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The Best of Chatstep Alternatives in 2021

by James Parker
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Before delving deeper into the Chatstep alternatives, it is imperative to know well about this platform. Over the years, various channels of communication are emerging with the deeper penetration of internet services. You can find a plenty of websites and applications for virtual meetings like Chatstep. But before presenting the worthy alternatives to Chatstep, let’s find out why Chatstep is no more functional. 

Why is Chatstep Non-Functional Nowadays?

Well, there is no denying the fact that Chatstep was the market leader during the time it was operational. It had a large number of registered users who utilized the platform primarily for virtual meetings. However, as per many users, with the popularity of other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Chatstep lost its charm. In other words, it is not active anymore. On the brighter side, you can find some worthy alternatives to Chatstep. So without further delay, let’s take a look at some of the popular options to Chatstep. 

15 Best ChatStep Alternatives

1. E-Chat 

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Well, E-Chat is definitely one of the worthy alternatives to Chatstep. One of the critical highlights of E-Chat is that it would allow you to stay anonymous and offers chat options only. What’s more, you can find an online chat room where you can communicate with your friends with full freedom. E-Chat has end-to-end encryption, which implies that there would be no one peeping into your texts and chats. 

2. ChatIW

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ChatIW is quite popular because of the fact that it already has millions of registered users. Quite interestingly, it comes with many advanced chat options, which makes this platform famous. For instance, with ChatIW, you can find your contacts for chatting. 

Moreover, you can find friends irrespective of their age and location for chatting. ChatIW also allows its users to send sites, texts, and media files over the platform. Anyone can access the public chat room, which is an added advantage to the users. In short, all these fantastic features make ChatIW a good alternative for Chatstep.       

3. Mesh 

When the context is about a private and well-secured chat room, Mesh is a trustworthy name. Quite interestingly, it is also known as the successor of Bit Chat. To be precise, it is emerging as one of the trusted alternatives for Chatstep because of its versatile features. Apart from advanced privacy options, the chats of the user’s end-to-end encrypted, which provides complete peace of mind to the people chatting on this platform.     

4. Zobe 


If you are searching for Chatstep alternatives where you can chat with strangers, Zobe is your most ideal bet. This platform not only offers handy and simple tools for chat rooms but also possesses a broad user base for you to meet new personalities. What’s more interesting is the fact that using Zobe doesn’t require any form of user registration. But it is essential to pick a nickname for you on this platform. 

5. Omegle 


Since its launch, Omegle has been a popular chat platform for people from across the world. It facilitates complete anonymity to the users and allows you to switch between various chat options. Interestingly, you can also go for an old school text chat. Omegle also comes equipped with a revolutionary video call feature, which makes things simple for modern-day users. In short, Omegle is a worthy alternative for Chatstep. 

6. Chatzy 

chatstep alternatives

Chatzy has become a popular name among users because of its ad-free interface. What’s more impressive is the fact that it provides excellent chat features completely free of cost. It is one of those online chat rooms which come equipped with a simple UI. And because of its simple user interface, it can run on a majority of internet browsers. It also possesses versatile features like public rooms and virtual rooms. 

7. Cyph 


Cyph is an entirely free platform to chat with full security. The best part about Cyph is that you don’t have to worry about any privacy issues. Moreover, there is no need for users to register, which is an added advantage. On Cyph, you can make new friends, or you can add contacts in the category of friends and family. In short, it is an ideal alternative to Chatstep. 

8. ZChat


ZChat is a unique platform to chat with others. On this platform, you can collaborate with people of your type. This online platform provides different users with their database to help them stay secured with any online spam and abuses. Quite impressively, ZChat has released a recent update that makes the app functional on a number of devices. At ZChat, you would stay protected from spams and other security threats because of the platform’s strict security measures. 

9. Kandan


Well, Kandan is an open-source alternative to Chatstep. It is a highly secure chat platform that protects your messages and privacy while you are using it. Quite impressively, there is no need to use extra plugins. Being open-source in nature, it is compatible with most of the present-day web browsers. 

Another interesting fact is that chatting on this platform is easy, and you tend to get rapid responses. But remember that at Kandan, you first have to register your name. Kandan allows you to chat via live steam and conversation mode. You can also meet new people via the Kandan platform. You can pursue one-to-one communication along with group chats.   

10. ChatCrypt 


ChatCrypt is a free and futuristic platform for those who love to receive your messages in the private. As customary to its name, it provides robust three-layer encryption to all your texts and media messages. In other words, at ChatCrypt, there is no need to worry about security and privacy issues. 

And once you create your chat room, ChatCrypt would ask you to create a strong password. You can share the password with those whom you want to be in the group chat. So as you can see, ChatCrypt is basically used for group chats. People added by you in the group chat can access the group chat via the password. Quite impressively, none of the messages are there on the app’s servers. In simple words, it is one of the safest platforms to indulge in group chats.

11. ShockRooms


ShockRooms is one of the worthwhile alternatives to Chatstep if you want to see the other person at the other end. ShockRooms offers camera options with the help of which you can see the person at the other end. There is no denying the fact that the camera feature is getting highly popular among present-day users. Furthermore, the platform is free and has a simple UI which loads on most browsers.   

12. ChatSecure


In case you don’t know, ChatSecure is one of the most advanced decentralized chatting platforms which provide users with top-notch security. Moreover, this alternative for Chatstep is one of the most valued apps in the digital age. It also has the reputation of being one of the most security-centric chatting apps as it features OTR encryption. To access, you have to sign up via your Google account, which is a hassle-free process. 

13. Pidgin-Encryption 


As the name suggests, Pidgin-Encryption is another of those secured online chatting platforms. This platform can provide transparent encryption to all the images and text messages you share over the internet. Quite impressively, it has RSA encryption technology, which secures your chat from malicious actors. What’s more, it also facilitates public and private keys in a pair. These keys are usually migrated to the receiver with a secured necessary form. 

14. OMGChat 


Well, the OMGChat is a free video calling platform that lets users call friends as well as strangers. It has a vast chatting community to ensure that the users can communicate easily with various people from across the world. Once you are part of this app, you would be a member of this chatting platform’s community. At OMGChat, you would enjoy both voice and video chatting. Quite impressively, you can video random call strangers to have a fun time online. 

15. Otr.to 


Otr.to is a new way of communicating with others. It is quite unique from other communication platforms in a way that it doesn’t operate via servers. Moreover, users don’t have to sign up at the platform. It is one of the highly secretive messaging platforms you would find in the online world. As it is a web browser based chatting platform, there is no need to install any kind of app. So if you are worried about storage of logs on servers, Otr.to is the right chatting platform.  

Key Takeaways  

With the rapid proliferation of online platforms, users are in constant search of compatible chatting platforms. The above list contains some of the reputed and trustworthy online chatting platforms you would come across. They are good alternatives for the Chatstep platform too. In case you are in doubt of their efficacy, you should try each of them to find the most ideal platform.      

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