Microsoft Announces New Microsoft Band

Microsoft Announces New Microsoft Band

Microsoft is having their big hardware event right now. They showed off some cool stuff with HoloLens, also announcing that the Developer Edition of the HoloLens will cost $3,000 and be available in Q1 2016.

The new Microsoft Band seems to do the exact same thing as the original Microsoft Band, although they promise deeper Cortana integration and there’s also a barometer, so altitude can be detected.

Mainly, the big deal is the new design. It has Gorilla Glass 3 and the touchscreen is supposedly more responsive. It also fits around your wrist better.

Preorders for the new Microsoft Band start today for $249.

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  • Hope you will do a thorough review of this one!

    • If they’ll send me one, I’ll definitely review it. I got to use it last night and it’s pretty awesome.