Here’s What’s Fixed in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.71

Here’s What’s Fixed in Windows 10 Mobile Build 10586.71

Today, Microsoft released the sixth iteration of the RTM build for Windows 10 Mobile, this one being 10586.71. Rather than the usual “we fixed a lot of bugs”, they actually listed quite a few bugs that have been squashed in this build.

Keep in mind that while Windows 10 Mobile is on its sixth Threshold 2 build, Windows 10 for PCs is already on its fourth Redstone build. I really think that it speaks to Microsoft’s priorities that they could get Windows 10 for PCs ready in time for July and six months later, they’re scrambling to get mobile out of the gate.

Nevertheless, the fixes in this build are welcome. I really can’t even begin to go through all of the problems that I’ve had with 10586.63, which was the last build that was available.

NOTE: obviously, each Insider build for mobile is more stable than the last, as each build is an iteration of the same thing. Once they do get the final build out and we start getting Redstone builds, they will be unstable.

Here’s what got fixed in this build:

  • Windows Update performance and reliability improvements
  • Improvements in migration of data profiles and messaging settings when upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1.
  • SensorCore API’s are now upgraded correctly from Windows Phone 8.1; allowing applications, including many fitness applications, to correctly access movement data.
  • SD card detection has been improved on boot and after insertion; File Explorer now handles the removal of an SD card when the default for apps or photos are set to SD.
  • Improvements in the Edge browser, including PDF rendering.
  • Bluetooth improvements when re-connecting to already paired devices and cars; turn by turn directions, and when using Cortana with the Microsoft Band.
  • Improvements in Settings when downloading Maps or changing Quick Settings.
  • Reinstalling Groove Music from the Windows Store no longer causes DRM music playback issues. Groove Music local song collections are now more quickly imported within the application
  • Device power improvements after listening to music, after missed phone calls when iris detection is disabled, and when downloading updates.
  • In app purchases now work correctly when cellular data is disabled.
  • Improvements to the reliability of Kids Corner.
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  • Karol

    After the build .36 eating up my battery on Lumia 950 I did the factory reset and stayed out of the insider on this phone, I still update my 930 and 1520 (but I cant comment on their battery life, since they are laying in my drawer). Saying this I have 2 questions:
    1. Do you observe any abnormal battery drain on your 950 on this build? Or observed any before?
    2. I heard a lot about firmware updates for 950/950XL and that they might/might not come to AT&T’s 950. Can you tell if I unlock the phone I would get them too?
    Thank you very much for doing good job on the WM field. I like the way you make your videos. Cheers

    • I haven’t noticed any abnormal battery drain. Just the normal battery drain that’s in the production build. If you unlock your phone, you’ll still be waiting on AT&T for firmware updates.