Amazon Prime Memberships are $67 for Friday Only

Amazon Prime Memberships are $67 for Friday Only

To celebrate the 67th annual Emmy Awards, Amazon will be offering a year of their Prime service for just $67 to new subscribers. The normal price is $99, so it’s a pretty sweet deal.

Hell, $99 a year is a pretty sweet deal. In fact, if you’re not a Prime subscriber, you’re really missing out. Aren;t aware of the benefits of Amazon Prime? Here we go…

  • Free two day shipping on all items sold by Amazon. I would pay $99 a year for that, but there’s more.
  • Prime Video. Basically, it’s Netflix but with different stuff. Again, Netflix is $8.99 a month, which works out to $107.88 a year.
  • Prime Music. Unlimited streaming without ads. They promise over a million songs. It’s nothing close to a Spotify or Apple Music, but it still makes Prime an even better deal.
  • Prime Photos. Unlimited photo storage in Amazon’s cloud storage. Tired of running out of your 5 GB iCloud storage? One word: Prime.
  • Prime Early Access. You know those lightning deals you see all year on Amazon, where they sell a limited amount of a certain product, at a certain time, at a really good price? You get early access to those. 30 minutes early, to be exact.
  • Kindle Books. You get a free book a month to keep. You get to choose from a selection of about six books from different genres and it’s absolutely free. You also get to borrow a book a month with no due dates.
  • Prime Pantry. Prime Pantry is Amazon’s version of grocery shopping online. For $5.99, you fill up a box. Each item takes up a certain percentage of the box. Shipping on the box is $5.99 for two day shipping.

Amazon Prime is generally considered to be the best deal in tech. If I wasn’t a member, I’d sign up on Friday. The $67 sale runs from 12:01 AM ET to 11:59 PM PT.

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