How To Solve All of your OneDrive Problems at Once

How To Solve All of your OneDrive Problems at Once

If you follow For the Love of Tech, you know that I’m a big OneDrive user. You also know that I haven’t been a happy camper for some time.

It started with Windows 10 when Microsoft killed placeholders. Imagine being a Microsoft fan, Microsoft is releasing it’s biggest product in the history of the company, and you can’t be excited about it because they killed the one feature that you rely on.

More recently, Microsoft broke their promise to provide unlimited OneDrive storage to Office 365 subscribers. I only use 600 GB of my current 10 TB, but that number will only go up. I use OneDrive for what Microsoft told me to use it for. Everything. It’s my file system. For everything except applications, it goes in OneDrive.

Because I use OneDrive for everything, the idea of having to sync certain folders and not being able to see everything else doesn’t work for me. I made a video a long time ago, stating that the solution was to set OneDrive up as a network drive. That doesn’t work either. A network drive doesn’t work for large files and it’s fairly slow.

Now I have a solution. I’m running Windows 10. I have placeholders, I have a way to get up to 5 TB in OneDrive, and I have a way to get unlimited storage with placeholders, although this solution goes a bit beyond OneDrive. Check it out.

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