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Discord Screen Share no Audio Problem? Here’s how to fix it!

by James Parker
discord screen share no audio

Discord is one of the most popular video streaming and video conferencing platforms in the world that has more than 250 million registered users. The users are mostly gamers who put the app to use during the gaming sessions for communicating with other users. However, in the last couple of years, the use of Discord has spread beyond the gaming community. In fact, this VoIP application is now found on many platforms and operating systems.

An amazing feature that Discord has introduced is the Screen Share function that lets you share your screen with your friends. It includes the game you are playing and other applications like Chrome. Screen Share is an effective way to share crucial visual information with other gamers, stream live matches, and get in touch with the like-minded users but sometimes a error occurs of Discord Screen Share no Audio.

How to share your screen on Discord?

If you want to use the Screen Share feature, you will have to start by entering a voice channel on the server. After you are there, you might go ahead and join the video call option or share the screen. Even if you select a video call, you have the option to show your screen from inside that call by simply clicking the screen button. 

It will make Discord ask you to select the screen or application that you plan to go live with. This will start your screen sharing, along with audio. If the plan is to share the screen without any audio, hit the microphone button in your voice chat for muting yourself. You also have the option to continue communicating through texts while sharing your screen.

discord screen share no audio

Typically, ten people are allowed to participate and view a Discord stream. However, because of the ongoing pandemic, this limit has been raised to fifty. Hit the video option in case you plan to revert back to showing only webcam video at the time of screen sharing.

Causes Behind the no Audio Issue in Screen Share

The problem of the audio not working in the Screen Share feature has been around since mid-2019 in windows, Linux and mac. In fact, Discord has released a number of patches for addressing the issue. It is likely to continue those releases until the issue is fixed. In the meanwhile, here’s highlighting the probable causes behind the volume low or no audio issue in Screen Share.

1. Audio Feature issue

The initial stage of audio in Discord Screen Share was faulty. The issue was finally fixed after Discord released a huge update on Screen Share. Thus, if you have been facing no-audio issues, the chances are that you’re using an earlier version of Discord.

2. Glitches in audio Drivers

Faults in the Discord audio drivers on the PC can cause the no-sound issue on Screen Share. Just as any other audio software, audio drivers help to share audio even on Discord. So, Discord Screen Share audio won’t work if there are glitches in the driver.

3. Restrictions on Administrative Entry

Discord uses full screen for the purpose of screen sharing. Thus, it needs administrative access on a PC. Granting administrative entry might help you fix the no-sound issue on Discord.

4. Algorithm and Software issue

The Discord algorithm does not match with certain software. In such situations, you might face the no-audio trouble while screen sharing. The only option you have is to search for alternatives to get rid of this issue you have been facing.

5. No Route available for Voice Transfer

The sound error will keep surfacing while screen sharing in case there isn’t any route available to transfer voice by Discord. You can try changing the voice setting a bit to check if the no-audio trouble persists while screen sharing.

6. Incompatibilities in Streaming

Discord is not the right option if you want to stream a video being a YouTuber. You will continue to face the same no-audio issue repeatedly if you keep trying to stream through Discord. If this is the situation, try using alternative apps to fix the no-sound issues on Discord.

7. The Problems with Antivirus

Discord files can be seriously damaged by antivirus. The no-sound issue on Screen Share will persist when you try using Discord by logging into Chrome. You can fix the no-sound issues on Discord by disabling the antivirus.

8. Loading errors on PC

Discord no-sound issues might also arise due to loading issues on PC. Give the PC some time to load Discord once again and check if the sound problem persists.

The top ten fixes of the no-audio issue in Screen Share

There is no reason to worry about if you’re facing this issue in Discord. Given below are the top ten easy ways to fix the no-audio issue in Screen Share:

1. Restarting the computer

The programs running on the computer might cause conflicts with Discord, leading to sound issues. Restart the PC to completely wipe away the present condition of the software and try launching Discord again after rebooting.

