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About ForTheLoveOfTech

by James Parker

Fortheloveoftech was born out of the passion to share everything that was going in the field of technology. As you may know the rapid pace with which the tech is changing the world in every aspect. From AI to machine learning, From nanotech to electric cars. The new world is exciting than ever before and as we move ahead, there are even more wonderful things that await to be explored. At Fortheloveoftech, as the name suggest, we will always talk about stuff related to technology!

Our Aim

With Fortheloveoftech, we wish to share stuff that’s happening in the world of tech across a realm of different domains such as SAAS, business, Android, iOS, Softwares, SEO, Digital marketing, AI, Gaming and a ton more. We have a team that’s always on the go to figure out the latest launch or the latest alternative to a popular software. We cater information that our readers are going to love. 

Our Story

We acquired this domain and since our procurement, we have always wanted to be the one place where tech enthusiasts would land hoping to read something interesting and that’s the reason why we went ahead and put everything we have into making Fortheloveoftech a really strong community of readers who want to have an edge over knowing everything that’s possibly taking place in the field of technology. No wonder, why we have been featured by Oneplus.com, windows.com, digitaltrends.com, businessinsider.sg and insider.com.