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Steam Client Bootstrapper Not Responding Solved 2021

by James Parker
steam client bootstrapper not responding

In case you don’t know, Steam is a video game distribution platform that allows subscribers to purchase their favorite games. Through Steam, you can download the game straight to your device. So as you can see, it is a faster way to buy games when compared to visiting a store and buy games. 

Although Steam is quite a solid platform, there are instances where specific issues can occur. At Steam, you would find a variety of games along with a huge online community to share and play content with. What’s more, some workshops would allow you to create new content for some of your favorite games. 

Moreover, they also offer an array of different software and hardware platforms. In other words, with the help of these platforms, you can customize the games as per your preference. So it should come as no surprise that when you encounter technical problems on this platform, it can completely wipe out your ability to play games. 

What is Steam Client Bootstrapper?

Whenever Steam crashes or stops responding, you would find a message in the form of “Steam Client Bootstrapper not responding.” In this context, it is important to note that the Bootstrapper is the .exe file of Steam. This .exe prompts your device’s OS to run the program. What’s more, this .exe file fulfills other functions too. 

steam client bootstrapper not responding

For instance, it connects to Steam’s servers, downloads available updates, and checks for the latest upgrades. So when you encounter issues with the Steam platform, it is probably something to do with the Bootstrapper. So here are some of the solutions to fix the issue of Steam Bootstrapper not responding.  

How to Fix Steam Client Bootstrapper If It Stops Working?

It isn’t very reassuring when the Steam platform suddenly stops working. Well, fret not if you find the Steam Client Bootstrapper suddenly stops working. Here are some fixes which would help you to restore the functioning of the Steam platform. 

1. Clear the Download Cache 

Clear the Download Cache

Well, download caches can greatly throw the Steam platform out of gear. Note that the download cache’s main function is to save the temporary files associated with the games or programs in the Steam library. In case the cache files get corrupted for odd reasons, the Steam platform may stop responding. 

To address the issue in this case, you have to clean the Steam download cache. Here are some steps with the help of which you can achieve that. 

  • Open the Steam client and navigate to settings. Note that settings would usually be there in the top left menu. 
  • Locate downloads in the Settings option. 
  • Click on a clear download cache. You have to click OK to confirm your selection. After some time, Steam would ask you for the login credentials. 
  • Expect the problem to solve after you attempt a fresh login. 

Check whether or not the problem persists after clearing the download cache. 

2. Run the Steam Client in the Compatibility Mode

Steam Client in the Compatibility Mode

There are possibilities that the Steam Client is not functioning properly because of issues with its compatibility. So it is imperative to change the compatibility mode settings of the Steam client. You have to follow the below-mentioned steps while changing the compatibility mode of your Steam Client. 

  • Open the File Explorer and then navigate to the destination where the Steam Client has been installed. You can open the File Explorer by pressing the Windows key and E at the same time. 
  • Right-click on the Steam .exe file and navigate to properties. 
  • In the next step, you have to click on the compatibility tab and then click on “Run the program in the compatibility mode” and then click OK. 
  • Double click on the Steam .exe to rerun the Steam Client. If this method works, then you wouldn’t reencounter the error message. 

3. Running the Steam Client with Administrator Rights 

Steam Client with Administrator Rights

Note that any functioning software needs two permissions to read from the drive and write on it. If the Steam Client fails to perform any of the two actions, it would crash and not respond correctly. In other words, Steam doesn’t have the right to launch its properties, which is why it fails to respond. Here are some ways with the help of which you can run Steam as an administrator. 

  • Press the Windows button along with the R button to open the Run application
  • Type taskmgr to bring the Task Manager 
  • Search for different Steam processes that are active and close each of them. This ensures that the changes made would stay saved. 
  • Please right-click on the Steam Client and run it as an administrator. This would provide Steam with all the permissions. 