2. Updating Discord

Regular updates are introduced on Discord to fix bugs like sound issues. Follow the steps given below for updating Discord:

  • Press Windows + R to get the Run dialog box to open
  • Type this: %localappdata% and hit OK
  • Double click on Discord
  • Click on Update.exe to let the update process complete
  • Re-launching Discord for testing the issue

3. Updating the audio driver

Updating the audio driver can be successfully done in the following steps:

  • Download Driver Easy and get it installed
  • Hit the Scan Now option after running Driver Easy. Driver Easy scans the computer for detecting any problematic drivers.
  • Click on Update button right next to audio driver to download the right version of the driver before manually installing it. The Click All button will get all the drivers updated.

4. Clearing roaming data

Temporary files and wrong account settings can lead to audio failure while Screen Share. Try clearing out Discord roaming data by following the given steps to check if the issue is fixed:

  • Completely exit Discord
  • Press Windows logo key and write %appdata% before hitting Enter
  • Click Delete after right clicking on Discord
  • Launch Discord once more for testing the issue

5. Temporarily disabling antivirus

You should not rule out that your antivirus is the main issue if you’re facing troubles with Discord. So, get the antivirus disabled temporarily and see if the issue has been solved. You will find the steps to disable your antivirus in the manual that comes with it. Go for a different antivirus if you notice that the sound is working fine after disabling the antivirus.

6. Resetting voice settings on Discord

Errors like this can also come from problems with the voice settings in Discord. If you have changed Discord settings recently and find that the audio is not working, try the following steps:

discord screen share no audio
  • Open Discord and go to the Settings icon
  • Click on Reset Voice Settings from Voice and Video
  • Click OK and check if the sound issue is still there

7. Add the program to be shared

For sharing the screen in the right way, you need to make sure that the program to be streamed is already on Discord. Follow the steps below to add that program to Discord:

  • Run the program that you wish to share and Discord
  • Click on Settings and Game Activity before going to the Add option
  • Open the drop-down menu and choose the program to be shared
  • Click on Add Game and turn the toggle on right next to Overlay

8. Reinstalling Discord

Reinstalling Discord is about following the same process that you did before:

  • Press the Windows logo and type control to open the control panel
  • Click on category under View by and choose Uninstall a program
  • Click on Uninstall after right clicking on Discord
  • Open the Downloaded Discord file and reinstall Discord by following the instructions on screen
  • Check if the sound is working after launching Discord

9. Giving Administrative Access to Discord

You will be able to bypass a number of restrictions put up by the firewall of your system when you run the app as an administrator. It can actually fix a number of issues that you might have been dealing with, and the sound issue is one of them. Choose ‘Run as administrator’ by right clicking on the Discord icon on the desktop.

10. Restarting the computer

“Did you try turning it on and off again?” It sounds like such a simple solution that it feels too easy to be useful. But, you will be surprised at the number of issues this simple act can solve. So, try restarting the computer once to check if the sound is working.


1. How do I share audio while streaming discord?

Even if you are streaming Discord, you have the option to show your screen from inside that call by simply clicking the screen button. It will make Discord ask you to select the screen or application that you plan to go live with. This will start your screen sharing, along with audio.

2. How do I enable sound mode in discord?

If you want to use the Screen Share feature, you will have to start by entering a voice channel on the server. After you are there, you might go ahead and share the screen. It will make Discord ask you to select the screen that you plan to share. This will start your screen sharing, along with audio.

3. Can you screen share Netflix on discord?

No, you should not screen share Netflix on Discord. It is against digital rights management, which is an approach towards copyright protecting the digital media.


So, now you know all about the reasons and ways to solve the issue of discord screen share no audio. Try the tips given above and you will never have to worry about such audio glitches anymore. However, if the problem still persists, make sure to get in touch with the customer support service of Discord for further assistance.

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