Microsoft Announces Surface Book, the First Surface Laptop

Microsoft Announces Surface Book, the First Surface Laptop

Microsoft has had a ton of announcements today, including Microsoft Band 2, Surface Pro 4, and Microsoft Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. But they’re not done.

They’re also launching a Surface laptop called the Surface Book. It has a 13.5″ display. They promise that it’s super thin and it has a world class keystroke keyboard.

Panos Panay is promising that the Surface Book is super powerful. It’s for gamers that want to play League of Legends, architects that are, well, you get the point. It’s super powerful.

The Surface Book promises 12 hours of battery life and an Nvidia GeForce GPU. They’re promising that it’s the fastest 13″ laptop ever made. In fact, they’re promising that it’s twice as fast as a MacBook Pro.

Also, the new docking station for the Surface Pro 4 will work with the Surface Book.

Panay then showed the intro video again and guess what? The display comes off and it turns into a Surface tablet!

The Surface Book starts at $1499 and is available for preorder now. Like the Surface Pro 4, it will be available October 26.

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