4. Restart your Computer 

Many times, a simple restart can solve all your woes related to the Steam Client Bootstrapper not functioning correctly. If you don’t want to get into the hassles of troubleshooting or short of time, restarting your computer would be the best option. Before delving into complex fixes, it is certainly always worth a try!

5. Consult the Steam Community 

If you are struggling to solve the issue related to Steam Client Bootstrapper not functioning, consult the Steam community. The community has message boards that would help you to solve the problem. Moreover, you can also ask someone from the community by posting your question. You can also access the support section on the Steam website to troubleshoot your issues. 

6. Update the Graphics Drivers 

steam client bootstrapper not responding

Outdated graphics drivers may also be the main culprit behind Stream not working properly. You have to ensure that the drivers are properly updated. Go to the device manager and navigate to display adapters. After expanding the display adapters right, click on the graphics driver and select the Update driver option. After the update is complete, you should restart your computer. Let’s hope that this would fix the issue of the Steam Client Bootstrapper not responding.   

7. Install Steam on another Hard Drive 

At times, the drive on which you install Steam can face issues leading to Steam Client Bootstrapper not responding. To be precise, there may be a bunch of issues that would affect the health of the drive. You can try changing the installation drive to solve the issue of the Bootstrapper not responding. But make sure that you back up the files properly so that there is no instance of data loss. Usually you can find the Steam folder in the C folder. Cut and paste the Steam folder into the new drive you want to use. 

8. Disable your Antivirus Temporarily 

The Steam error can emanate from the interference of the antivirus software platforms. To check whether or not your antivirus is responsible, disable the software temporarily. If disabling the antivirus software solves your problem, contact the antivirus software support to get their views on the matter. 

9. Disable the VPN Programs 

There is an official announcement from Steam Client that the VPN programs may be responsible. Quite interestingly, Steam has recently identified various VPN programs, which are the sole reason behind Steam Client Bootstrapper not responding. You can give it a shot by disabling or uninstalling VPN programs from your device. When you try to access the Steam platform over masked networks that VPN provides, there is a greater possibility of facing the issues. After uninstalling VPN, make sure to restart your device. 

10. Refresh the Steam Files

If the above-mentioned solutions fail to provide any feasible result, opt to refresh the Steam files. Well, remember that there is no specific way to identify the exact files which are troubling you. However, you can check the error logs generated by Steam. You have to navigate to the Steam directory and then to folder named logs. Subsequently, you have to move to the bottom of the text file to search for the errors. In case you are unable to fix the issue by refreshing the Steam files, move on to the next fix.   

11. Carry out a Clean Startup 

At times, a clean startup of the computer will solve issues related to the Steam client. Some computers store their launch data in the RAM and prevent a complete initialization. You have to uncheck the “Turn on Fast Startup” option to make this fix a success. To do that, navigate to the control panel and then hardware and sound and then power options. 

12. Update your Device’s Date and Time 

The date and time on your computer are used by network services to verify the security certificate of the server. If your device’s date and time are not correct, you may face issues related to the Steam client not responding. So ensure that you update the date and time properly to make Steam work. 

13. Refresh the Client Registry 

Steam’s Registry is vulnerable to occasional issues. In other words, it gets stuck, which prevents the Steam client from loading properly. But note that this option is available only for selected users. Go to the registry of Steam and refresh it to get it working again. 


1. Can I end the task on steam client bootstrapper?

Yes, you can kill the task on the steam client bootstrapper. However, many users have complained that it gets coming back. 

2. Why my steam keeps not responding?   

If the cache files get corrupted, there are high possibilities that the Steam client would stop responding. 

3. Do I need steam client bootstrapper on startup? 

By default, the Steam client adds itself to the startup of the Windows OS. You can disable the auto-start of Steam. But it would be best if you disabled it in the application instead. 

Key Takeaways 

When the context is about games, no one can match the interactivity of the Steam platform. Technical issues are a common occurrence, and you should have strategies in place to troubleshoot them. Let’s hope that the fixes, as mentioned above, would help you to troubleshoot the issue of Steam Client not responding. 

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