Microsoft Band 2 will Integrate with Cortana on iOS and Android

Microsoft Band 2 will Integrate with Cortana on iOS and Android

There is a question. For me, it’s the oldest question in the universe, but it’s hidden in plain sight.

If you’ve ever used a Microsoft Band, you know that Cortana works great on it, but all of those features are missing if the Band is paired with an iPhone or an Android phone. Now that Cortana is coming to Android and iOS, will the Band integrate with those, even though they’re separate apps?

Last night at the Microsoft event, I was able to confirm that yes, Band 2 will integrate with Cortana on iOS and Android. I wasn’t able to confirm whether the original Band would do the same, but I don’t see why not.

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  • Nathan Stockton

    Isa this now available? I just bought the Band 2 and cant seam to make it work or find out how to do this. I installed Cortana on my Galaxy S5 (BEACUSE THE LUMINA 950 XL ISNT ON VERIZON NETWORK) and logged into my Microsoft account but it still wont give me the tile on my band 2!

    • Still not available

      • jeff chaluh

        Any idea of if and when this might happen??

        • If? Yes. When? No idea. It was supposed to be when the public Cortana for iOS and Android came.

          • Jason

            Who was your source? Any way we can get an update?

          • Update: it still doesn’t work with Cortana on iOS and Android

          • Jason

            No need to be a jerk. What a great source of information this site is!

          • Thanks! 🙂

          • Ritz Patel

            any update on cortana actually working on samsung S6?