Microsoft Updates App Studio Beta

Microsoft Updates App Studio Beta

It would appear that Microsoft is back to updating the Windows App Studio monthly, now that they can focus on Windows 10 after abandoning Windows 8.1 users and developers.

Today, Microsoft updated the App Studio to include WordPress, Related Content, and Microsoft Advertising. Let me break this down for you just a bit.

First, here’s what they said:

  • WordPress Data Source – We introduced a new WordPress data source that lets you connect your app to your WordPress blog. It pulls in content and displays it beautifully in your app so you can free your blog from the web and get it in front of 110+ million Windows 10 users by publishing it to the Store.
  • Related Content – Did you ever want to show related content in a section (such as speaker information for an event listing in a Convention app, or comments from a blog post)? Now it can be easily done in Windows App Studio Beta. This feature opens up new use cases and we will show them off in new templates in the future.
  • Microsoft Advertising – It’s great to have people using and enjoying your app, but it’s even better when those eyeballs translate into revenue! Now included is the Microsoft Ad control, which means you can now place advertising in your app to make money from people using it.

Here’s what I have to say.

  • WordPress Data Source – The WordPress data source is perfect for anyone with a WordPress blog that doesn’t know how to type “/feed” at the end of their URL to use the RSS feed feature of the App Studio.
  • Related Content – This might be cool, although I haven’t really looked into it yet. If it’s automatic i.e. Google Now On Tap, then it’s awesome. If you have to set up your own related content, well, maybe not so much.
  • Microsoft Advertising – Just in case you didn’t spend the last two months working with the Microsoft Advertising SDK putting ads in your app by yourself, we finally gave you the option to do it automatically.

The App Studio is awesome. As I’ve said before, the For the Love of Tech Windows apps are based on apps built in the App Studio. It’s really perfect for someone with a web site that wants an app, but doesn’t know how to or doesn’t have time to code their own app.

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Source: Windows Blog

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