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CQA Test App. Everything Explained with Solutions 2021

by James Parker

The CQAtest app might sound like a new term for most of the general public. But this is a test that runs in the background in every android device. Whatever be the brand of your mobile, this app runs unanimously on all our devices. 

What does the CQA test stand for?

In simple terms, CQA is an application that tests for the performance of your device. CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor. The user does not have to install this app separately or grant permission for its functioning. The apk keeps running in the background without any notification. Unless your device faces a problem or a crash, you will not be able to see this application on your home screen or your list of applications. However, you can locate this application on the “System” menu of your android device. 

How did the CQAtest app get onto my device?

If you still wonder, how this app got on to your device without your permission, here is the answer. The creators of the device installed this application by default for a reason. This is mainly to monitor the efficient functioning of the device. When you unbox and switch on your new android device, a page containing the terms and conditions would appear on the screen. By agreeing to this, you permit the creator to access information on your device. However, this does not include personal information. But all data about your device’s functioning is within the reach of the creator. 

What does the CQA test sequence mode do?

cqatest app

Not like native dropbox agent app when smartphone creators download CQA test app and install it in your device, it is to give you a clear cut idea on the functioning of your device. Be it monitor or camera or sensor, you can check every aspect of your device using this CQA test app. In short, the CQA test app identifies the strengths and flaws in your device. It also provides notifications from time to time on the debugging. You can find in and out information about your device including the IMEI number, the signal strength and so on. Having this application in your device is just a simple way of examining your device’s normal functioning. 


1. Why am I not able to visualise the CQA test app on my home screen?

This is because the manufacturer has placed or installed it in such a way that it is hidden from the regular user. This is because uninstalling this application may cause potential trouble to your device. 

2. Is the CQA test app meant just for Motorola users?

No. Ideally, all android phones have an inbuilt CQA test app that manufacturers have put in. CQA test is a name used by Motorola exclusively. Other brands have this application installed in other names in your device as well. 

3. When can I visualize notifications from the CQA test app?

It is not every day that you get notifications from this app that states, “Your device is functioning normally”. But when your device meets with some trouble, or there is a hindrance in the normal functioning of your device, then you may receive notifications from the application. When you receive a notification, make sure you sort out the issue. 

4.What is Commserver CQA test app and does it cause any harm to your device?

The answer to this question is straight,” No”. This is just a mere analysis app that checks on your device. However, if you find frequent notifications and hindrance in the normal functioning of your device then you can take a few steps that will restore the application to the normal state. 

  • The first thing you can do it, clear the cache on your mobile. Go to the settings option in your mobile phone, from the list of apps search for CQA test app and select it. Click on the clear cache button to restore the normal functioning of the app. 
  • You can try disabling or force stopping the application for a short while and check if your device is functioning normally. If disabling the application restores the normal functioning of your device, then the problem lies with the CQA test app. 
  • With a few users, removing and reinserting the SIM card has also fixed issues due to the CQA test app. The chances of this technique solving the issue are very thin. However, we recommend you to give it a try before proceeding further. 
  • One last thing you could do is reset your device. But there are a few cautious steps that you need to perform before resetting your device. Perform a complete backup of all the data on your mobile before performing a reset. Two types of reset are possible. One is the factory reset, which just deletes or erases all your stored data. On the other hand, performing a hard reset removes all inbuilt data as well. 
  • Even then, if the problem persists then you can visit your nearest service center to get the issue sorted out. 

5. Can I delete CQATest app or Do you recommend uninstalling this app?

The answer here is a no again. The application has been made for a purpose in your device. Sometimes, uninstalling the CQA test app may leave your device in a boot loop. Its always better to keep the app in your device unless it causes problems. A few problems that users face due to a faulty CQA test app includes muted notifications, dysfunctional messaging app and improper functioning of a few applications. In such cases, you can check for issues in the CQA test application.


Every android user today has a minimum of 10 to 15 apps installed in their device. Apart from the regular applications, there are still a lot of unexplored applications and software that keeps running in the background. When you face issues in the normal working of your device, you can check for the performance using the CQAtest app. This is just another inbuilt software that screens and tests your device’s performance so that you enjoy a comfortable use of your smartphone. 

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