Surface Book is Sold Out from the Microsoft Store

Surface Book is Sold Out from the Microsoft Store

We’ve known for a few days now that the Surface Book, according to pre-orders, is the most popular Surface ever. I mean, why wouldn’t it be? We finally have a full laptop and on top of that, the display pops off and you still have a whole Surface Pro.

The Surface Book is now sold out from the Microsoft Store, which is a good problem for Microsoft to have. Of course, you can still pre-order from Best Buy and Amazon and the like.

Surface Book

I have to ask though, why not allow people to continue pre-ordering and just give them a later delivery date? This is something that tends to be very frustrating from Microsoft.

The same thing happened with the Microsoft Band. It was sold out online and the web site wouldn’t even allow you to check if it was available in-store.

Nevertheless, the Surface Book is sold out.

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