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15 Best Safe ROM Sites in 2021

by James Parker
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You seem to love playing old games that once used to be played over gaming consoles. We understand how important it is today to find the safe ROM sites where you can download and play your favorite classic games using emulators. All the websites mentioned below have been thoroughly tested and are safe to download the best ROMs available.

15 Safest Websites to Download ROMs

  1. Gamulator

GamulatorGamulator is probably one of the most used ROM websites in recent times and similar as garoms. This popularity is thanks to the wide selection of games available on their website. If there is a game that ever got released, chances are you can find them on their website. Not just games you can also download game emulators. The best part, you can search for games according to the emulator that you use. Making it easy for you to find the game you are looking for.

The interface of their website is really simple and helps you find the game you are looking for even if you do not know the complete name of it. It is safe to download as you have no virus threat. They provide you the option to download the game directly or through a download manager. 

Safe ROM sitesNot all websites will have the game or the emulator that you are looking for. This is especially true if you are looking for old games and emulators. But Retrostic stays to its name and has you sorted for all old games. This website has games for consoles like N64, SNES, Atari or Sage, GBA and NDs that are typically hard to find on other ROM websites. 

The stand out feature of this website is its safety level. Retrostic allows you to download games without the .exe file. This means you have no threat of virus and can enjoy the game without any hesitation. With so many features Restrostic is undoubtedly one of the ROM sites in the market.

best rom sitesRom Hustler is a game changer if you are looking for a game for the first time. The interface on this website is so user friendly that you can simply search the game according to console or using any keywords. They also give you the option to download the emulators according to the game you download. So if you are to stumble upon a new game on this website you can always download the emulator that goes with it and start playing the game. 

This website prides itself to be one of the safest websites for ROM games. They check all the files while they are uploaded for safety reasons. Also, they have a user rating and comment section. This helps you avoid any malware or virus. They also have a Mobile version so you can enjoy the games from your mobile.

best rom sitesDopeROMs is a website that is best suited for players who like to play games on different devices. This is possible in DopeROMs thanks to their game backup feature. This enables you to access your game file from your computer or your mobile device once you have done a successful backup. A feature not many websites provide even now. 

The other great thing about DopeROMs is that they have a wide selection of games for you to choose from. Their website is also known to be one of the safest in the market meaning you have no threat of virus to be cautious about. All these features make it one of the best and the safest ROM websites of all times. 

best rom sitesThis website is a boon for the ROM games community as it is something that everyone was looking for. Anyone who is into classic and retro games needs no introduction to this website as you are probably using it by now. The first thing that you notice as you enter the site is how easy it is to navigate within the site. This allows you to find the game you are looking for along with the latest version of the emulator available. Ensuring you have the best gaming experience. 

The cool part of this website is not even its interface. It is the added feature of screenshots and preview videos that you find with any game you look into. This will give you a clear idea of what you are getting into and avoid any misunderstanding. All this makes it a reliable ROM website.

emuparadiseTrue to its name it is rightfully an emulator paradise as it contains all the emulators and ROMs that you can think of. Although there are many reasons why this is so popular within the gaming community there are few standout features like none other. The best being the ability to play games directly from the site instead of having to download it first. 

One more key feature is it is free from malware and virus. This is possible due to the rating and comment feature on this site. This way they remove any file that seems to have misleading files and prevent other users from downloading it. They also have movies, music, gaming guides and ISO’s which you can download without any trouble. 

theeyeThe Eye is an open source archive for anything that you might want to download from the internet. Because of this it has one of the most  used websites noy just for the ROMs but for movies, music and other files as well. As far as the console is considered you can download upto games for 60 consoles totaling to 3.1 tb of data. 

Along with this wide selection of games and consoles emulators you also get the added bonus of security. 

Even though it is a free to download open source platform there is a user rating and comment sections that enables you to find the perfect file to download for your requirements. In addition, it is free from ads and pop-up notifications so  you are less interrupted while using their servers. 

roms maniaRomsmania is one of those special sites that is dedicated for ROMS, emulators and online games. It is a portal for game lovers so there is no way for you to get bombarded with other content while you are using this site. Since it is a dedicated gaming website you can find  any console game that you are looking for without any issue. 

