Here is John Legere’s Entire Twitter Video Rant from Yesterday

Here is John Legere’s Entire Twitter Video Rant from Yesterday

It’s no secret that T-Mobile CEO John Legere compares himself to Batman, saving helpless consumers from the grasps of the villainous AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Legere has been getting quite a bit of heat lately about T-Mobile’s latest uncarrier program, Binge On, which allows users to stream video from some video providers without it counting toward their data plan. Yesterday, he decided to respond.

He started with this video:

Of course, most tech blogs had to chime in that T-Mobile is still violating Net Neutrality because let’s face it, most tech bloggers have much more of a “Batman Complex” than John Legere does. Most tech pundits believe that it is their job to battle the fight for Net Neutrality and without them, it might fail.

I chimed in as well, writing about how sick I am of hearing about Net Neutrality, and how every time any company runs any kind of promotion, tech pundits have to have a philosophical debate about whether it violates Net Neutrality.

Legere then followed up by answering questions through videos on Twitter. Here’s all of them.

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