Microsoft Brings the Thunder with Surface Pro 4

Microsoft Brings the Thunder with Surface Pro 4

After showing off two new flagship Lumias, Microsoft brought the thunder with Surface Pro 4. Seriously, this thing looks amazing.

Running Windows 10, the Surface Pro 4 will ship with up to 16 GB RAM and 1 TB storage. It has a 12.3″ display with the same sized body, so the bezel is smaller.

Most importantly, there’s a new Type Keyboard. The keys are more spread out and it will actually feel like a real keyboard. I want it.

The Surface Pro 4 is 8.3 mm thick, making it the thinnest Core PC ever, by far. It’s also 30% more powerful than the Surface Pro 3 and 50% faster than a MacBook Air.

The new Surface Pen now has an eraser. Panos Panay takes a shot at Apple about how there’s a Pencil without an eraser. The Pen will magnetically stick to the side of the Surface Pro 4, so no more Pen Loops.

The new Pen will also have interchangeable pen tips, which is awesome. I’m still waiting for the part where they say that the new accessories will work with Surface Pro 3, because I WANT THAT KEYBOARD AND THE PEN.

There’s also a new docking station which will work with Surface Pro 3, which just connects to the Surface Pro 4. It doesn’t really dock in anything.

Yes! The new keyboard will work with Surface Pro 3! The new keyboard will have a fingerprint reader, which will also work with Surface Pro 3. In fact, Panay promises that this feature is only for Surface Pro 3 users, since Surface Pro 4 has a RealSense camera for facial recognition.

You can preorder the Surface Pro 4 right now starting at $899.

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