They Also update the site regularly so you are sure to find new stuff every time you visit their website. Not just that you also get the option to search games based on categories and websites making it easy for you to find what you are looking for. To top this all off, it is safe to use so you need not worry about malware or virus. And the added feature of online gaming is something that you can never get enough of.

romulationRomUlation is not any ordinary platform that lets you download data anonymously. This site requires you to sign in if you wish to download content from their website. Because of this they have become oneo the most trusted websites for ROM and emulators. And the process to download is quite different too.

As you sign in to the website you will be awarded with 10,000 points and for each 24 hours sign in you get 5000 points upto 50,000 points. You are asked to use these points while you download data from their website. For each Mb you are supposed to give 1 point to the server. As it has a premium account option that lets you download paid games and mods it is more like an app store than a 3rd party website. 

best rom sitesWoWorms is a platform for everyone. Unlike the other platforms that concentrate most of computers with a good processor and other gaming features WoWorms does the exact opposite. If you are an old computer user then this is the site for you. Emulators downloaded from this website run smoothly on old computers that the other websites. 

With over 30 console games they also have a huge library. 

This lets you enjoy the games you like and not let the hardware that you use be a hurdle for it. Even if your system does not support the games you download you can always use their website and play these games online. All these factors make this one of the safest and the most reliable websites for ROm games, be it online or offline. 

Emulator ZoneThis site is for the big guns like the nintendo switch, wii, wiiu, playstation and xbox. What would otherwise be impossible to find are easy to find in this website. Not many websites have games and emulators for playstations, PSPs, and xboxes. Because of this this website gained its popularity real soon. 

This website has one of the most interactive user interfaces making it easy to navigate and ensures you never get bored with it. Along with that it also gives detailed information and user ratings on all the ROMs available to help you with the picking process. It is also one of the safest websites for downloads so you need not worry about the safety factors involved with this website. 

https://vimm.net/We all know old is gold. Which means this website here is pure gold. Started in 1997 it is oneo the oldest yet the fastest developing and safest website on the market. This website allows you to download some of the greatest ROMs and emulators that you cannot find easily in other websites. 

The standout feature of this website is its user interface. Initially all the ROMs are arranged in alphabetical order so you can go to the name directly even though it has a huge library. 

CDRomanceCDRomance is more like an encyclopedia for games than a game download website.  True to its name it concentrates more on the CD and DVD based games that are available in the market. The library of games is quite large so you are sure to find what you are looking for. What attracts most users to this website is their credibility. They always have some screenshots along with some basic info like the year of release, category of the game and much more. And as an added bonus this site is free from ads and pop-ups.

ROMNationThis is one site that requires you to sign in if you wish to download content from the website. But that is not a bad thing if you look at it from a safety perspective. This sign in process enables you to download only legit ROMs and prevents malware from being uploaded into the website. They also have a paid version which means you are sure to get the best of the best without any doubts. 

ROMNation also has a mobile version which allows you to enjoy your favourite game from the luxury of your smartphones as well. Since it is a paid platformou are free from ads and virus threats. Overall making it a complete package for ROM games and emulators. 

sonyisosNot all Sony stuff is cheap but this website is completely free. SonySOs is a website that runs solely for Sony consoles. It allows you to download Sony consoles games along with its emulators free of cost. This is more like a test platform where you have a discussion forum to talk about various queries and troubles you have experienced while playing these games. Moreover, this website is constantly updated so you can get the latest games along with its emulators with any issue. This is not a small deal considering how expensive Sony gaming devices and games are in the market. 

More ROMsThis is a website dedicated for Nintendo gamers. The website has all the Super Nintendo Entertainment system (SNES) games . The problem is that this is not a website that gets proper attention and maintenance. So there are some chances of you downloading a malware. But the creators of More ROMs wanted everyone to enjoy the Nintendo games so they have reduced the basic requirement for their emulators and games to the very minimum. It only requires a pentium 200 MHz processor and a 32 MB RAM. So even if you have the oldest computer in the decade you can still enjoy your favourite Nintendio games. 

The NES FilesThis website takes you right to the early days of Nintendo gaming. This is a website that is dedicated only for NES games and ROMs. With a library of 350 NES games along with its ROMs it is truly a Nintendo gamers heaven. This website also has data like instruction manuals, game screenshots, user ratings, and other Nintendo related images if you are interested in that. 


Now that you have gone through our list of the best safe ROM sites, we are sure you are going to love playing the classic games that were once played over hardware consoles. Whenever you download these ROMs, make sure they are opening and don’t contain any virus. They should run on your emulator fairly easily. We will always keep an eye on the most up to date ROM sites and update the list. 

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