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About Us

by James Parker

We have a team of 3, all of whom have one thing in common. Everyone is passionate about technology. We are writers, graphic designers and digital marketing specialists. Whether there’s a new smartphone being launched or a MWC is approaching nearby, we are always up to date about the trend. 

James: I am the key researcher and manager at Fortheloveoftech. My job is to keep searching for the best possible news that’s making the rounds. I dig deep in the web and forums and you will always find me online. I also engage with our users every now and then for feedback on what type of content should we be posting. 

Ridley: I am the content guy. Whatever you read is most likely written by me. I curate and craft all the content that goes on our website. I take pride and joy in simplifying the complex of the content and breaking it down for my readers. I am always up for some appreciation or feedback. 

Lily: I am the social media manager and a graphic designer. For all the wonderful graphics and pictures you see are all written by me. I also take care of the social media handles and you can check them out.