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Best Emuparadise Alternatives in 2021

by James Parker
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Emuparadise is a paradise for all game lovers. They hold nearly 100,000 games on their website. Emuparadise lets you download the games using your emulator or continue playing in the website browser itself. Their download is surprisingly 3 times faster than other gaming sites. They have got more to offer for the gamers. They do hold gaming videos, gaming music, guides for the games, magazines, translators for video games, comics, and many more. Emuparadise was the safest gaming website and every single game you download or play is free. 

Emuparadise games are basically from other gaming websites which they hold in their ROMs. Because of copyright issues, Emuparadise faced a lot of legal problems. In turn, the founder in 2000 announced that Emuparadise will no longer hold any ROMs. ROMs in short the files that hold the games for their users to download. After their shutdown, Emuparadise more likely has converted to an offline site. Now you can hardly find games on their site.

The paradise of games no longer holds their golden ticket made many of its users find alternatives. An alternative that is more like Emuparadise itself. Because Emuparadise did not have ads, and gate blocks for download.

20 Alternatives for Emuparadise

1. DopeROMS


This website has a decent number of retro games ROM and ISO. You can log in to their website and start playing the games. The games can be downloaded. You can access this website on your PC and mobile phones. The platform is advertisement-free to surf and download your games. You can take a backup of the old games on your devices. 

2. The Eye


The Eye was designed in earlier 2017 and is another alternative for Emuparadise. By far, The Eye has more than 50,000 game ROMs and ISO. And there is a high possibility that other games are added in every update. You can download all the retro games on your game console. They prove themselves by providing best service to the gamers using ROMs and ISO. Their data collection is roughly estimated to be around 4 Tb.

3. CDRomance


CDRomance has a limited number of ROMs. This limitation in them does not make any less to the quality service they provide. CDRomance stands as an alternative to Emuparadise because of the professional and intelligent features. CDRomance provides a screenshot and lets the user to see the interface of the game looks like before downloading. They not only provide ROMs, ISO consoles like Emuparadise but also like Nintendo. They also have details about the game like the title cover, release date, and game title. This serves as an added advantage if your thought stops you from saying CDRomance is limited with ROMs.

Consoles from: Ps2, Psp, Psx, Gamecube, ROMs, Gb, GBC, and GBA.

4. Gamulator


This gaming blog is a competitive site and is a better alternative for Emuparadise. They have quite a lot of games comparing Emuparadise. This is the most recommended gaming website if you would like to download games that hardly have multiple redirecting pages. 

Consoles from: Atari, Gba, Gbc, N64, Nbs, Snes, Mame, and Sega. 

5. EdgeEmu


After the sudden shutdown down of Emuparadise, this website was said to be the official alternative for Emuparadise. As their name it holds Emuparadise. EdgeEmu holds a good number of games like Emuparadise.

Consoles from: GBA, GBC, Nintendo, Snes, Mame, N64, NDS, and Atari.

6. Romsmode

emuparadise alternative

This stands for itself with this modern and intelligent interface. They are free for their users. They are still popular on the internet as an alternative for Emuparadise. Romsmode holds possibly all the consoles for the gamers to download their old retro games. 

Additional consoles: N64 ROM, Atari2600 ROM, GB ROM, Meme ROM, WII, ISO, PS2 ISO, and GSN ISO.

7. Vimm’s Lair


Surprisingly this site was developed even before ROMs came into the picture. Being a fan of the classic Emuparadise gaming website there is no doubt that gamers will fall in love with this website. This gaming website is the best option to rely on. They have a far collection of games on their website. Vimm’s Lair host for Nintendo- Super, 64, DS, Play station, Game boy, and Genesis. They provide separate download links based on the operating system like Windows, IOS, and Linux. 

8. Romulation


Pretty good website when it comes to hosting popular consoles like Gba, Gbc, Wii, NES, N64, 3DS, and many more. This gaming website does not host three gaming consoles; they are Atari, Sharp, and Casio. These 3 gaming consoles are supported in Emuparadise. This gaming site has a section on their home page that lists all the popular gaming from top regions like the USA, Europe, Japan, and many more.

9. RomsEmulator


RomsEmulator is another best alternative for Emuparadise. They have a unique feature in them to provide links directly to download ROMs and ISOs. RomsEmulator is mainly dedicated to Snes ROMs emulators. The download of games is made free for its users.  They also have a huge collection of retro games from Sega ace framework, Sega user drive, GBA, and many more. 

