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Netflix Error M7703-1003 Code Fixed

by James Parker

Netflix is a popular streaming platform to watch movies and series online these days. It is easy to use and is also available across countries. All you have to do is create an account and sign up, following which you will have to pay a subscription fee. This allows you to watch unlimited content available on the platform. However, there might be issues on Netflix as well. Though you have an account, at times, you may see a pop-up box with the error code, “M770-1003” on the screen.

This happens with users using different operating systems, including Windows, Linux and Ubuntu. This is an issue that is officially taken up by Netflix and also has a published solution on its official web page. If you are facing this issue currently, then here are all the tips you need to enjoy unlimited access to contents on Netflix. 

What causes this error?


This error message, “M7703-1003” arises mainly because of the fault in the browser. In case you are streaming the contents on Google chrome and your chrome has a corrupted module, then, in that case, one might see this pop-up. Apart from this, Widevine, which is the extension for Netflix on chrome might also be the reason for this error message. Here are a few worth-trying solutions for the error code, “M7703-1003”

Solution 1: Checking and Updating Widevine 


Widevine is just an extension on chrome. This extension is essential for Netflix, as it streams contents under secure license. Also, Widevine facilitates the playback option for users. In that case, an outdated or a corrupt version of Widevine might be one of the reasons for the error message. To fix this, all you need to do is open Google chrome. In the address bar, search for “chrome://components”. You will find a list of entries on the result page. From the list, look for,” Widevine Content decryption module”. Below each of these components, you can find the current version and update any, if available. In case you find an update option below, then update the application. After updating, restart the system again for the changes to be applied and try streaming on Netflix.

Solution 2: Removing old configurations 

At times, there might be corrupted or old configuration files that can interfere with your streaming. To avoid this, you will have to remove all the existing browser history, cache data and configurations. You might not get all this data back. It is safe to create a backup and store these files separately so that you can retrieve them when needed. You can also give it a shot, by trying to access Netflix from the Incognito mode on chrome. If that doesn’t work, then type, “chrome://settings”. Find and click on the advanced button below. From the advanced menu, select the Clear browsing data. Change the timeline range to “All time” and clear all the data. 

Once you have performed this action, restart your system again for the changes to take place. Try streaming Netflix after restarting your system. This might also solve the error. 

Solution 3: Try accessing from a New profile

If the methods above are futile, then you can try treating Netflix from a new profile. To do this, you have to remove your account on Google chrome and Sign in again. Be very cautious, because when you sign out and sign in again, all your bookmarks and favourites would be lost. You can also save all your data on your Gmail, just to make sure that the data is not lost. 

Solution 4: Does your browser allow protected content?

Netflix streams contents under license. So in case, your Google chrome does not permit to play contents from protected sources, then, in that case, you might receive this error message. From the chrome setting, select the advanced option at the end of the page. From the Privacy and Security menu, select Content settings. From this, select protected settings and double-check if you allow sites to play protected contents. If the menu does not allow, then select the toggle button next to this. 

Restart your system and check if the Netflix error message still appears.

Solution 5: Check the version and authenticity of Google Chrome


Though the symbol of Google chrome can be mimicked by any website, the authenticity lies with just one of them. Make sure that you have the original and correct version of google chrome. This is because a copied version cannot facilitate all the advantages that chrome gives. Also, Netflix has certain basic limits for the videos to play. Check if your system’s chrome meets the requirement of Netflix. If not you can update Google chrome from the internet and make sure it is upgraded and supports video streaming from Netflix.


1. How do I get a Widevine content decryption module?

As mentioned above Widevine is essential for streaming Netflix on Chrome. You can get Widevine from the components option on Chrome. By typing,”chrome://components” on the address bar. On the resulting page, look for Widevine and check if the components are up to date. If the component is not up to date, then check for update options. If you cannot find the component, then check for the originality of your Chrome. 

2. How do I update Widevine CDM on Mac?

Hold the options key and select Go. From the list, look for Library and select Application support. From this, select Google and Chrome. Delete the existing WidevineCDM folder. Search for Widevine CDM under components in Google chrome. Look for updates if any under WidevineCDM and update the same.

3.How do I install Widevine on Chrome?

Widevine, in general, is available on chrome. You might not find it if your account is owned by an organisation. In case you have deleted the component accidentally, then in that case, you can download it from the Widevine website. You can find links for Mac and Windows on the Widevine website, from which you can download the component. Look out for frequent updates and installations from the components in chrome. 


Netflix has been a sole source of entertainment to a lot of people around the globe. And when this application pops up with an error message like m7703-1003 then it would be an issue. Above mentioned are a few steps that are simple yet efficient enough to solve the issue faced by most Netflix users. If you are also facing this issue currently, then try these methods to solve it out and enjoy your stream time.  

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