More Lumia 950 Back Covers Now Available!

More Lumia 950 Back Covers Now Available!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I used to use cases on my phones. I owned a lot of cases so my phone would look different according to my mood. Eventually, I came to a realization. Part of the reason that I’m buying this phone is because it’s a beautiful piece of hardware. Why would I want to cover that up?


That’s when I started noticing phones with removable backs, such as the OnePlus One. Nokia did it as well with their lower end phones and Microsoft does it now with the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL.

When Microsoft announced the Lumia 950 and the Lumia 950 XL, they also announced that Mozo would be their official partner for third party accessories, although those Mozo cases that we all covet aren’t available in the United States just yet. I guess if you want a phone with a gold metal frame, you always have to go outside the U.S.

I reached out to Microsoft about this and they said that Mozo sells them on and for anything else to reach out to Mozo, despite them being Microsoft’s official partner.

I also asked about the stock removable backs. If I bought the white Lumia 950, can I purchase the black removable back? After all, we’ve always been able to with phones such as the Lumia 635, 640, and 735. Hell, the Lumia 830 came with a different color removable back in the package!

While we knew that Microsoft was ending the effort for colorful phones, I think most of us thought that we would at least be able to purchase those colorful backs as a separate purchase; however, that’s not the way it went.

To be clear, Microsoft told me that they have nothing to share (as always) in regards to removable backs.

Well, never fear, a third party has come up with the solution that you’ve been dreaming of. Better than that, they only cost about $3.48 each with free shipping.

I should note that as far as we know, these backs have no NFC or wireless charging, so don’t expect too much for your $3, but you do get to have the colorful back you wanted from these phones.

I know wireless charging might be a tough sacrifice for these phones. I praised them for coming with two chargers, one wall charger and one data cable that would work with any USB adapter, and wireless charging; therefore easing the transition to USB-C.

Like I said, as far as we can tell, there is no wireless charging in them, but for $3, isn’t it worth the gamble? I bought three of the four: orange, cyan, and black, as I already have the white model.

Note that there’s a limit of two per customer, so if you want more, you’ll have to make a second AliExpress account or get inventive.

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