Microsoft Releases Windows 10 for PCs Build 14257

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 for PCs Build 14257

Today, Microsoft released yet another Redstone build for Windows 10 for PCs. It’s the fifth Redstone build and it’s the fourth Redstone build that has no new features.

If you’re not familiar with Redstone, it’s the next major update to Windows 10. The original codename was Threshold, which got broken up into two parts: the original Windows 10 release on July 29 and the November update, also known as 1511.

This build comes just a week after the last Redstone preview, so it looks like Gabe Aul was telling the truth about builds coming more often, even if they don’t include any new features.

As always, I don’t really recommend installing these builds. After all, there’s no new features but there are known issues. There’s risk with no gain.

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