Android 6.0.1 Coming Today for Nexus Devices

Android 6.0.1 Coming Today for Nexus Devices

There are very few things that Android is behind the times on these days. They’ve caught up to iOS in everything else, including 64 bit support, native fingerprint scanning, guided access, and other recent updates, but there’s one thing missing: Unicode 8 support.

Today, Google will release Android 6.0.1 which will resolve just that. The update will come to Nexus devices first, as always. Of course, it will keep to the Google tradition of pushing out an update before 99% of Android devices have received the previous update.

On a side note, this will be the first opportunity to see if HTC will stick to their word that the HTC One A9 will be updated within 14 days.

I don’t care. I’m just happy that I can now flip off all of my friends through emoji.

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