10. RomWorldOnline

romsworld online

RomWorldOnline is the far best alternative available for Emuparadise. They hold all the games present in all the consoles of ROMs and ISOs. They also hold Copyright ROMs of popular games. The popular games include GTA vice city, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Grand theft auto, Kirby, and many more. There is an added advantage to this site because it provides the best downloading platform like Emuparadise. You can download the games on different consoles, computers, and mobiles as well. Rely on this gaming website that holds almost every ROM and ISO to keep you engaged for hours. 

11. CoolROM

emuparadise alternative

CoolROM is a gaming website that holds almost every classic and retro game. CoolROM supports Windows, MAC, and all operating systems. CoolROM is also compatible to play online on all platforms. CoolROM serves as a platform for all the classic games every gamer has their eye on. CoolROM has the coolest feature, they provide screenshots of the game interface, ratings by the users, guides to play games, preview videos of the games, and many more.

12. ROM Hustler

emuparadise alternative

This online game platform is a competitive alternative found so far. Their interface is super friendly that you don’t have to seek a help guide. Click on the search toolbar, type the name of the game you would like to play, or download and search. This platform is available for free online for their users. They have all kinds of ROMs and games for their users. They also provide everyday information about consoles, games, and ROMs.

13. The Old Computer


This is the universe’s biggest gaming site so far. It hosts 595000 games that come under consoles of Sega ROMS, MAME ROMS, Snes ROMS, DS ROMS, N64 ROMS, Gameboy ROMS, PC ROMS, Commodore, and NES ROMS. This gaming website provides MAME ROMS a wide variety of supporting all the operating systems and also making them accessible in mobile phones. 

14. Dolphin Emulator


This alternative of Emuparadise is basically for Gamecube and Wii emulators. They are an open-source platform where the users can modify the quality for their game as 1080p, and HD quality. This online gaming website regardless of the minor bugs present in them runs mighty well. Dolphin emulator supports MAC OS, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

15. My Boy! Free – GBA Emulator

my boy gba emulator

This My Boy emulator is basically designed for gamers who prefer gaming on their Android devices such as mobile phones or tablets. GBA Emulator lets you change the specifications as you wish on the settings menu: sound, framework control, etc.  

16. The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot is an online platform designed to be compatible with Windows, Linux, MAC OS for Computers and Android, IOS, Microsoft for mobile phones. They have a single-page interface where all the options needed for gamers are made available. This online gaming website is self explanatory and does not require the gamers to go through a guide before using them. This online platform is free to play and download all the retro and classic games.

17. The Iso Zone


This platform is Romsmode allowing its users to play online video games. They have a good number of games for their users. They do not charge their users to play online games. They are compatible with all operating systems in computers and also for mobile phones. You will never be bored or run out of games if you choose this website. There is another advantage of using this platform that is Iso Zone is regularly updated with games and also cleared with the bugs making them user-friendly. The Iso Zone has a unique feature that lets the users chat while playing online, guides to master the game, and also information regarding ROMs is posted regularly. 

18. OpenEmu


As the name suggests OpenEmu is an open source for gamers. There are particular for MAC users. OpenEmu lets the users store all of their favorite games under a single folder for them to access from different consoles. Some consoles supported by OpenEmu are NES, Atari consoles, and many more.

19. RetroPie

retro pie

Retropie is a trusted software library that holds the Raspberry Pi operating system. This platform is a plaid gaming website. They have a significant feature that lets you turn the operating system of your computer or Raspberry Pi into a complete gaming platform for you to extreme the gaming values. 

20. Portal ROMs


Portal ROMs is a site that helps the clients to download multiple games that are free ISOs, ROMs, and Emulators. Clients can download the ROMs and Emulators either on their PC or cell phones. This online platform has a user-friendly UI, and the gamers can simply type the name of the game that they need to download. Portal ROMs had various classifications, for example, Switch, 3DS, Wii, Gamecube, PS Vita, PSP, GBA, and some more. Fortunately, the download of games is made available as a torrent. Once you click on the torrent link the games starts downloading and you can later save them to your disk. They are compatible with multiple languages. Portal ROMs have designed a separate platform for their users to comment on ROMs. Their home screen is often updated with the new games with their download link; this will help the gamers directly download them.


1. Did Emuparadise shut down?


2. Is Emuparadise still safe?

It is safe to date. But now they host the files uploaded by anonymous users. So it is advised to take a backup before downloading files.

3. Can ROMs have viruses?

They might have. It depends on which ROMs you prefer.


The above-mentioned 20 alternatives for Emuparadise which you can start visiting and get used to their features. I hope this article will help in quenching your thirst for games. 

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