Check Out the New Dell Venue 8 Pro

Check Out the New Dell Venue 8 Pro

Hey, remember the Dell Venue 8 Pro? It was that Windows 8.1 mini tablet that kind of sucked. It had a terrible touchscreen along with a terrible pen, which was notoriously hard to find. On top of that, Windows 8.1 sucked on mini tablets. To be fair, it’s not much better now.

Well, today the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000 is available, and it’s possible the most expensive 8″ tablet on the market. The obvious thing to point out is that you can grab an iPad Mini 4 for less (although the 64 GB variant would cost $50 more).

So let’s dive into the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000.

Dell Venue 8 Pro Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000
1.8 GHz Intel Atom Z3740 2.24 GHz Intel Atom Z8500
1280×800 1920×1200
2 GB 4 GB
5 MP, 1.2 MP Front 5 MP, 2 MP Front

As we can see, the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000 is a notable improvement. 4 GB of RAM in an 8″ tablet is pretty beefy, but is it useful in something so small? Theoretically, you could use it as a laptop with a REALLY small screen or even use an adapter or Miracast to use a larger screen.

Probably the biggest improvement is the cellular capabilities in the Dell Venue 8 Pro 5000, which were non-existent in the original Dell Venue 8 Pro.

With a more powerful processor, a better display, cellular capabilities, and laptop class RAM, is it enough to make an 8″ tablet worth $449? Given the shortcomings of the original mode, I’d be skeptical. Then again, if anything is enough, that’s it.

Keep in mind, don’t mix up the Dell Venue 8 Pro with the Dell Venue 7 or Dell Venue 8, which run Android. It’s the “Pro” series that runs Windows, and yes, that was a poke at Android.

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