collection of monsters with a fascinating gimmick that any “Zoodiac” monster could be used as the whole of the content for an Xyz summons from any “Zoodíac Xyz Monster.” “Zoodiac Ratpier” will specialize in calling other deck copies, if an “Xyz” monster is attached, which can be used by Xyz for more “Zoodiac” cards.

Also, “Zoodiac Barrage” may be used to invite every deck “Zoodiac” beast. “Zoodiac Broadbull,” in the game, is looking out for any monster named “Beast-Warrior” (can be normal). “Zoodiac Drident” can kill any card on the field, which is much too powerful to manage during either players’ turn. “Broadbull,” “Drident,” “Barrage,” and “Ratpier” are currently forbidden. At present all restrictions are restricted.

2. Yata Lock

fun yugioh decks“Yata Lock Deck” was one of the first decks in the game and is also guided to launch the Yu-Gi-Oh banlist (only a small number of cards beforehand). The “Yata Lock” was obtained by “Chaos Emperor Dragon” and either “Sangan” and “Witch Of The Black Forest” in the region. It was clustered around “Yata – Garasu” and “Chaos Emperor Dragon-Envoy Of The End” “Chaos King Dragon,” which sent all cards on the field and the hands of both players to the graveyard, would trigger its effect.

The “Sangan” or “Witch Of The Black Forest” effects will thus be activated and added “Yata-Garasu.” The player will then attack “Yata-Garasu” directly and force the opponent to miss their next “Draw Process.” This means that the target of “Yata Lock” will not be able to draw any cards with her. “Yata-Garasu” will continue to be called and attacked to retain the lock. This leads to the prohibition of “Yata-Garasu,” which continues to this day.

3. Warrior

fun yugioh decksThe warrior decks without the archetypes are super fun because the warriors then take on and defeat the biggest monsters. Now when the archetype is used, the rivalry appears to be completely fresh (the Noble Knights have a node here).

But when you choose your warriors and match your spells, it is a different kind of fun. You won’t have an all-powerful beast, but with the equipment cards, each of the warriors is powerful. In this versatile and different deck you can get warriors of all qualities, but the emphasis is more on sun, dark, and earth.

4. Normal Monster

fun yugioh decksThe Normal Monster is often referred to as the Vanilla Deck or the Normal Deck, because it is the one that uses cards that help the monsters. The popularity of the ordinary decks has been highest when the impact monsters were rare.

The typical monsters have their own archetypes, and the support cards help to give them a more effect on the actual effect monsters. In fact, the cards help the monsters by swarming the field to inflict a serious injury. Many impact monsters are killed by the attacking force of regular monsters. If you have a collection of regular monsters in a deck, it’s always fun to play.

5. Kaiba: Blue-Eyes

Kaiba: Blue-EyesThe Yu-Gi-Oh also has something to do with Kaiba and his blue-eyes! The franchise is the primary protagonist, and it’s cool for good reason. He may be a bad person for a good thing, but he reveals that he’s more than just an obsessed milliardsaire on more than one occasion, particularly when fans came to see the Blue-Eyes White Dragon.

His deck, based on summoning a stupidly powerful but ineffective beast, proved more than once to be more than many could manage. But he could never win Yugi, although his deck was much better designed than the protagonist, who seemed to have the best armor for the world when it came to any of its duels.

6. Spellbooks

Spellbooks‘Spellbooks’ were so powerful, they were the only thing that avoided ‘Dragon Rulers’ being a Deck of Tier 0. Thanks to the ‘Spellbook Of Judgment,’ the Deck earned a crazy card bonus that allows several ‘Spellbook’ cards to be included on the hand.

The deck used “Jowgen the Spiritualist” to lock the adversary from the special call while killing all monsters in the field that have been summoned. “Spellbooks,” which were used for the dismantling of an opponent’s area, were amazing to create tools. The ban on the “Spellbook Of Judgment,” which still plays the “Spellbook” engine today, will ruin the dedicated deck.

7. Monarchs

fun yugioh decksYu-Gi-Oh began the change from a mix-mash of cards to monsters apart from archetypes (meaning that they have a subject and a nominating convention) to the winning deck of the 2007 “Word Championship,” “Monarchs.”

Both “Monarchs” concerned tribute convocations and would encourage them, when summoned, to use their powerful effects. “Monarch” decks used cards, including “Treeborn Frog” or “Cyber Dragon,” to use their usual call for a “Monarch” card tribute to themselves.

8. Reverse Burn

reverse burnWould you like to leave your adversary with rage entirely red? The reverse burn is the basic technique of reversing the player’s life points into the player’s life-points for the cards.

The Gift Card, Simochi ‘s bad answer, and the Nurse Réflex are the three main cards of this deck. The use of your Gift Card cards is our best bet. 

9. Joey

joeyThis yugioh legacy of the duelist fun decks, there was plenty to push for Joey in the Battle City Tournament as the underdog of the series. This feeling was further reinforced by giving his Red-Eyes Black Drago Yugi to show that even without his trump card, he was a successful duelist. This was real, as his first tournament win was won not only on his own merits but also on Jinzo was awarded to him as a victory reward.

10. Dinosaurs

DinoaurDeckThe most fun yugioh deck is Dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were largely unknown before the Structure Deck was published. But you can confess that it’s a pretty cool experience if you’ve never played this. You will get a variety of boss monsters and other beaters on the ground.

Survival Instincts is the main play because they help you to drive dinosaurs away from the tomb and give life to any banished dinosaur. There’s the Tyranno Infinity to complete, which helps you to get a thousand ATK per beast. Not only is the combo solid, but it is also fun if you can pull it off.


Now you have explored the best fun yugioh decks. We have played all of them and found these selected one very stimulating. If you think we have missed some, then do let us know in the comments.

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