How To Get Your iPhone 6S to Work with your Microcell

How To Get Your iPhone 6S to Work with your Microcell

I certainly didn’t see it coming. I bought my shiny new iPhone 6S last Friday, brought it home, and no service.

You see, my home is a complete cellular dead spot, ironically with the only decent carrier being T-Mobile. AT&T has sent me a microcell to deal with this, as it acts like a little cell tower that hooks up to my router.

Sure enough, my iPhone 6S wasn’t connecting to my microcell. I tried turning it off and on again, resetting network settings, and resetting the microcell. Nothing worked.

Here’s how to get it to work:

  1. Go into your microcell settings in your AT&T account
  2. Add your address to your list of active addresses. You will now have your address listed twice
  3. Delete the first instance of your address
  4. It will take up to a couple hours for the microcell to become active again, but once it is, you’re good to go!

The sources I found online suggested that I completely deactivate the microcell and reactivate it again, which would have been a pain in the ass. I would have had to find the serial number and registered all of my AT&T phone numbers again. This was much easier.

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