Unboxing Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet, and First Impressions

Unboxing Amazon’s $50 Fire Tablet, and First Impressions

The tablet landscape is really changing. It started last year when we started to hear that Apple’s iPad growth was slowing. Microsoft made the Surface Pro 3, which was the first model that actually made us feel like the tablet could replace our laptops.

Tablets have historically been consumption devices. They’re ereaders. They’re televisions. They’re game consoles. In fact, this has been the running joke. Apple responded to this joke with the iPad Pro and Google responded with the Pixel C. Now, it appears that we can actually use tablets for productivity.

Of course, most people still want to use their tablet for consumption, right? When someone contacts me asking what kind of laptop they should buy, I always ask what they want to do with it. The vast majority say “email, YouTube, Facebook”.

I always recommend a tablet because I love my iPad, but the response is always the same. Why would I pay $500 for something that my phone and my laptop can do?

Maybe not $500, but $50? Sure. Amazon’s new Fire tablet hits a sweet spot here. It’s a consumption tablet at a super cheap price.

What can you use it for? Anything, really. It can be an ereader, it can watch movies, and you can play games. It’s a display you can carry with you. Have a look at the unboxing video.

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