Apple Finally Releases watchOS 2

Apple Finally Releases watchOS 2

The wait is finally over for Apple Watch users. watchOS 2 was supposed to launch alongside iOS 9 on September 16, but that’s not exactly how it went. Apple discovered a “critical bug” that delayed its release.

You might also recall that watchOS 2 was the only Apple beta since WWDC that was not public. Anyone who wanted to could get their hands on iOS 9, Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan, or Xcode 7. watchOS 2 was closed to developers; however, those running the GM seed had noted that they didn’t notice any problems.

watchOS 2 is loaded with new features for the Apple Watch. In fact, many have noted that watchOS 2 is what the Apple Watch should have shipped with.

The big feature in watchOS 2 is that your Apple Watch will now run native apps. The big deal in it being publicly available is that developers can finally put those apps in the App Store, so even if you shelled out $99 for a developer license to get the beta, you still haven’t seen those native apps.

There are other features, such as nightstand mode. Placing the Apple Watch on the charger and on its side will display the time for a few seconds before going to sleep. God only knows how that’s useful.

You can also now use a photo as a watch face, which is a pretty nifty feature, as well as some time lapse videos that Apple has provided.

There’s also third party complications. In short, there’s a hell of a lot that’s new and it’s really about the maturation of the Apple Watch.

Note that if you were using the GM seed, a small update is required.

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