Microsoft Owns the Domain

Microsoft Owns the Domain

As it turns out, Microsoft owns the domain You can check it out if you’d like. There’s nothing exciting there. It just redirects you to the Surface web site.

Izzi from discovered this. is a friend to For the Love of Tech, but I have to disagree that this is confirmation that Surface Phone exists.

Make no mistake, I believe Surface Phone exists. I also think that it’s not going to change anything with the Windows Mobile ecosystem because Surface is nothing more than a brand and Windows Mobile is more than a rebranding away from success.

Microsoft does this a lot. They buy tons of domains. In fact, according to, Microsoft registered the domain back in May, 2007 and it’s set to expire in May, 2016.

It looks like they registered back when Surface was a big touchscreen table and they probably registered every Surface product that they could possibly make.

Consider this. If Microsoft didn’t register, someone else would have in an attempt to sell it back to Microsoft for thousands of dollars.

This is Tech Company Stuff 101. Buy the domain before it’s a thing.

Like I said, I think there will be a Surface Phone in 2016 (I’m also sure they’ll renew the domain before May). I also think it will be x86. I also think that everyone who has been waiting years for it will be sorely disappointed.

I would refer to my article from a few weeks ago called The Delusions of a Surface Phone. If you asked someone a year ago what a Surface Phone was, they would basically tell you that it’s an all metal Lumia. Now, it’s an all metal phone with an x86 processor.

I say it all the time. There’s no golden ticket for making Windows Mobile successful. The Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are the phones you can use as a PC. If anything, they were your Surface Phones, except they were branded as Lumias.

Guys, Surface is just a brand. When you get past the name, you’re still going to be disappointed. Do you know why? Because nothing can please everyone.

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    It would be great if Microsoft could somehow put a modified version of the HoloLens HPU that processes trillion bytes of information a second into the Surface Phone. I strongly disbelieve they will use the slow Atom processor. Maybe they’re partnering with Intel make a modified version of Intel Core for phones, like they did Nvidia for Surface Book.