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Can’t Hear Anyone in Discord Error Fixed 2021

by James Parker
can't hear anyone in discord

Gaming is a pass time for a few people. For few others its passion and more than just entertainment. For those who consider gaming a passion and play for hours together, apps like Discord are a boon. Discord is an exquisite application that lets gamers talk and chat while playing. The best part is that the application works over the game this means, you don’t have to shut down the game or compromise while playing. Discord lets you have fun while playing games as a team. But the application also has a few flaws. And one among this is the audio issue, where users may not hear the others on discord. 

Cause for this Issue

Most of the times, the audio issue in discord may be due to faulty audio setting in your computer. If the audio setting in the system you are using changes, there is every chance that you might not hear the other person speaking on Discord. In a few other cases, if you had failed to update the discord application, then this might also cause the issue. Rare are cases where the bugs in Discord application hinder the audio interaction. In most of the cases, you can sort out this issue in just a few simple steps. This would take not more than a few minutes. Here are few easy to try fixes that you can perform to make sure your Discord application is working without any hitches. 

Easy Fixes to fix this Error


1. Changing your Headphones as the Default Communication Choice

The choice of communication mentioned in your system might be the primary cause for the malfunctioning of Discord. For this, you will have to change the choice of communication from the system’s speakers to headphones. To do this, right-click sound option from Windows and open “Sound settings”. Form the related settings, select the “Sound Control Panel”. From the list of audio devices available, select your device. Right-click on it and choose the “Set as a default communication device”. Click on apply and proceed by clicking on the OK button available in the dialogue box. 

After making the above-mentioned changes, restart the application and check if you can hear the audio. At the time, even after marketing these changes, you still might not be able to hear the other members of Discord. This is because Discord comes with hardware compatibility as well. If you are using headphones that are incompatible with Discord, the issue might persist. You can overcome this issue by opening discord and from the User Setting tab, select the “Use Legacy Audio Subsystem”. This can also help in solving the issue. 

2. Changing the Legacy Audio Subsystem 

Legacy Audio Subsystem

The legacy audio subsystem can be changed in the Discord application by following these simple steps. Open discord and Select the “User Setting tab”. You can find a small Gear like option in this tab. From this setting select the Voice and Video option. While scrolling down the menu, you can find the “Audio subsystem”, under which you can find an option mentioned as “Legacy”. When you select the “Legacy” option, a dialogue box would pop up on the screen. Continue further and select OK. After making these changes, restart discord again and check if the issue has been sorted out. 

3. Selecting the appropriate Input and Output device

For fixing the issue in Discord you must select the appropriate input and output devices in your system. A change in the input and output system may also cause hitches in the regular functioning of Discord. The change has to be made in Windows. Right-click on the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and select the “Sound Settings”. From the drop-down menu here select the “Choose Output device”. From the drop-down menu, select the headphones as your primary output device. Similarly, change the settings for the input device as well. After making these changes, restart discord application and check if the audio is working fine. 

4. An expired version of discord 

At times, the culprit behind the malfunctioning of discord might be the expired version of discord. If you haven’t updated the application yet, then this might be one of the causes, why you might not hear other members on discord. To overcome this, uninstall the current version if discord from your system and replace it with the recent version. Restart your system and check if the application is working fine. You can also press Control+R to refresh and check if discord is working fine. 

5. Use Web Version of Discord

can't hear anyone in discord

If there is a bug in the Discord application, then the application may not be working fine. The only way to overcome this is to use a web version of Discord. Instead of downloading the application, you can simply use the application from any web browser. Open the website discordapp.com To use the application with ease. 

6. Change the server region 

Sometimes, all you need to do is change the server region in your system to make sure discord works normally. From the server option in discord, select Overview and change the sever region. Change the region from the existing region. Restart record again and check if the application is working fine in terms of audio. 

All the above-mentioned methods are easy to do and also solves the issue most of the time. It would not take more than a few minutes to check if the problem lies in either of these settings. Even after this if your audio in discord is not working fine, then you will have to change the headphones that you are using or use the system’s audio to interact while on discord. 


1. How to enable sound on discord?

In the discord application, from the setting option select voice and video option. From the settings under this option, you can enable sound on discord. If you have muted the sound here, you can change the settings from the options here to make sure that discord audio is working fine. 

2. How to unmute on discord?

While using the discord application, if you wish to unmute yourself then, in the option next to your username, you will find images of headphones and mic. Clicking on the mic option unmutes you while working in the background as well. This is why discord is more preferred for interaction when compared to other applications. 

3. Why can’t I hear anyone on discord?

There are several reasons why you cannot hear others on discord. The fault may lie in the system or the discord application. At times, it might also be due to the incompatibility between the hardware, here headphones and the discord application. You can rectify this by changing the settings in the discord application or on the windows panel. 


Discord is a versatile tool that can be used to communicate with your peers. Be it your gaming gang or your official work team, you can talk to anyone and everyone with ease on Discord. The application runs quietly in the background and hence doesn’t hinder gaming sessions. You can even have voice chats and interact while playing. The audio issue in discord might be due to a variety of reasons. However, in most cases, it is easy to solve this issue out. All it takes is a few simple steps to get back your fun gaming sessions again. 

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