Microsoft Releases Windows 10 for PCs Build 11102

Microsoft Releases Windows 10 for PCs Build 11102

Today, Microsoft released another Windows 10 for PCs build to the fast ring. This time, it’s Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview build 11102.

This is the third Redstone build for Windows 10 for PCs. There is still yet to be a mobile Redstone build.

Redstone is the next major update to Windows 10. Windows 10 was originally codenamed Threshold and was due to launch in November, 2015. Since OEMs wanted it in time for the back to school season, Microsoft pushed Threshold back to July and broke Threshold into two parts.

The November update 1511 was Threshold 2 and it’s safe to assume that has Microsoft stuck to their original schedule for the Windows 10 release, it’s what they would have released. Because of this, Redstone is the first major update to Windows 10.

While they may not officially call it Windows 10.1, it is essentially what Windows 8.1 was to Windows 8. You can even see that in the build number, which now starts with “11” instead of “10”.

Remember, Windows 10 is the last version of Windows, but that 10 is just a brand. They can change anything they want and just still call it Windows 10.

The first two Redstone releases had no new features. It was all about improvements to OneCore. Windows 10 for PCs Insider Preview build 11102 does, however, have one new feature. Here’s what Microsoft had to say:

New history menu in Microsoft Edge: A highly requested feature by Insiders, you can now right-click on the back and forward buttons in Microsoft Edge for quick access to your recently visited websites in the current tab. Give it a try and let us know what you think.


It’s not the OneDrive placeholders that you were looking for, or the interactive live tiles, but it’s a start. After seeing that the second Windows 10 for PCs Redstone build didn’t have any new features, it’s good to see that new builds will start to see new features.

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